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54118AquariusParadigm: Julie Miller – Serapis Be y: Radiate with Positive Energy, Flow with Op timism

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  • Ash
    May 18, 2013

      Julie Miller – Serapis Bey: Radiate with Positive Energy, Flow with Optimism

      Posted by Wes Annac
      RADIATE with Positive Energy, FLOW with Optimism
      Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ May 17 – 24, 2013
      Received by Julie Miller
      May 17, 2013  
      The power of adding optimism to your journey empowers your ability to bring in more positive light and change into whole life that will be demonstrated in your health, your career path, and other areas of your life will be greatly affected. By including optimism, you bring yourself so much closer dear ones to not only realizing your goals, but achieving them.  
      When you are flowing with optimistic energy, your perception on life changes and becomes much more vital and dynamic. One of the greatest ingredients to add to your journey dear ones is optimism and through this positive energy flow you are telling without vocalizing that your hold on faith is strong and your belief that all will turn out well has increased power. Your health will improve dear ones when you make the conscious effort to be more optimistic; you will let go of unnecessary stress and develop a stronger physical body that will become more immune and resistant to lingering illnesses.   Being optimistic does require you to be fully conscious of what you are doing.
      We see many of you practice your mantras, and say prayers that remind you of the importance of being positive in all areas, but the transformation from adding optimism takes place within the conscious mind through reflection and self-discovery to honestly and truthfully comprehend why you may be susceptible to be more of pessimist. Through this introspection you will discover what is necessary to discard in order to free yourself into the empowering energy of optimism.   You can determine on your own through your own ability to rationalize circumstances through your self-talk and any explanations you provide yourself. From observing yourself, you will recognize if you are more prone to be optimistic or pessimistic.
      You can learn when you are pulled either way; what your triggers are and from examining yourself you provide yourself with ample opportunities to bring helpful change that will provide you with the necessary Inner Knowledge for future challenges and how to deal with them instead of feeling like an ostrich with its head in the sand. Within each of you, is an endless well of power that is nurtured by courage, love and determination. Each decision you make all plays an important role on your path and where your journey will lead you.   Understand dear ones when you are truly coming from an optimistic centre, realize that nothing can stand in your way…you have fueled yourself with the power to succeed.
      You have already proven to yourself and to many others, spiritual and physical alike that you have the tenacity to persevere especially amidst the toughest of obstacles. When you push yourself ahead and suddenly find a stumbling block do not despair, find other ways, other solutions that help bring you out of any stagnation and back on the path of success. All around you are clues, means to your journey being successful. Being able to recognize them and make use of the gifts your loving Father leaves you every day is something we encourage you to do as they hold many answers that will bring you to the best possible outcome.  
      Optimistic dear souls are always motived to succeed and are constantly ready. Ambitions become goals and plans are created in order to achieve all goals. Remember dear ones the more effort you bring and the more you are willing to apply will reduce the amount of risks you may face and the level of success will be determined. Being optimistic tells in silent language that you are ready, curiously aware and prepared for any unexpected challenges that may come your way.   The dear souls that include optimism as a necessary part of their journey are able to highly motivate others by their own examples. And dear ones this will happen naturally and automatically; this kind of energy is felt without the use of words.
      When you radiate positive energy, you will begin to draw people to you like a magnet. And yet, to be optimistic you must make the conscious choice to see the proverbial glass half full instead of half empty. Just the slight of words and thinking makes all the difference. Dear ones if you truly wish for your efforts to result in positive outcomes, we urge you to change your thinking and adopt a more optimistic approach in all you do. It is well understood dear ones, how you think will govern the direction of your future.
      If you have a pessimistic mind, your goals will barely be recognized.   You are encouraged dear ones to think about where your focus is placed. Remember your concentrated focus applied with optimism will provide you with attractive positive outcomes. Dear souls that illuminate optimistic energy often demonstrate confidence, they are cheerful and positive, and they tend to be more productive and high achievers. An optimistic dear soul will also demonstrate resiliency; they are devoid of judgements and do not criticize others. Optimistic dear souls will also exhibit enthusiasm; they often encourage others and are self-motivated, etc., this list of high quality characteristics can be expanded on your own.  
      Quite often dear ones, much of your optimism and even pessimism is carried over from your childhood; how you were raised. It is extremely important to employ a positive and optimistic environment for all people including children in order for them to thrive and develop well in. By observing yourself in a non-biased manner you will quickly come to realize what level of success you wish to reach and how to attain this success in order for you and your family to benefit. Through your decisions to better your attitude you are in a way changing for the optimistic better that each of you deserves.   We are well aware of the difficulties you have faced.
      The challenges that you face each day arrive with both positive and negative information. Because of the lack of positive news and positive information, much of your human nature has become swayed to the negative side of things. It is up to you dear ones to discover ways that will raise your optimism to healthier levels. There are many ways that will raise your optimism and we will discuss a few with you today, providing you with the opportunity to learn on your own.  
      When you make the conscious effort to strengthen your emotions, resolve any old issues that have had the power to prevent you from progressing as you should, you are adding more optimistic energy into your actions. It is okay to ask for help, sometimes help is needed and asking for help isn’t a weakness but a strength.  
      Look for ways that will positively change your faith and how you attach expectations to thoughts, things and people. Discover the healing properties of laughter. Learn how to include laughter as part of the start of your day. Many dear souls purposely wear something, maybe a certain colour that inspires positive energy or a special piece of jewellery. There are endless ways on how to add more positive optimistic energy into your life.
      I am positive dear ones you will discover the ones that are best for you and while you search on methods to bring solid improvements into your whole life you will continue to take in adequate rest and good nutrition.   It is only natural to meet disappointments even while you are adjusting your thought-forms and redeveloping yourself to be more optimistic. When disappointments come your way, instead of panicking, look at the disappointments as wonderful learning opportunities as that is exactly what they are.
      Don’t allow the disappointments to control your life; through them you will discover new ways of doing things. How you tackle disappointments will separate you from your pessimist self.   The dear souls who have adopted an optimistic way of being refrains from complaining, continues with positive, up-beat self-talk and finds ways of reinforcing self-confidence and self-esteem. When you come from an optimistic attitude you will easily demonstrate thankfulness and gratitude. Each day you wake dear ones you are greeted with many gifts and with each gift you recognize we encourage you to give thanks.
      As you give thanks to all the gifts and blessings you have received, you are choosing to begin your day optimistically. Beginning your day fresh and filled with optimistic is one of best frames of mind you can begin your day in.   Your journey derived of your choices. Empowering yourself with an optimistic attitude is one of the best choices you can make and we will guide, support and love you each step of the way.  
      I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'