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54626Blue Moon Astrology: The False Burdens - Saturn Stations Direct

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  • Ash
    Jul 7, 2013


      The False Burdens: Saturn Stations Direct

      Blue Moon Astrology - Celestial News
      The False Burdens
      Sunday, July 7th at 10:12 pm PDT 
      Monday, July 8th at 3:12pm AEST / 05:12 UT

      Saturn Stationary at 4°49' Scorpio
      The Saturn retrograde cycle, ending a few hours from now, marks a stretch of time each year when it is wise to listen more to the inner self. It is a time to ideally release "the false burdens" so a truer and more soulful aspect of ourselves can be brought forward — one we may have been neglecting for too long and the stench of neglect has been building and festering.

      Regaining one's deeper wisdom, truth, and peace however can be a difficult quest in this distractingly busy, materialistic, and spiritually-starved world that emphasizes quantity over quality, profit over life, achievement and status over personal fulfillment. Through experience, serious contemplation, and self-discipline, we can transcend these all-too-human tendencies toward fearful self-preservation, over-wrought materialism, and "scarcity mentality" and develop real confidence, integrity, and wisdom — Saturn's greatest gifts. It is often during Saturn's introspective retrograde phase that we can become better acquainted with these deeper, more fulfilling aspects of ourselves.

      For when Saturn is in retrograde motion, it is time for us let go of certain aspects of life that have outlived their usefulness, to release the old in order to make way for the new. And this is especially true with Saturn retrograding in the Pluto-ruled sign of Scorpio currently in mutual reception with Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Yet letting go and allowing something to die can be difficult, even when we know it is for the best.

      Where are the waters spilling over the banks in your life? the vines gradually, imperceptibly crumbling the old fortifications? In what ways, too, have you been reacting to life through a set of pre-programmed, deadening responses: going through the motions, doing what is "expected," doing what you've always done in the manner you've always done it, out of habit, for tradition's sake — or to stave off that intense fear of change?

      Now that Saturn is stationing direct, it will soon be time to put these newly acquired insights into action. Saturn's station this year coincides with the Cancer New Moon and also a brand new Mercury cycle marked by its conjunction to the Sun during retrograde motion. Saturn is also currently in a close trine to soulful, artistic Neptune, all pointers that this particular Saturn cycle is especially potent for instituting much needed change and incorporating a more authentic and meaningful life path. Even if the way ahead is still rather murky, as it very well may be, it is time to begin dipping those toes in the water. After Saturn finally finishes retracing his retrograde steps next October, the way ahead should become clearer. From now until then, keep listening to what your heart is telling you regarding what you came here to do with YOUR ONE WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE.
      I am currently offering two Saturn-related Reading Specials: one focused on Vocation and Life Purpose, and another for those of us approaching our mid-to-late fifties, Becoming an Elder, The Second Saturn Return. Here's more information on both readings.

      Image credit: La Pensée by Alexandre Séon (1855-1917) digital image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. The phrase "your one wild and precious life" is a nod to Mary Oliver and borrowed from her poem "The Summer Day," which you can read here.
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