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  • Ash
    Mar 15, 2013

      News & Message from P'taah
      March 2013
      In This Issue
      January Conversation with P'taah - Embracing Our Belief That We Are Powerless
      February Conversation with P'taah...Transformation & Balance.
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      P'taah's March 2013 Message-No Judgment
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      Dear Friends

      We've had lots of inquires from people who want to know if they have to own a Kindle to read the new P'taah book.

      The answer is no. Amazon has free apps for most computers, tablets and smart phones. Since this is a relatively short book, it's easy to read no matter which app you're using.

      And speaking of reading, we've had several people ask if we could make Conversations with P'taah available as written transcripts because they would prefer to read these sessions rather than listen to them. 

      Since it takes hours to transcribe a session and it would fall to me to do it, I've not been very enthusiastic about the idea. However, your persistence has paid off and beginning with the August 2012 Conversation, you can now purchase PDF files of the transcription for the introductory price of $6.00. If the response warrants, we will continue adding to the list as time permits. 
      With much love,

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      January Conversations with P'taah
      Embracing Our Belief That We're Powerless

      You could say that hypertension is the expectation of a negative outcome, that you won't get it right, or that you will be overcome. In a way it's a manifestation of powerlessness. Very often you beat yourselves up if you don't have instant results or if you fall back into old patterns. Be gentle about this because you are here for the human experience. The bottom line is that there is no place to go. You are already perfect. The more you can let go of the judgment and embrace yourself, the more you can become whole.

      Underneath the anger is the powerless feeling that you can't change the situation, the other person, your government, etc. The embracement of this is simply to allow it - to make it all right that you have this reaction to things outside of yourself. When you change your attitude you change the situation automatically. When you cannot change the situation, look at what might be a positive outcome. Also, when you change the perception, then you change the reality.

      How to work with people to change their negative beliefs? People have a sovereign right to their own beliefs, and the outcomes of those beliefs. Many of the long-held beliefs even about who you are, are changing. It behooves all of you on the path to expansion to look at the beliefs that you hold. Of course many ideas you think are reality are in fact beliefs ABOUT reality that do not constitute the greater reality at all.

      As a parent, first allow the sovereignty of the child, whether the child is a baby or a grown adult. That is difficult because of the love and the sense of responsibility.  Often it's necessary to step back and look at the situation from an objective point of view. There is also work that can be done to assist at a non-physical level. Again, look at the gifts. There is no situation so dire, that there are not gifts in them somewhere.

      The one thing you can do for your own upliftment at this time is to say thank you. To look in the mirror and say thank you is the most uplifting of all. Also, fun and laughter are like champagne bubbles to the body - life-affirming and uplifting.

      In each of your parallel lives, there really is no separation. When you die and become consciously part of the unified field, you automatically have conscious connectedness with all of the parallel lives. But for much of the time, you are not so interested. You do compare notes with parallel lives in the non-physical. If you could understand the scope of you, you would be astounded. The choreography of the universal dance is quite delicious.

      Available this month on MP3 audio and PDF written formats for the special price of $6 and on CD for $10.80, plus shipping. Order yours now 

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      February Conversation with P'taah 
      Transformation & Balance
      Nelly & Robin

      Review of the 4 Steps of Transformation of fear. You can only transform fear by the acknowledgement, acceptance and the embracement of that tiny child that lives within you. Even an adult trauma is triggered by beliefs that you acquired in your early childhood. Sometimes the shadows or bleed-throughs of certain issues repeat over lifetimes. The desire of the soul is to experience everything. The oversoul is perfectly aware of everything that is occurring in every lifetime.

      Where in your own environment you can do something positive, you can take steps to do that. Where it's more of a global situation not impacting your own day to day living, the first thing is to remind yourself that the goddess Earth is a most powerful entity. No matter how it seems, there are certain things that are unfolding perfectly. Nothing is ever truly lost. Also, there is not one earth and you can remind yourself that you are seeing only one aspect of a grander reality.

      The feeling of powerlessness can come from feeling isolated, being alone in a big world and not able to control anything, not even your own body.  Knowing that power is your truth helps you begin to manifest examples of your power. What others think of you is not your business, but what is your business is the fear that is brought up. Other people's negative reactions bother you because they reinforce your own beliefs that there is something to fear.

      Do talk to the body. The body is a miraculous reflection. Use those things that will assist you to bring the body into more harmony. Allow the body to rediscover itself and its potential in its health and well-being, in its mobility, and in its strength. The difficulty in "tackling" or bringing weight under control is that you have an idea about deprivation. We would like you to understand that it's about a journey of rediscovery or redefining.

      Each of you birth yourself in a particular place and the resonance of that is part of who you are. Often people born near water are more comfortable near water, but one doesn't have to move back there. You can allow yourself some time to fill yourself with this aspect. This could apply to any aspect - such as the woods and green lands. You can feel comfortable anywhere on the earth, however often there is a little "calling" telling you that to be around water or trees would soothe the soul.

      Available this month on MP3 audio and PDF written formats for the special price of $6 and on CD for $10.80, plus shipping. Order yours now.  

      Remember, Pay-As-You-Go subscribers never miss a session. For just $5 a month, an MP3 of every Conversation is delivered to your Inbox the minute it is finished.


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       Message from P'taah - March 2013  
      No Judgment      
      P'taah: Wherever you perceive lack, you are coming from a place of fear. Because the truth is that you really are Gods and Goddesses. It is not too grandiose a name for you, you know. You are really Gods and Goddesses. Mightily powerful.

      If you doubt your power, my beloved ones, simply look at your world. Because no matter how you judge your world to be, you indeed have created it! Mmm? You have created it all--co-created indeed. Mmm?

      If ever you doubt your power to change your reality, simply stop and look at your life because no matter how you judge it, it is your creation and whatever you create is valid. There is no judgment about that, not anywhere. No judgment.

      When you look at your world and you say but look at the horrors that are wrought in this world, how can there really be no judgment? We say to you indeed we do not use the words Gods and Goddesses lightly. You are not judged. There is no body to judge you. You are in every way perfect, a Perfect and Eternal Extension of the Mind of Creation. No matter how your society may judge, we say to you there is no universal judgment. You are Gods and Goddesses playing a game and the game in this Now is simply called My Human Life Now, however it is.

      That is truth. My Human Life Now and however you create it to be is valid. You may say that each aspect of your life is a learning process. However we say to you really you did not come here to learn lessons. You came here again simply for the experience of it. Why? Because in this realm called "your reality," the experience is so vibrant and so intense, everything else really pales beside the experience.

      The intensity of the E-motion is why you keep coming back. That you judge it to be a good experience or a bad experience really is neither here nor there because the greater part of you does not judge it to be bad no matter what. And no matter what the experience, how does it culminate? In death? Well, what is death?

      What is death? It is one of the grandest illusions of your realm. One of the greatest illusions is death because you are eternal beings. You come forth in your lifetimes, you take on a body and it is of this gender or that gender. It is of this or that or the other color. This race or that, of this society or that, or this country or that or that, of this socio-economic situation. You say "why would anybody want to be born where they are going to starve to death?" For the experience of it.

      Why would anybody want to be birthed and know holocaust. Why would anybody want to be birthed to experience genocide? (Pause) For the experience. And from those experiences you garner more and more.

      And we say whenever you are in judgment of your historical events or indeed those events that you see daily on your television, we remind you that you indeed have been everything. You have been the perceived victim and the perceived perpetrator. And we remind you that the truth is there are no victims, beloved ones. There are only volunteers for the experience. So if you look at it all in this light you begin to understand your own power, your own power of creation.


      Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!     

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