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54371[ANGEL] 23 Gemini, The Angels of Performing Artists

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Jun 12, 2013
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       There are  free downloads of 90 minute segments of the sound current by Cynthia Rose Young that are available at  www.spiritussanctus.com .

       This music was given by the angels to help in these times of enlightenment and the joining of Heaven and Earth.

       Playing this music continuously in the background will work wonders, soothing the nervous system and attunning to higher consciousness.

       Please feel free to share this music.

      23 degrees Gemini
      The Angels of Performing Artists
      Also known as
      The Angels of

           We inspire and guide those in the performing arts who seek to spiritualize life.
      We assist all artists working for the public, whether singers, stage actors, circus-artists, virtuosos etc.
      We inspire clear inner guidance and establish feelings of love between artists and audiences for the purpose of bringing through higher truth and happiness to all.
      We bless performing artists with success on every level.
      Here is one of our stories: 
      let go
      Once upon a time there was a little boy named Phil who wanted to see his parents smile more often.

       He dreamed of seeing them happy and their eyes sparkling.

       He wanted them to laugh and play!

       He wished with all of his might that they did not have to work so much.

       He often felt sad because they seemed so serious  and worried and preoccupied.

       He tried to make them feel better, but it was difficult.

       He just didn’t know how.
      As he grew and saw more of the world, he realized that it wasn’t only his parents that seemed sad so much of the time, it was almost everybody.

       Everybody seemed to work too much. 

      People had forgot and lost the ability to sparkle with joy.
       He prayed in the depths of his heart that people could break out of the monotony and drudgery of everyday living and rediscover magic and meaning.
      One year at summer camp, his prayers were answered!
       He  signed up for drama class.

      This is when his whole life took a turn for the better.

      Phil discovered the mystical power of acting!
      His talented drama teachers spun magical tales of wonder.

      Evenings in front of a blazing camp fire were filled with heroic tales of mystical happenings.

      Night after night in these magical tales he experienced the magic of creating happiness.

       He and the other campers rejoiced as unfortunate situations developed happy and inspiring endings.
      The campers laughed and cried, completely riveted in amazement and awe in play after play.

      Phil saw his friends snap out of their hypnotic lethargies and become alive with excitement and imagination.
      Phil played the roles of hero and villain, of weak and strong, of young and old.
      The roles he played became real to him.
       He actually felt like he was the old man, or the young prince.

      He loved the triumph of truth over falsehood, of right over wrong.

      Story lines became bigger than life to him and deepened his longing for spiritual beauty and perfection.
      He began to look at life differently.
       He perceived that life was an infinite series of dramas, of interactive plays, that people lived in.
      He wanted people to discover that they could create beauty and purpose in their lives.
       He believed that people were supposed to make their stories have happy outcomes.
      Deep inside he became absolutely certain that life was about choosing wonderful roles and stories and playing them into reality.
      Whenever he was deeply emotional in life, he remembered that his drama coach had taught him to embrace his feelings completely.

       He savored every nuance of his feelings so that if he ever had a character who needed to feel that way he would remember it vividly.
       He embraced his feelings when he was happy, or sad, lost or inspired, whatever!

       He learned to treasure and love the complex spectrum of feelings.
       He discovered that feelings were the source of life, sensation, and vitality.
      He learned about cause and effect.
      He realized that feelings are the effects of thoughts and beliefs about the world and about oneself!
      So he became a professional performing artist.
       He wrote and acted in happy uplifting plays that taught wonderful insights to all who watched. 
       He pioneered mystical plays that empowered everyone to create lives more beautiful and alive than before.
      Audiences loved his works so much that producers videotaped them and offered them to schools.

      An educational channel picked them up and every Saturday morning a different one played to an evergrowing audience.
       The movies took on a life of their own.

      Wealthy patrons backed him and he made a whole series of movies based on miracles of hope and healing.
      Once in a Children’s  Hospital overlooking the sea, eight terminally ill children were watching some of Phil's films.

      They believed his messages.

      They understood that "life is a stage, and we are all writers and actors upon it and we are free to create what makes us happy”.
      As children often do, they felt deeply within themselves the truth that they could create their own lives according to their inner guidance.
      All of them rewrote their life scripts deep inside and acted them out with their whole hearts.
      A little later, three of them were well enough to go home and the other five were improved.

      Within a year, they too were well.
      These miraculous turnarounds inspired all the other children who knew them at the hospital.
       Thankfully the staff encouraged this development and even they began to believe.
      Soon Phil’s movies became subjects of professional studies on the effects of belief, pretending and acting on immune system functioning.
      These studies were very dramatic, and proved the truth of the saying:

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