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53529Isha Lerner's Power of the Flower Tarot: Queen of the Night

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  • Ash
    Mar 14, 2013
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      Queen of the Night emphasizes the call to be more open and receptive to the messages carried by our wise women throughout the many generations. The Wisdom, Love and Strength of the Sacred Feminine and while She has always been with us there is a great, deep reawakening of Her teachings, guidance and insight. These are available for both men and women as we learn more about ourselves and one another we begin the path of restoring balance, harmony, peace and healing: For the world and all here beginning with ourselves and reaching out to one another. Looking to the example, teaching and wisdom of our wise women of the past builds and edifies the women of today who are reclaiming their power to make a difference and begin to see change in our communities as this grows and widens across our Mother Earth. That change comes from the change they have already, and continue to grow into, experienced within themselves.

      For men, it is a time to listen to the heart, mind and spirit of women. Release the preconceived mindsets and know that the only barrier between the two are those that we have placed there. Open the Heart, the Mind, the Soul and the Body to what our women have to teach, share and impart. In that we learn more of ourselves and become the healer and protectors that come from a nurturing, patient and compassion spirit. One that is attuned to the feminine and letting go of what has brought about a great imbalance within ourselves and the world at large. It is time redress and heal our connection to one another and this world which begins inside of ourselves. The Sacred Feminine is there too and to listen, to truly listen, is to reawaken that within ourselves and see that, in truth, what 'differences' we see are gifts and abilities that compliment one another. We are relearning, and learning anew, how to open and wake up to Her presence within everyone; men and women together as One. Look to the women in your life that have touched you, inspired you, and move you by their words and actions together. That will bring about deep change and transformation to the recipient and to how we transform this world by recognizing and embracing life and love fully together with the Light of the Moon illuminating our inner worlds and transforming the world around us. *:x lovestruck

      Queen of the Night
      Your card is...

      Queen of the Night

      Latin: Cereus greggii

      Color(s): White

      Archetype: Grandmother Wisdom. Grandmothers, the Wise Women Elders, shared the knowledge of the changing cycles and seasons, and offered the song of life to those who longed to hear the Truth. Through the teachings of Grandmother Wisdom, we come to know the Moon and all Her cycles. She leads the way through the moonlit paths of our inner worlds, gently tugging at the veil of darkness. She teaches us that every heart is filled with dreams, prayers, hopes, and faith, and that a graceful life is given to those who are grateful.

      Signature: A luminous desert flower that shines with a crown-like radiance in the dark, closing its bloom upon sunrise. It is attached below ground to an enormous root but above ground has only a skinny stem, resembling a stick, which supports its huge, fragrant white blossom.

      Healing Properties: Queen of the Night assists in balancing one’s yin qualities by opening channels to the womanly gifts and secrets buried in the deep places of their psyches. It is a valuable tool for women during the changing cycles of life, helping us to age gracefully and honor the subtle grace of the aged.

      Healing: The Queen of the Night comes to you today, showering you with moonbeams of heavenly wisdom. You are crowned with her brilliant aura as she protects and overlights your journey into the great mystery. Shining in your heart like an evening lantern, she lights your way to greater Self-Knowledge. You may wish to meditate at night, under the Moon, letting its luminous rays caress you with their soft lunar light. Teaching patience, love, and endurance, the Queen of the Night reminds you that you too, are a keeper of wisdom. Perhaps you need to be reminded of your own innate healing abilities. Perhaps it is time to focus your healing light upon yourself, in order to revitalize the storage house of your own precious energy.

      "For more information about Queen of the Night flower essence, I
      recommend “The Alchemy of the Desert – Second Edition” by Cynthia
      Athina Kemp Scherer. Information about this book can be found at: www.desert-alchemy.com/txt/publications.html

      © Copyright 2013 Inner Sight / Isha Lerner Enterprises. All rights reserved


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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