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53862Power Animal of the Week: Doe

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  • Ash
    Apr 21, 2013
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      Doe compliments well Quado's Message of Being An Angel Today. Effortlessness, within what Doe brings, is apart of a state of Being. Being your Self in the Moment. That full and quiet confidence that you carry within you. A state of Lightness of Spirit where you find the weights carried upon the Soul have been and are being lifted. You become more aware of your surroundings just as you are becoming more aware of You. You are intuiting from a deeper, heightened and expanded place inside. You not only notice through your observations but your guidance comes intuitively from that place of Knowing the word and action that comes together to benefit others and yourself. With that is no hesitation. You Know and move gracefully, decisively and lovingly. When you come into new areas you bring that confidence, awareness and insightful part of your Self with you. You are bringing yourself into the world by living in Love and Truth. That is a gentle heart and spirit that is boundless in its strength, integrity, compassion, and grace. As Doe moves with us this week walk with her, run with her and, yes, fly with her when she calls for you to awaken your wings and take flight to embrace Life, embrace Love and experience the joy and love of the Divine inside of you and let it shine out brightly sharing with all.


      The Doe
      Effortlessness          Awareness          Intuition

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the doe fill you. Click here to listen to the Doe's Song.

      You are blessed indeed to have the beautiful doe as your power animal.  She appears delicate, but she is very strong.  Her strength comes from her deep connection to all that surrounds her.  She will teach you to stand within the moment, quiet and observant, sensing all that is, feeling each leaf of the forest as a deep part of your being.
      She will also teach you lightness, lightness of the spirit and of the feet.  With a deep intuitive sense of what is, you will know exactly when to take action and to do so decisively, moving quickly and gracefully in response to your knowing.  She will teach you to sense the world around you so deeply and instinctively that you are always one step ahead of the events coming your way. 
      Let her light spirit fill you with the freedom and joy of being, so that you bound and leap through life effortlessly, always sure-footed, always deeply attuned, even when entering a new part of the forest.  She will help you welcome the new experiences of life, giving a joyous welcoming to new beginnings.
      As the doe, you will learn to be fearless, to trust your intuition completely and know that a deep awareness and connection with the world, combined with a belief in yourself, is the best possible protection there is.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'