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54661Pleiadedolphininfos: The Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians - Addressing Disbelief

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  • Ash
    Jul 11, 2013

      Posted: 11 Jul 2013 01:02 PM PDT
      Posted: 11 Jul 2013 10:53 AM PDT

      earth angels

      At the risk of being seen to repeat myself endlessly, let me begin by pointing out that once again you are being flooded with vastly more amounts and higher vibrations of light than ever before.  You will notice, however, that even though that is so, you are more able to adapt to it than ever before, as well.  This is exactly as intended it should be.

      The progress being made by you in becoming the new humans that you chose to become is remarkable when you consider the relatively short time in which you have achieved it.  Yes, there is still some short way to go, but your evolution is nothing short of amazing.
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      Posted: 11 Jul 2013 09:20 AM PDT



      -Channeled through Wes Annac-
      We speak to you all with the exuberant, melded-together energies of the Pleiadian High Council and our collective of Masters. Our collective of Masters is speaking at the forefront of this communication in this moment, but the impressions coming through are ours as well as those of our dear Pleiadian counterparts.

      We wish to address the disbelief in some that Galactic beings can exist alongside with us Masters or with Angelic beings. Humanity has so very much to learn about us souls existing in the various higher dimensions you’re growing back toward as a collective.

      There’s so very much for you to learn about the myriad ascended beings, collectives and civilizations who exist in these brimming higher dimensions, and we and so many others will delightfully be on your world in the immediate time ahead to help you see the diversity of the beings assisting in your evolution.

      Humanity is going to learn so very much, that that the limitations set in place by the majority of souls on your world are going to be, for more or less, diminished.
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      Posted: 11 Jul 2013 09:11 AM PDT

      Today I have some news for you that is to begin the ball rolling, as you sometimes say, in a way that is not only good for all of mankind but for all of existence as well, for what affects mankind affects all of existence. It is a matter of the rest of the story catching up with today’s news in a way that is evident as to its value.

      I am Hatonn, and I come this day to give you a peek at what is taking place under the shadows of the government that is in place at this time. I am telling you that there are certain people who are taking leave of their positions in the structured government because they are no longer willing to place their feet in the downward spiral of mankind. They have been seeing for some time that what is presented to the people is not what is taking place in the shadows of the government.
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      Posted: 11 Jul 2013 02:39 AM PDT

      July 11, 2013
      Sunset of Wispy Clouds (4)

      Source article:  http://waverider1.wordpress.com/2013/07/11/afterglow/

      A few months ago, I posted a short article about what I had begun to experience, namely a deep and unshakeable inner peace, combined with a soaring joy that was, and still is, completely indescribable.  These amazing sensations and experiences were coming to me only sporadically at that time, sudden spontaneous infusions of ethereal bliss moving wonderfully into and through my entire body, and surrounding me with what felt like the warmest loving embrace a human being could ever imagine or experience.  Well, that’s all changed now.

      Towards the end of June, just after the northern Summer Solstice, these overwhelming sensations stopped. 

Cloud from house (2)

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