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54139[ANGEL] 12 Aries, The Angels of the Sun and Authority/note on needed corrections

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    May 20 8:53 AM

      Note: In the copy of this message which came into my inbox, there are many umlaut A's inserted into the text. There are also other strange symbols, similar to lower case l's and e's, and upper case C's.   I have tried to correct this and cannot seem to do so.  My computer won't let me.  It is very strange. I apologize if this is distracting to reading the message. Since I cannot seem to make the umlaut A's and other symbols go away, I am including the divine meaning of umlaut A, L, C and E to understand the possible meaning of this unusual occurrence.

      Umlaut A, ae is the mysteries of life and death and transformation. With this virtue, CONTROL OVER NEGATIVE BEINGS IS GAINED.  The key to this virtue is to recognize imperfections and release them for change.
      L is all the divine virtues taken together, bringing about awe at the splendor and majesty of Divine Being. This virtue enlivens true spiritual morality, youthening, vitality and even immortality.
      C is the virtue of the spiritualization of matter, of infusing matter with divine qualities. It is the virtue of the Eucharist.
      E is the virtue of omnipresence, of experiencing unity with Divine Being and All Creation.

      Therefore, by releasing all imperfections in our personal and collective lives, by meditating on all the divine qualities and virtues taken together, by spiritualizing physicality with sacredness, and by experiencing our unity with Divine Being, each other, and everything in creation, we are bringing about the changes that are required for Divine Love and Will to manifest heaven on earth.

      Thank you for your patience!

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