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54672[ANGEL] 22 Cancer - The Angels of Divine Emanation

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Jul 13, 2013
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      Biophotons: The Human Body
Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light

      22 degrees Cancer

      The Angels of Divine Emanation

      Also known as
      The Angels of


      Our particular emphasis is inspiring flowing feelings of blessings in each and every moment, and in each and every situation and place through experiencing Divine Emanation.
      Divine Providence has ordained that the children of Light and Love remember their Divine inheritance of dominion and co-creatorship of Creation.
      Through the electro-magnetic field of energy that is Omnipresent everywhere, a person can INTEND and then FEEL into manifestation whatever changes that they desire from Divine virtues.
       One of the most important reasons for taking on physical incarnation is this ability to BLESS AND FORM PERFECTION IN EACH AND EVERY MOMENT.

      Divine Being, Will, Consciousness, Feelings, and Sensations source and enliven all space and time.
      Electric Omnipotent WILL and Magnetic Cosmic LOVE are Emanations of Divine Being.

       This source is malleable to the children of Divine Being, presenting infinite potential for co-creatorship with Divine Providence.
      Divine Emanations are experienced directly in gaps between thoughts.

      They are experienced in the silence.
      In silence the Source can be directly experienced.

      This experience awakens remembrance of flowing Divine Feelings, of joy, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Cause and Effect, and Grace and Mercy.

      Enter into the silence and feel flowing emanations of Divine Being.
      Here is one of our stories:
      Once upon a time a girl named Mary faced an extremely upsetting situation.

      She was drained and exhausted from her troubled feelings, so she sank into a deep comfortable easy chair and closed her eyes to remember and sort through the day’s events.
      Today at the office she witnessed one too many thinly veiled outbursts of hate and vindictiveness from the new floor manager.

      This woman had, in a few short weeks, single handedly turned her entire department into a living hell for everyone.
      As Mary went deeper into her reverie, she realized that she needed help.

       She called forth the Angels of ‘Maggio’.
      “Help me,” she whispered, “I know you know what to do.”
      Silence came upon her, a deep inner silence, as the heavenly hosts began their work.
      In her mind’s eye visions arose.
      She saw legions of brilliant angels descend on every worker on the third floor where she worked. 
      She saw them surround the floor manager. 
      Her heart overflowed with feelings of Divine Love as wonderful understanding insights brought her much needed clarity.

       She asked the angels to stay at work for as long as it took to create this
      love, clarity, and beauty for everyone there in a way that was the highest good of all concerned.
      Grace and enlightenment engulfed her being. She felt them also engulf everyone else.
      For a long time she flowed with these delightful healing feelings, until she finally drifted off to sleep.
      The first thing that happened the next morning was a surprise to one and all that set the tone for the rest of the day.
        Eloise, a painfully shy girl who was Mrs. Rice’s secretary, came up to Mary with an unusual confidence about her.

      She made direct eye contact and began to speak.
       In the years Mary and Eloise had worked together on the same floor,  that had NEVER happened before.
      Eloise said “You know Mary, I heard that Mrs. Rice is losing her eldest daughter to liver cancer.

      I think I will take up a collection to send her some flowers.”
      Mary watched in amazement as Eloise worked her way along rows of cubicles collecting money.
      Asking for money in the office was technically forbidden.
      As she passed along, each and every worker was amazed to hear that Mrs. Rice even had a daughter, much less a sick one.
      Their moods shifted dramatically as feelings of compassion and surprise arose within them.
       Each person began to wonder how they would function if they were in Mrs. Rice’s shoes, what if they had a dying child? 

      They began to see Mrs. Rice in an entirely new light.
      The next day Mary got hardly any work done at all, so amazed was she at even more changes in the office.
        Instead of the usual uptight, quiet, dull despair, people were actually smiling and talking with each other. 
      However, Mrs. Rice was sick that day.

      She didn’t show up the next day either, or the next.
        When she got back on Monday, her hands were visibly shaking.
       She couldn’t speak.
       She just sat staring off into the sky through a window.
      About lunchtime she came out and motioned to everyone to listen.

      She had something to say.
       It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
      “I just want to tell you”, she paused wiping a tear, “That your flowers arrived at my house on 6:30 Friday evening.”
        “ Just before that, at 5:45,  I was in the bathroom unable to go on any further…I could not see my daughter suffer another day. I could not go on.”
       “I just did not have the strength to face it anymore.

      I did not know what I was going to do, I did not plan to take my life, but I knew that something had to change.”
        “I crumpled down to the floor crying.

      Finally I put my elbows on the tub and prayed to God.

      I knew that SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE and I was afraid of what would happen to me if it didn’t.”
      “When I got up and opened the door to go out, that’s when your flowers arrived.”
      As all of this sunk in to the group the silence deepened.
      She continued, “You see,” she said taking a deep trembling breath, “ I am facing this alone.

      My husband,” and here she took out a handkerchief and cried into it briefly, “left me several years ago for the very reason all of you have wished me gone.

      I have been a royal pain to everyone.

       I have been angry with God for several things for a long time, ever since I was a child, and I always took it out on others.” 
      “When I saw the flowers, my first reaction was to get angry that my personal life was being publicized without my permission.

       I felt like I wanted to kill somebody.

      Then a deeper reality sunk in.”
      “ I realized that by rejecting your love, I was rejecting life itself.

      I realized that by keeping everything to myself and not letting anyone in, that I was heading toward a nervous breakdown and probably a heart attack, because that is what killed my Father and my Grandmother in a similar fashion."
      “I realized that if that happened, my daughter would have the grief of my death, and lack of financial security, on top of her struggle with cancer.

      I love my daughter very much. 

      She is really all I have, and I just could not do that to her.”
      “So, I want you to know that my heart opened.
      Miriam, Allen Mandelbaum,
Chelmaxioms, Angela Yarber

      Somehow God opened my old hardened heart and gave me new

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