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54519Julie Miller - Archangel Gabriel: Let your Actions Speak of the Purity of your Soul

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  • Ash
    Jun 27, 2013

      Julie Miller – Archangel Gabriel: Let your Actions Speak of the Purity of your Soul

      Posted by Wes Annac
      Let your Actions Speak of the Purity of your Soul
      Message from Archangel Gabriel
      Received by Julie Miller
      June 26, 2013  
      Purity is considered to describe unselfishness, ALL loving for all brothers and sisters, as you are all Children of God. It is also describing willingness to serve others for the greater good of mankind.
      When one is operating from the purity of their heart, they also demonstrate honesty and the ability to see where the impurity of actions, thoughts, and reasons rest and take the necessary measures to correct them.   It is well understood throughout the world that Purity is found within many scriptures; it has been spoken greatly from Saints that were once alive and well walking this wonderful Earth and they expressed the importance of being pure in heart as an essential part in your evolutionary process.
      Being pure of heart dearest Children of God allows you to progress further along your journey, achieving greater depths of understanding of your inner self, creating inner peace and tranquility, thus able to transfer your inner peace onto others.  
      Being pure of Heart is not limited to your physical self or even your mental or emotional faculties. At a spiritual level, being pure from the soul is often ignored yet it is also deserving of your unwavering attention. Many of you are already working hard for the physical body to be pure in health. We see this through the dietary choices you make, the frequency of your exercise and from the many actions you consciously make throughout the day. It is through your physical body dear ones that allow you to carry out various actions. And these actions you apply will either continue to protect your physical body or cause it harm and injury.  
      When one is acting from the purity of their mind, they are exercising positive thoughts. We are aware that the busyness of your mind is often bombarded by a nonstop movement of thoughts and many times these thoughts are negative. Learning how to counter your negative thoughts such as selfish thoughts of only yourself will create a more peaceful mind. A great way to counter any selfish thinking is through charitable service.
      When you consciously choose to do good actions that help another you are beginning to purify yourself from inside your mind. The more selfless actions you make, the more you will attain a mind of purity.   Working from the purity of your heart in all things will always lead to the mind becoming more pure. When you are demonstrating the pureness of your Self, you begin to realize the truth in all matters, you discover you can discriminate what is not true. The Children of God that consistently demonstrate from the purity of their heart do not work from their ego. From working from the heart centre, you work from love and compassion.
      God doesn’t encourage actions to be ego filled, He encourages each of His children to work towards purging their mind from dualistic ideals and strive to be more loving, charitable, kind and accepting of all others among other things He wishes for each of you to employ in your daily interactions and challenges.   Because of the omnipresence nature of God, He is able to witness and hear all that you do. He is aware when you are acting from the Purity of your Heart and Soul.
      Being pure of Soul is one of the most valuable qualities that He contemplates while weighing the actions you have expressed, either verbal or through action. We know many Children of God are working on clearing Karma. Karma creates a covering around your soul dear ones. When you access the eternal knowledge that is stored within your Self you discover you are able with hard work, love and determination to remove what is covering your soul. When you learn to let go of the greed, anger, attachments, and of your ego completely you release the karmic hold that covers your soul and become not only aware of your actual soul identity but you also allow your soul to begin its journey.  
      When you find you are ready to remove the karma from your soul, you find yourself backtracking to the source of discord. Spending much time in contemplation and meditation helps to bring you to the path of where to begin the process of removing all karma from your soul. You do have the ability within you to cleanse your soul, making it sparkle once again.
      When you accept responsibility for all your actions, even actions that you are unaware of that caused another harm you are releasing your soul from any further karmic holds and allow your soul to emerge blissful and this act dear ones is always appreciated by God. Releasing Karma will take time, but it is a worthy challenge to undertake. It demonstrates to us all that you care for others and is willing to take the necessary steps to better yourself from the inside out.  
      Understand dearest Children of God, the soul is the part of you, the spirit that powers your body and mind. When you discover how to connect to your soul you will attain purity of both mind and body. Think of your body as water that falls through clouds. Your body and mind has a natural inclination to descent, or to go down.
      When your body is hot from the gruelling sun, it wants to go down where it’s cool, just as your mind when it’s busy and overwrought you want to shut down in silence. Both your mind and body is equally drawn upwards when everything is calm, comfortable and when you have achieved spiritual purity of your soul. You reach spiritual purity of your soul through constant practice within the solace of meditation and solitude.  
