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5333721 Day Immerson in Self Nourishment ~ Jyoti

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  • Ash
    Feb 24, 2013
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      At the actual link is the form to fill out and, as advertised, it is free sessions which I am certainly open to receiving and participating in. For those interested and drawn to do join and pass along as well. :)


      **I am offering this Free (Gift ... from my Heart to You!) This is unlike anything else I have ever created... it all began with a weekend trip to a local hot springs that led me to realize how very important Self-Nourishment is for ALL of us in 2013!

      21 Day Immersion in Self Nourishment ...

      Recovering Access to Your Inner Knowing ... From your Replenished Self!

      Looking out into the world we tend to get so overwhelmed ... we are on information overload!

      So many of us are facing huge challenges in our lives... and when we are super challenged, we tend to "go out there" seeking for "answers," support, release or freedom from our challenges ... which results in overwhelm, exhaustion, and we end up lacking any real Transformation, while spreading our resources thin on shelf-help that ends up useless for us, or at best, another system we have to "learn" "master" or "study" in order to gain relief.

      I am here to show You - that RELIEF is here now. It lives within YOU. All the Support you will ever need originates from within You and is then mirrored back to You in your external world.

      • Receive Deep Self Nourishment through our 21 days together! FREE!
      • Connect with Your Source of INfinite Wisdom and Joy
      • Receive Miraculous Support through encoded infused daily audios
      • Awaken Your Inner Knowing as forefront in your Life
      • Manifest Miracles in Your Life!
      • Rest ... Renew ... Open!
      Join me for these 21 days, I will hold your hand and we shall walk through this together. You will receive a daily potent Encoded audio message from me (Including Light INformation Patterns and Frequencies to support You, specifically)!

      I offer this in support of You ... to align and Harmonize with Your Own Infinite Wise and Powerful Self ...

      And, as You are replenished within your Self, you naturally align in a state of Presence and Grace that allows Miracles in your life!

      The whole world is awaiting YOU in ALL YOUR GLORY! I see You and I am here with You!

      Love, Jyoti

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