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54895[ ANGEL] 21 Leo, The Angels of Prophecy

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Aug 11, 2013
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      21 degrees Leo

      The Angels of Prophecy

      Also known as
      The Angels of


      We awaken within people clear inner guidance to helpwith understanding the short and long term implications of each choice made through free will.


      In the final analysis, the HEART is the best source of guidance for decision making.

       When the eyes see through a heartof flowing LOVE DIVINE, then underlying blueprints of perfection can be seen and enlivened.
      In this way choices made can create realities that bless all creation.

      Because each act of Free Will causes cascading chains of results,
      at times peoplehave mixed feelings about fates they have created for themselves and are concerned about the ongoing effects that their actions will have on others.

      We inspire highest intuition and understanding of cause and effect, and much like a master chess player, we help the mind’s eye see moves and their effects many steps further along in the game.
      Humanity was never intended to make decisions from a purely rational or logical viewpoint.

      Intuition, the province of the right hemisphere of the brain and the parasympathetic nervous system, adds a spatial and creative perspective to the linear, rational one.
      We help people understand and master flowing feelings.

       Feelings are magnetic and attract new realities into form.

       If feelings are negative, negative realities will be attracted.

       By being aware of the feelings on an ongoing basis, and healing the negative ones in a timely way, any potential future can be changed.
        Meditationon the Divine virtues allows individual mind and emotions to unite and become one with Divine Mind and Feelings, taking on qualities of Divinity.

      This is part of the meaning of the saying that people are created in the image and likeness of God.

      “All that I do ye shall do and more.”
      When asked for our assistance,
      we permeate the mental and emotional worlds with access to highest insights along these lines.
        Inmeditation on the Divine virtues, we help with seeing cascading results of various decisions far into the future and inspire right choices with this knowledge. 
      We also provide this information about the decisions that have been made by others.
       Thisis why we are called The Angels of Prophecy.

      We help a person see and take into account not only the laws of the universe, but also the effects of Grace and Mercy on the future.
       TheHeavenly hosts work for the highest good of all concerned because of their understanding of the oneness of all life.

       When one is harmed, all are harmed, and when one is helped, all are helped.
       Therefore, Angels of Light assist when a choice is ONE that will benefit the entire being of the One Omnipresent Divine Being. 
      Together man/woman and Angels make a complete feedback loop.

        Angels evolve through ever greater complexity of service and man/woman evolve through use of free will.

      When man/woman uses free will to make a choice that is the highest good of all concerned, then it is designed by the Creator for Angels to help that choice manifest.

      Angels of Destruction, often referred to as the Angels of Darkness, exist to help man/woman out picture choices when their choices would harm any part of the one being.

       What goes around comes around.

       Whatever is done to another comes back.

       When this happens great suffering occurs and in time the lessons of harmlessness are learned through reaping results and experiences of suffering.
      This is often called karma, or fate.
       Ifthrough LOVE and Grace and Mercy the  lessons of harmlessness and ONENESSare learned inwardly through growing enlightenment, then returning harmful fates can be softened.
       “Askand ye shall receive.”
      We help awaken conscience and remorse for negative choices.

      Even the worst criminal can experience pricks of conscience that can alter everything.

      Often, when this happens, such a person will ask for assistance from Heavenly sources.

      We help such a person see the short and long term effects of their previous actions and help them realize a higher way.
      Illuminations Raphael

      We open up their hearts so that they can finally see through the eyes of love, and understand the legality of harmony.

      A sine qua non of spiritual evolvement is building and enriching links with Angels and unseen beings who are guides and mentors of The Real Divine Self.

      Inside each person the spark of divinity in its pure essence exists, giving and sustaining life.

      We help them access clear inner guidance through this spark, and leave behind previous programming.
        Manypeople have not often communicated with the Heavenly hosts.

      Or if they have, sometimes it is a one-way communication where they do all the talking and not enough time is given to listening.
      As we said in a previous message, a good friendship usually grows more distant and weakens whenever two friends allow long intervals to elapse between communications.

      So it is with the communication between a person and the Heavenly hosts. 

      Just as frequent, high quality communication is best to maintain a close friendship between people, so also is it the lifeblood of growing relationships between a child of Divine Being and the Heavenly hosts. 
      When praying versus receiving answers, to some degree it is important to “switch gears” in attunement.
      Most prayer is from the left, linear, rational, verbal brain.
      Most listening is from the right, intuitive, spatial, nonverbal brain.
      As the twohemispheres of the  brain  work consciously together, joining logic and intuition, and then the brain  and the heart are connected and work together, the eyes see through LOVE DIVINE and consciousness is then ready for Divine guidance and knowing.
       Take time out from daily routines to establish communications with the Heavenly hosts and with inner connection with THE ONE. 
      Learn how to mentally ask us to come,
      how to wait to feel our presence,
      how to listen within the heart.   
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