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54385[ANGEL] 24 Gemini, The Angels of Cause and Effect

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Jun 13, 2013



      24 degrees Gemini
      The Angels of Cause and Effect
      Also known as
      The Angels of


      Remember that the Angels of Gemini guide each child of Divine Being
       through thirty steps, or gateways,
       Divine Mental Wisdom.
      Here in this 24th step, a son or daughter of Light and Love learns about the effects on the unified field,  the principle of Akasha as it is known in ancient writings, of every state of being, every desire, thought, feeling, sensation, and action.
       The principle of Akasha is consciousness-penetrating-all.

      This is the Delta brainwave state of pure being and unity with Divine Being and all creation.

       This brainwave state is dominant in infancy.

       Ask your cellular memory to let you experience yourself as  you were in infancy, 
       to reexperience  those times when you  easily and naturally  experienced Divine Unity, peace and Blissfulness and oneness with everything.
      Divine Providence commissions us to teach people to undo damage caused by previous, ill advised states of being, desires, thoughts, feelings, and actions.
       In all places, in every city and country, sons and daughters of Light and Love are awakening.

      They awaken to both the glory of the original purity of all ideas
      in Divine Mind and the realizations of hindrances and problems that have been created in The Web of Life by destructive and unwise states of being, desires,  thoughts, feelings, sensations, and actions.
      People are actively addressing these in corrective ways through our inspiration and guidance.
      In every case, we show ways of diminishing or even eliminating damages to the Akasha, or Unified Field.
      Astral Travel 3.jpg

      Here is one of our stories:
      Once upon a time there were two people who were very sensitive to the damage being done to The Web of Life by the states of being, desires,  thoughts, feelings, sensations, and actions of so many people living lives of quiet desperation.

       They knew that if this damage was not corrected, the earth faced a very grim future.
      Praying to be of service, John and May called in
      Universal Consciousness and The Living Flame of Divine Love. 
      Divine Providence summoned The Angels of ‘Ygarimi’
      to guide and instruct them.
      The ‘Ygarimi’ Angels inspired both of them with great understanding of cycles and the rhythm of life.

      They helped them understand the highest truths of manifestation on earth. 
      John and May began to comprehend the Power of Grace and Mercy to alleviate the dire effects of fate.
        As months passed, they began to understand the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind and felt themselves gaining wisdom and enlightenment.

      They were amazed as clairvoyance and clairsentience awakened within them and they began to receive extraordinarily clear inner guidance to understand the Laws of Cause and Effect.
      In time they realized that they could create any situation and do it with great strength through the magnetic power of strong divine flowing feelings.

      One day, while sitting on a couch, May said to John, "I know that now we can heal the dark muck of generations of despair and helplessness that have surrounded the energy fields of the people of earth for so long.”
      “ Let’s ask the Angels to work with us as we balance this energy with infusions of enlightenment, of grace and mercy!"
      John agreed instantly.
      Closing their eyes,  and getting into meditation posture, they aligned their states of being, their wills, their minds, their feelings, and their sensations with the divine virtues of the letters of the name ‘Ygarimi’ .
       They asked the head of the ‘Ygrarimi’ Angels, as well as the Angels themselves, to help them heal the earth so that heaven could finally manifest to all the children and creatures of God.
       As they meditated, John felt such strong bolts of energy charge through his body that he jerked violently over and over.
      Awakening Mind
      "Yes", he explained to May, "I feel the effects of energy being balanced in The Web of Life as it shoots right through me."
      He was so excited now. " Let’s also ask that people be given clear inner guidance and understanding of Cause and Effect. Let us ask that all people be blessed so that all emotional damage heals and they flow strongly with divine feelings that attract heaven on earth ."
      They both went again into deep silence, their hearts flowing with Divine Love and Faith.
      As the Angels of Creation responded, John felt his body jerk again with positive responses from The Web of Life.
      The power of their faith and unity with Divine Being worked.
        Immediately they saw that the affairs on Earth were taking quantum leaps for the better.
      Soon John and May found themselves teaching others how to meditate and invoke miracles from the heavenly hosts, and bit by bit these concepts spread.
       Prayer and meditation circles formed in many places around the world.
      People attuned to powerful effects of states of Divine Being, desires,  thoughts, feelings, sensations, and actions on The Web of Life.

      They asked for and received help from the heavenly hosts. 

      Corrective measures manifested.
       By leaps and bounds world situations looked ever brighter and brighter.
      People were constantly hearing over the media and the internet that many unforeseen amazing miracles were occuring all around the world, turning compromised situations around with great speed.
      During one of these welcome broadcasts, May looked at John in ecstasy.
       She exclaimed, " I used to wonder why I incarnated into such a troubled world, I used to wonder what on earth I could do to help.”
      “ I am so grateful that I am alive! I am so grateful to see how perfect the Divine Plan is and how it works through those of us who open ourselves to It.”
      “ Now I see and understand that ‘Underneath it all are the everlasting arms’!"
      John smiled.

      With incredible happiness he said, " I see it too.

       Divine blessings are pouring down upon this earth!"
      The Angels of ‘Ygarimi’ praised the glory of Divine Providence.
      Heavenly hosts sang with joy in the music of the spheres.

      Cognition brought about by Love Divine, love which is unconditional and all encompassing, has the power to transmute limited states of being.

      Reading and memorizing information from these messages mainly engages Beta brainwave levels of learning.

       We can help you with Beta, but we also assist you in
      Delta brainwave levels, which are levels of pure being and unity with Divine Being and all creation.

      This is the state that you experienced in infancy.

      cellular memory of this pure divine state can be made available to you upon request.

      We help you enter Theta brainwave levels of deep inward thought, which is the dominant state that you experienced as a child.

       In this state the mental world is more real than anything in the outer world of the five

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