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54176[ANGEL] 5 Gemini, The Angels of New Life

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    May 24, 2013



      5 degrees Gemini

      The Angels of New Life

      Also known as


      The Angels of




      Here, in the fifth degree of Gemini, the use of INTENT, or divine will, is brought into the wise creation of life itself. 


      On the path of divine wisdom, people learn to prepare themselves for the procreation of new life in ways that insure births of very high souls.

      We guide the knowledge of when to procreate and how to infuse the growing child with divine virtues.



      “Keep your eye single, and the body shall be full of light.”

      The pineal gland in the center of the brain is the third eye.

       By visualizing in meditation images of a perfect child, along with visual images of a perfect conception, pregnancy and life path, neuropeptides are secreted into the bloodstream from the pineal gland that cause changes in consciousness and physical functioning.


      Remember that wisdom is an inner knowing that flows from an attunement with DIVINE INTENT for perfection and unity with divine light.


      The greatest gift that a person can give to self on the path of wisdom, or to their progeny, is single minded, pure, and devoted intention and inner imagination for The Highest Good of All Concerned.

      These visual images express  spiritual perfection to manifest for all in the highest sense.


       This WILL, intention, or burning desire, for the highest good of all is an arrow of energy with a line attached.

      The arrow of will flies to its intended goal, and the attached line is a caduceus coil of energies that send and receive information.

      This forms a pipeline of divine inspiration that leads to successful fulfillment of a desired goal on every level of reality.

       It programs the quantum field to manifest the visualized and desired specific outcome.


      In creating a child, the Mother and the Father focus on The Desire for Spiritual Perfection, which is virtue of the letter P of our name. 

      Their intent is for the child to embody spiritual perfection.


      Spiritual Perfection is The Ground Frequency of the Universe.

      Progeny come out of this ground frequency  to manifest Spiritual Perfection in their physical incarnations in unique ways.

       Therefore, we inspire the Mother and the Father with attunement to the particular combinations of divine virtues that the incoming child is bringing forth to embody.

      We guide them to choose a time for conception when these particular divine virtues are heightened in consciousness, and we help them hold these divine virtues in awareness all throughout conception, the pregnancy and beyond.


       We inspire them to meditate, and KEEP THEIR EYE SINGLE, on the original intent for The Highest Good of All Concerned.

      In this process, much inspiration, information and instruction becomes available to them through enlightened mind, through the caduceus flow of energy back and forth between intent and the incoming child, who is attracted to them through their intent.




      This is one of our stories.




      Once upon a time a young married couple named Mabel and Fred wanted to have a very spiritual child. In preparation they sold their very expensive town house and bought a lovely small home in a woods. They invested their savings carefully to became financially stable, so that Fred and Mabel could both stay home to raise the child.  They were very attuned to World Service.  All during this time, they thought about the child that they would have, they imagined her playing under the trees and continued to listen to their hearts.  They prayed for guidance and help.  They knew that their child would bring blessings to the world.


      They were guided to spiritual teachings of great power. They learned to attune ever more to the divine virtues. Mabel furnished the home with beautiful paintings and sacred objects.


      One night Fred had a dream.  He saw himself walking in a blighted area of the world amongst emotionally scared and suppressed people.  Tearful eyes of unhappy children looked up at him beseechingly.


      In the dream his heart broke in anguish because he could find no way to help them.  He woke up trembling in a cold sweat.


      In deep prayer and meditation Fred reaffirmed his ardent desires for the world to be a place of beauty and spiritual perfection. Divine blessing poured forth upon him.


      The next day he spoke to Mabel,  “ Mabel, do you think our child will be a missionary, someone who will help others find inner peace and love, someone who can help to feed and house the poor?”


      Mabel had also had a vivid dream.  She replied, “ Fred, I think our child will be a master mind, someone who rises into a position of prominence and uses power and knowledge to accomplish exactly what you have just said.”


      It clicked.  They both felt deeply in their hearts that this is what their child would do.


      Months passed as they listened carefully to inner guidance.  Mabel did not feel it was right to conceive the child yet.  She was waiting for clear knowingness. 


      On a cold clear morning in September, she woke up and looked at Fred.  It was time.  Divine Providence inspired this exact time for conception to take place.  The heavenly energies were perfect.


      They made love.  In deep communion with Divine Being and all creation they generated intense omnipotent will for spiritual perfection and love for themselves and the incoming soul.

      The angels provided the music for their ecstasy.


      When Stephanie was born nine months later, she was calm and joyful.  She was surrounded by divine light and love. Her parents’ focused desire for spiritual perfection in meditations on the divine virtues had created flowing divine feelings that had attracted a most perfect environment for her in every sense.

      Pure food, high music, and other influences had been carefully selected through inner guidance as she developed in uttero.


      With the help of the heavenly hosts, Mabel and Fred kept their intents pure and strong. 

      They loved and nurtured Stephanie through a magical childhood, always following inner guidance. From the youngest age she lived in nature and showed compassion and sensitivity to all living things. She nurtured and found delight in the creatures, plants, and people that surrounded her. Her purity and love blossomed in adolescence and grew even stronger in adulthood.  She more than fulfilled their expectations.


      Divine Providence provided her with opportunities that led her into a powerful position.

       She then married a wonderful man named Anthony who shared her deep love and concern for the earth and together they rose into authority over a network of rich philanthropic organizations.


      Their deep love for each other and the beautiful peacefulness of their home became a living example of sacredness and happiness that inspired many of peers to deepen their pursuits of spiritual perfection.

       Their efforts and example resulted in greater happiness and well being of many many people. 


      With her uncanny sense of judgment and unfailing all encompassing love, Stephanie helped her husband guide small struggling communities all around the world into political and financial stability, instituting environmentally sound policies that rescued their rich indigenous lifestyles and cultures from extinction.


      One night her father Fred had another dream that returned him to the blighted area of his dream of long ago.  He joyfully saw that the previous blight had been replaced by lush forests and girgling waters and chattering birds of great beauty. 

      He looked up and saw that Stephanie and Anthony were by his side, and they were laughing as little children stopped playing to look up at them.

       Eyes twinkling, Fred waved at them and smiled.


      He woke up weeping tears of joy.







      P…’We attune to  the spiritual perfection of pregnancy, childbirth, maternal instincts, and nurturing and loving infants’


      E…’by clairaudiently understanding the communications and messages of infants, and adult humans.’


      R…’We use great ingenuity to interpret, translate, and teach open mindedly such information.’


      A and umlaut A, ae…Our aim is to work with transmuting and uplifting mental programming, talents, and abilities into the highest wisdom and illumination.’


      L…’By teaching true morality, our goal is to bring enlightenment that borders on saintliness.’


      I…’Closely attuning and adhering to laws of karma , we spur archetypal remembrance of conscientiousness.’


      T…’We translate the emotional magic of children, and teach by using the laws of analogy.  We translate high inspiration into concrete real world applications.’











      The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

      Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her. The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and

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