      It is understood dearest Children of God, that when you are operating from a pure stance in all things, your heart divinely expresses itself through your soul. When you are no longer affected by the actions and thoughts done by others, you find yourself wanting to be in the company of God more often. You begin to take essential measures to increase the purity of all your actions through the great love that is within your heart to make this possible. In time from all commitment and dedication to always being pure in all things, your soul becomes one with God.  
      When you hold a small infant close to your chest, where you can feel and hear the infant’s heart, this brings the whole body into feeling incredibly at peace through the simple gesture of closeness. This unconditional love that is pure and simple is the kind of love to be shared with God. When you finally connect to God through your soul, it is a pristine connection that identifies the achievement of being pure in all things.
      Each of you has the ability to make a soul connection with God. It is a sublime connection that will fill your entire Self with brilliant Light where your whole body from the inside out feels His infinite Love and unravels all the secrets that your soul carries.   It is understandable that your Soul Self is already within all dear souls. There is a part of you with all your brothers and sisters. When you meet and greet others, you are able to identify which areas resemble you from the ones that do not. The more you are at home with your Soul Self; the more you will be drawn to others like you.
      You instantly become aware of the inner need to unite your Self with the consciousness of the divine. When you meditate on God’s divine Light and Love you will begin to absorb some of His divine attributes. In time from conscious practice and applying the wisdom from the knowledge gained from all selfless actions you will begin to demonstrate through every facet of your Self the Divineness of your whole being from the Purity of your Soul.
      This pure and divine demonstration is illuminated through every cell and pore of your body and easily felt by those within close proximity as being lighter and glowing with natural soften that speaks of the Grace of God.   It is necessary dearest Children of God to recognize your physical body as the home for which your soul resides, where your true self lives and waits for your discover of it. It is through your body that recognition of your divine self is realized.
      This makes it most necessary to maintain a pure body. When your mind is clear and pure of thought, you become a better receiver for the messages of God. Before you can truly access your divine truth, you must bring purity to your soul. When your soul is operating from a pure place, your Self that has shed its karma does not add further contraction to your bodily or mental purity, instead the purity of your soul will enhance them both.  
      Only through spiritual purity of your soul you can create a truly beautiful and divine life. Pray to God for support and guidance along the path to attain full purity of self. Understand and remember dearest Children of God that every task you undertake can be filled with the purity of your heart and soul that will demonstrate love and compassion at every step.
      Every thought, every word you mutter can illustrate the Light and Love from God that is connected through the purity of your soul. This dearest Children of God is a worthy path to take upon your journey. There is not specific route to follow, other than what your heart guides you to through the direction of God. Each step along the path to purify yourself of mind, body and soul wakens the inner knowledge and knowingness of the purity of your own heart which is also shared by God.
      We encourage each of you, to recognize God’s call and let Him lead you home to your own Light shared with Him through His great love knowing you are an aspect of Him and that you are willing to bring His Divine Presence into all you do.   Let us give thanks for your divine sister for allowing this discussion to take place. No matter how gray your day may be or what the weather is where you call home, it is always sunny within your heart. Bring that sunshine to the surface dearest Children of God and shine.  
      I AM Archangel Gabriel through Julie Miller

      Jupiter in Cancer: The Root of Life

      Every twelve years Jupiter crosses the nadir of the Zodiac.  In the mystic tradition this sacred point is known as the “Root of Life” and its astronomical location in Heaven is zero degrees Cancer, the same point as our summer solstice.  That Jupiter returns to the Root of Life is a marvel of marvels as the Earth itself will be birthed into new life from the very cells of its formation.  Allow me, my dear readers, to explain the profound and benevolent effects of this glorious planetary transit. 
      Waves of Grace
      As these words enter your mind we see that our world is in the midst of the most intense period of transformation that we have ever known.  The signs are on the wall and we know in our hearts that there is no turning back.  The simple meaning of this divine transit is that our life foundations will be restored with a magnitude and extent that could only come from God.  In the cosmos the celestial crab has always been a symbol of security.  The time has now come for divine security to envelop all who love God, who seek Him, and who serve Him.  As of June 26th 2013 God’s waves of grace are unleashed to the world!
      Blessing Refined
      In astrology Cancer has many meanings but for the sake of precision here are the things which will be blessed most heavily while Jupiter transits Cancer:  family justice, parents and children, homes and places of dwelling, mothers and prominent women, newborns, water-based industry, shelters and foster homes, child care facilities, assisted living, the banking system, waterways and aqueducts, genetic science, oceanography, marine biology, micro-finance, the housing market, property development, aquatics, genealogy, historical revisions, mystery solving, past-life revelations, scandals, high-level investigations, debts, immigration and naturalization, social security reform, and closure from dark elements of the past. 
