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54748Expect Wonderful: The Great Mystery of You

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  • Ash
    Jul 23, 2013

      opening to the fullness of you, opening to the world 
      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth  
      news from the ideafrontier
      July 23, 2013
      Full Moon in Aquarius. How poetic is that?
      Fulfillment in the New Age, that's what I'm feeling :)
      A new channeled message from Ashira with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light was received today. Click the title below to read, comment and/or share as you feel inspired.
      Some very expansive and wonderful stuff is afoot!
      How beautiful it all is!
       P.S. We're flying high in the Abundance Soar Fest. You can join us at anytime if you'd like. It's uplifting, fun and just plain feels great. All the details? Click here.
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