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53685Quado's Garden: Your Life has Deep Meaning

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  • Ash
    Mar 31, 2013
      For all who have questioned their reason for being upon this world, looked around you in attempting to understand your role or purpose in your life the answer is already right there inside. Your reason for being here is your purpose. YOU are the reason for being here. Are you still wondering and concerned over what your purpose is? Take a deep breath and release this for your purpose is to be fully your Self. You bring a vibrancy to our Beloved Earth by being You. As this message affirms there is nothing which has thrown you off course nor have you wandering far from yourself. These are perceptions and that is not to bring doubt in your mind nor in your spirit. A simple but deep understanding nor does it lessen the experience, the emotions, etc. Rather this presents to us opportunities. The opening of new doorways and paths to shift and know that we can choose to receive these as apart of our growing; becoming stronger, wiser, understanding. Of life and assuredly in learning more about ourselves. See the world around you in the fullness of a pregnancy ready to give birth to new life and that awakes, reflects and mirrors the same fullness inside of you. Getting in touch with the land, with our Self, with Our Mother Earth is all apart of the same Matrix, the Beautiful Divine Crystal. You can discover, embrace and BE your genuine Self. You discover the meaning of life and your purpose as you discover more of You. Know in your heart, your mind, your body and your soul that you are not only discovering, or rediscovering, yourself but you are also redefining, expanding and evolving each precious moment. Accept, Forgive, Embrace and Love Your Self as you are in this moment and each moment that comes. Through that you will see YOU in a fresh and new light. The Truth that is inside of you, that You Are, will Open more and more and, just as in synch with this, you are Opening more to our Mother Earth and the Spirit Within; both of which you are have always been with you and apart of you. Take time each day to connect with the land where you are and you will See with a purity, clarity and freshness that you are connecting in the same way with yourself. Know Peace, Know Love and Know that you are the Reason, the Purpose for being here. You are giving birth to your Self and, in that, choose to express your Love and there will be your Truth, your Purpose that shines radiantly as the many facets of your Beautiful Spirit will unfold and bring joy, peace, harmony, passion, life and love to all of this Earth. *:x

      Your Life has Deep Meaning

      Do not wonder whether you have a purpose.  You do.  Your life has deep meaning.  Do not worry and wonder about what your purpose is.  You are fulfilling it right now, simply by being you.
      You are standing where you need to stand in order to step forward and do what you need to do. There has been no mistake that sent you far afield.  There has been no error, cosmic or personal, that has blown you off course.  Instead, each so-called mistake has brought you the learning and growth you needed to be where you are now, poised and pregnant with possibility.  And the world around you is the same, fertile and ready for your planting.
      And you, just as you are, are an important part of the springing forth, of the newness, of the unfolding, of the birth of greatness.
      And your purpose is simple:  to be who you are, as fully expressed as you can be, living and being and doing your truth in each moment.  This is all.  This is much.  This is enough.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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