      Families Refreshed
      At the core of this transit will be the human family.  Jupiter will bring new beginnings to all families by way of the miraculous events connected to those within our trees.  Uprooting and upheaval will be happening so that families are relocated into places and circumstances which allow for greater security, comfort, and opportunity to be enjoyed and created.  Expansion, enhancement, empowerment, and upliftment will be given freely that the building blocks of our global society, which has always been the family unit, are filled with new life and divine potential.  Watch as families surge in standing through this transit’s end on July 15th 2014.
      The Divine Past
      In a more profound sense Cancer is the life domain of the past so as Jupiter makes its transit great blessings will find us that have beginnings in our past.  For some this will mean that people from our past will be re-entering our lives to enable or provide tremendous healing, growth, wisdom, and wealth.  Some will find themselves inheriting fortunes, treasures, and legacies while others learn of priceless secrets and mysteries of the most spiritual quality which have been lost in the sands of time.  Cancer is quite mystical in the sense that our past lives can be discovered there so for those who walk the Path, expect the books of your past to illuminate your mind and reform your identity.  The oldest souls will have the most to gain and share.  Revelation and miracle originating in the deep past is one of the most astonishing aspects of Jupiter in Cancer, a season when the past returns divinely. 
      July’s Majesty
      The sacred nature of this transit will be felt and witnessed during the month of July as a majestically rare and powerful planetary alignment forms between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.  In astrology this alignment is called a “Grand Water Trine” being that the geometry of a triangle is formed in Heaven between all of the water Houses; Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.  During this month we will witness genuine miracles occurring throughout the world.  The themes at work will be that of divine transformations and renewals, the bestowing of spiritual rewards, the manifestation of life-changing opportunities, the entrance of great wealth, paradigm shifting exchanges, tremendous shifts of power, the healing of disease, mass spiritual awakening, exodus, Divine revelation, inspiration, and confirmation, water-oriented supernatural phenomenon, angelic intervention, life-saving medical relief, rapturous mystical awakenings, clear signs from God, the speaking of the skies, child-oriented miracles, and the unmistakable sense of Divine providence at work in our lives.  We should reverence God when these things come to pass.
      Magic and Metaphysics
      The energetic environment that we will soon be living within is nothing short of magical in the sense that things will be happening that defy rational explanation.  Synchronicities will be off the scale.  It will be virtually impossible to deny a higher power at work as the blessings unfold throughout the year.  That the cosmos will be so rich in the water element means that we are all empowered to transform our lives powerfully and ideally, to purify and awaken into higher consciousness, to develop a greater sense of spirituality, to heal from the past and from trauma, to release self-sabotage, and to manifest abundance at a tremendous pace.  The key is to focus on the water of life, meaning, on everything where this sacred element is found.  This requires insight but remember water has now become a great key.
      Turquoise and Amethyst
      There are two precious gems in particular that will be of extraordinary benefit to any home or living space on this planet because of the active transits:  Turquoise and Amethyst.  The combined energies of these two gemstones will secure a home with spiritual wealth.  This wealth is of the profound type that requires certain eyes to see but my point to you is this:  have these gemstones in your home and you will prosper in remarkable ways.  The larger they are, the better, as mass and energy are proportional.  Attuning to these sacred stones is very wise because of the correspondence they have to Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.  So to the mystics, the metaphysicians, the spiritualists, the healers, and the conscious families of the world, this pair will work wonders for you.
      History and Mystery
      Without a doubt the depths of our past will return to us with a life-changing splash.  The wisdom, wealth, blessing, healing, and exaltation that will come from it will defy the mind.  There are prophecies, legends, and mysteries that will unfold and be proven while Jupiter transits Cancer.  Some of them will be connected to great spiritual leaders or figures from the past who the world seldom thinks about in modern times.  Arcane wisdom and truth of events long forgotten will be inspired to those more advanced in spirit that new teachings may be introduced to the world which originate in the obscured past.  There is so much that we will learn that we will credit to the past, to our ancestors, and to the old ways which helped us to be who we are today.  Divine traditions will surface again to enrich our present and future.  The past is a tremendous teacher while Jupiter transits Cancer.
      Mothers and Matriarchs
      The Zodiac has a place for our mothers and matriarchs and it is known as the House of Cancer.  With Jupiter in transit our mothers and matriarchs will be blessed in special ways that allow for joyous increase and expansion of their lives.  Every last one of us has or had a mother and while some mothers grow wayward in age God does not forget every good deed and sacrifice a mother has made that life continues onward through her body and tireless effort.  It is now time in Heaven for the highest quality relationships and livelihoods to be enjoyed by these esteemed women and those who Fate has connected them to.  The opportunity is real for these things to occur by aligning our thoughts, choices, and actions with these divine energies.  This time will not come again for another twelve years.
