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53505[ANGEL] 23 Pisces, The Angels of Natural Law

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Mar 12, 2013
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    23 degrees Pisces
    The Angels of Natural Law

    Also known as


    The Angels of







     ‘We help people understand in depth the laws of nature,

     especially the higher laws in all three kingdoms:

    the animal, the vegetable and the mineral kingdom.’ 

     We inspire people to become masters of divine natural science.


    As people live in sacredness, approaching each person, creature, plant and mineral in meditations of flowing love, the Divine Feminine magnetic power attracts super novas of flowing ecstasies that reveal all physical manifestations to be divine parts of Paradise.

    The Children of Light in physical incarnation contain within themselves the three lower kingdoms.

     Flowing feelings of wisdom awaken  inner guidance to meditate in nature and thereby remember and attune to qualities of Divine Consciousness expressing there.


    These three lower kingdoms express a mystical aspect of The Being of the Divine and of every human being.


    “ As above, so below.”


    The Divine Being expressing through nature reveals an awesome, cosmic attunement so vast and wonderful, that it totally transforms the consciousness and feelings of the Children of Light.


     The splendor and majesty of Divine Being manifesting through the three lower kingdoms reveal that Paradise lies within the very temple of the human body itself.



     ‘We help people understand in depth the laws of nature,

     especially the higher laws in all three kingdoms:

    the animal, the vegetable and the mineral kingdom.’


    We inspire aboriginal understanding of the "medicine" of animals, plants, and minerals.


    ‘We help people penetrate deeply into the laws of nature and teach them their mystical applications.’


    Every being, within all kingdoms of minerals, plants, and animals, is a unique manifestation of divine qualities.


    Every aspect of nature; each animal, plant, and mineral, is a doorway to omnipresent Divine Consciousness that pervades all of space.


    By mastering the divine virtues of the letters of our name, a person experiences the divine virtues as mystical dimensions of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.





    The letter K of our name is the Virtue of Omnipotence. This virtue manifests in survival instincts in the kingdoms of nature. Survival manifests in the expression of magical powers, such as telepathy, in the lives of animals, and as uncanny methods of adaptation in plants and minerals.


    The original divine blueprints of creation are revealed in nature, expressing the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind. Wisdom and enlightenment are written in the manifestations of the three lower kingdoms for The Children of Light to read. This awakens mystical faculties such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, and beautiful artistic talents. This is the virtue of letter A.


    The letter umlaut A, ae, is the virtue of understanding the mysteries of life and death regarding their transformation.  With this virtue, a person understands that in reality, death does not exist, for the so-called death is really a transformation from one state to another.  A person learns to release any state of being that is imperfect, or any imperfect desire, thought, feeling or sensation in self or other. This release causes change to occur as imperfection transforms according to the highest good of all.


    Letter E represents the omnipresence of Divine Consciousness and Being. It reveals the unity and interconnectedness of the web of life. This unifying consciousness ties together individual parts so that they all function as a whole, forming interdependent ecosystems. This virtue allows individual consciousness to become one with any other being, and also with Divine Consciousness, to communicate fully and completely with everything.


    The letter R represents the element of inner guidance and choice that is present in all life. It leads to growth of intelligence and selective evolution. This divine virtue is critical to the development of Soul and Form.


    Ancient teachings speak of the evolution of consciousness in Soul, or feelings, and  within form, as an upward spiral. It is said that when the feelings and form of a being of the mineral kingdom reach their highest levels of consciousness, this excellence becomes obvious by its feelings and form, which will be that of a precious metal or gem with healing properties.


    After reaching this level, the Soul and Form intelligence of the mineral transforms and incarnates as a primitive one celled plant.  Then, through a long line of incarnations in the plant kingdom, ever reaching higher and higher complexity of feelings and form consciousness, this being finally reaches the highest levels. When a plant being reaches enlightenment, it may manifest as a fruit, a mighty tree, or as a flower.


     In its next incarnation it is a primitive one celled animal. Again the upward spiral of incarnations in this kingdom result finally at the point of highest expression. The animal is said to have reached enlightenment when it feels such great love and devotion for a human master that this love overcomes its own instinct for survival. The tales of animals risking or sacrificing their lives for their masters are examples of this. In the next lifetime, this life energy is ready to express as Soul and Form for a new human spirit.  This human evolves higher and higher, on the spiral of evolution in feelings and form, until it eventualy manifests Oneness with Divine Consciousness as a living immortal Master.


    The letter L represents the splendor and majesty of Divine Virtues that express themselves in the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms. These infinitely complex kingdoms are the out picturing of every divine virtue in feelings and form. Shamanic teachers have sought and found Divine Virtues expressed in animals, plants, and minerals of Earth. In this way these kingdoms are teachers and healers of the children of Earth.


    The second letter E represents benefits that each individual brings to the whole and of the benefits that the whole brings to each individual. When a nountain lion survives and brings its cubs safely to maturity, the joy of this event fills the whole being of God.


    The freedom and power of an eagle echoes to the far reaches of the universe.

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