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54416[ANGEL] 27 Gemini, The Angels of Spiritual Assistance

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Jun 16, 2013


      exactly opposite galactic center

      known as The Galactic Gateway

      27 degrees Gemini 

      The Angels of Spiritual Assistance
      Also known as  
      The Angels of



      We assist with difficult problems.

      No matter what problems exist, solutions also exist. 
       We encourage the Children of Light to heal emotions of self and others, and to obtain clarity.  
       This attracts changes in physical reality.  
      We help the children of light recognize the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind, and then release-in self and others- imperfect states of being imperfect desires, imperfect thought and feelings and sensations for changes into other states that are the highest good of all.
      We teach people how to co-create reality through control of brainwave states, or states of consciousness.

      We inspire people to experience and identify with Divine Being and splendor within and to also see Divine Perfection by looking at the world through eyes of love, and in this way heal the desires, the mind, the emotions and the physical body.
        We inspire the understanding that by healing the self, it is possible to heal others.
      We sometimes help people by supplying suitable information from books and other media.

      Sometimes we arrange meetings with spiritual teachers and advisors.
      The type of interventions we make are based on the levels of maturity of the people we are helping.
      For this reason, whenever a child of Light and Love is well advanced on the path to spiritual maturity and has a difficult problem that can be solved in no other way, we can arrange for a spiritual teacher from one of the secret spiritual families to become involved.
      Help is passed down from one level to the other, and the pattern of spiritual evolution and awakening continues.
      Solutions to difficult problems in self and others often fall into one of three basic approaches.

       These are:
       1) prizing spiritual seeking more highly than anything else,
      2) looking within rather than outside oneself for answers or solutions,
      3) expanding one’s perspective to the level of Oneness and taking into consideration the highest good of all concerned, in contemplating the problem.
       The first category of solution is found in the saying:
      “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else is added.”
      The first commandment of the Ten Commandments also expresses this value.
      “Thou shalt have no other God but me.”
      Number One:
      When a person has a problem, often there is some earthly value, person or situation that is given priority (ahead of Divine Enlightenment) in terms of desire, thought, feeling, and action.

      Many problems can be solved by removing as a top priority whatever is standing in the way of a person seeking the kingdom of heaven which is found in meditation and prayer.

       It should be downgraded to a position of lesser importance.
      When a person uses the power of their quadrapolar magnet, which is the fourfold power of being-desire, thought, feelings, and sensations, to seek the Kingdom of God above all else, these powers penetrate through veils of obscurity and distraction.

      The quadrapolar magnet is the Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta brainwave states of awareness.

       These, used in meditation with Divine qualities, expose the individual Consciousness to Divine Consciousness and Being.
      “Where the attention goes, the energy flows.”
      If a person focuses on the problem itself and continues to give it powerful  negative  emotional energy, like worrying about it, for example, the problem  can be  magnified.

      The problem itself becomes the god, albeit a negative false god.  
       A good approach is to acknowledge the omnipresence of Divine Being, THE ONE GOD, in everything, including within the problem itself.
      [Omnipresence is the fifth element, the element of ether.]

      Acknowledge that somehow, in some way, since all things work for good,  that this problem in some way is teaching you greater wisdom.
      GIVE THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR WHATEVER BLESSINGS OR WISDOM the problem is awakening within you.

       Flowing feelings of gratitude attract Divine Perfection.

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