      He said to “love the little ones” when He walked the Earth as Christ.  It goes without question that children will be the first to enjoy the grace of this transit.  Nurturance of every child-oriented need and desire will be manifesting with divine authority through next summer.  Parents are wise to invest in the complete enhancement of every child’s life within their homes and reach to raise their own standing and favor with God.  The most difficult elements of their lives will soon be washed away to be replaced by circumstances that promote their growth, health, healing, learning, and empowerment.  Woe to those who work against innocent children while Jupiter transits Cancer…
      Wise Investor
      Since the dawn of astrology people have used its higher knowledge to create mysterious and extraordinary successes.  This has been accomplished primarily through investing into that which corresponds to Jupiter’s transit.  This practice continues to this day among certain privileged circles.  It is my wish that such understanding is known and applied freely by all people that the greatest good may be achieved.  In the spirit of universal wealth I offer the following fields as worthy focus for those who wish to invest wisely into the New Earth, to please God, and to earn Divine rewards:  ending homelessness, micro-finance, water purification and infrastructure projects, emerging genetic sciences, home and family business, property development, home ownership, family relocation services, child development centers, phytoplankton and algae farming, natural birthing services, parental support services, private lending and bartering, aquifer development, water-based energy technologies, detoxification clinics, naturopathic maternity care, single mother support systems, vaccine awareness initiatives, domestic abuse initiatives, communal living projects, stem cell therapies, marine botany, and reverence to the feminine aspect which creates and nurtures life. 
      Nurturance and Empathy
      There are two virtues in particular which will carry every soul toward rapid ascension while Jupiter transits Cancer, they are nurturance and empathy.  Isn’t it fitting that these virtues find home in Cancer and that Cancer is the House of new life?  Could a baby grow without nurturance?  Can a child be soothed without empathy?  To God we are all children and as He nurtures us in Divine empathy we are expected to extend these same virtues into our families, our spheres of influence, and into the world in the best ways that we can.  Those who rise to this occasion will be swept up in grace and lifted into elevated status, wealth, and comfort.  Men especially will be tested as their natures are often contrary to these same virtues that raised them from the babes they were.  Empathize and be nurturing and you will rise to Him.
      Human Emotion
      While emotions are processed mentally they are sensed in ways that feel anything but mental.  We will all be learning Divine lessons in human emotion through this transit.  The keys to all the lessons will revolve around their constructive and creative use, their transmutation, and their metaphysical effects.  Emotion is a very real force that can cause great effects in mundane and supernatural ways.  We will all be learning about this on different levels of experience, learning that feeling is a world unto itself and that the mastery of life will require a mastery of emotion.  Some are held captive by their emotions and through this transit they will have a great opportunity to free themselves from their own vices.  Others will create marvelous effects by mixing higher emotions with benevolent intentions.  In Cancer we are created and in Cancer we will now learn to create anew. 
      The Moon holds the keys to Fate and while Jupiter transits Cancer fate will come to the fore.  In the month of August high magnitude events will deliver crushing blows to the Babylon system, to its agents, and to those who walk the Earth with wickedness in their hearts.  Devastation against darkness will be widespread this month so if you have been waiting for great breakthroughs in the world as proof of God’s authority and that the world is indeed changing for the better, mind this month and watch events with spiritual insight.  For those who walk upward and rightward this month will see you blessed, transformed, and uplifted with the signature of God behind your smiles, joys, and astonishment.  No one can outrun Fate and it comes for us all very powerfully later this summer.
      The past returns with force and grace to realign our cosmic place.  No space is safe from Fate’s rebate with lives reshaped as God dictates.  As portals pass and angels swim the cause of Light is sure to win.  The lessons come from times gone by, the wisdom lost we’re sure to find.  A treasure chest will open soon to sweeten life with lunar swoon.  As mothers march toward greater days true matriarchs will be repaid.  The Devil groans as time has come, those banks of his are sure to run.  Some wonder how to live secure, the answer is through God’s grandeur.  I share my mind with cosmic light that all may glow with wise insight.  With Cancer crowned in royal robes epic things come for our globe.  In joy I dance on each keystroke praising God for how I’ve woke.  Memory lane approaches fast, let’s venture forth into our past. 
      Astrologer Salvador Russo
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