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53315Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess Tarot: Awakened Aphrodite w/ First Chakra

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  • Ash
    Feb 22, 2013
      Awakened Aphrodite appears once more to continue her messages for the second week. One slight, but marked, variation is in with the chakra affirmations and message that comes to use this week. The past seven days were with the second chakra and today we have the first chakra. While distinct from the second there is a close synergy between the two especially within how we accept ourselves as we are in the moment and have the peace, confidence and love to express ourselves intimately. While the first does point to physical intimacy that is not the only area for it is apart of the root that spreads to emotional, mental and spiritual intimacy. A balance of the intimacy of Body, Mind and Spirit. Let us continue to awaken to all dimensions of True Love which has been, is and shall always be apart of us; there is our Truest Teacher of Life that lives, breathes, and moves within every part of our being. Continue growing in honesty with ourselves and one another by renewing genuine love and appreciate for yourself with a purity and honesty that will continue to see us transform, evolve and ascend. Live life fully and release any fears that have held one down from loving fully, completely and honestly. Believe In Your Abundance. Believe In Your Self. Believe In Love. Key foundations in our Unity together as Divine Loving Beings as we grow, life and love together. *:x lovestruck

      21. Awakened Aphrodite
      Your card is...

      21. Awakened Aphrodite

      Soul Message: We are the mirror, as well as the face in it. We are tasting the taste of eternity this minute. We are pain and what cures pain. We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours. Soul of the world, no life, nor world remain, no beautiful women and men longing. Only this ancient love circling the holy black stone of nothing. Where the lover is the loved, the horizon and everything within it. --Rumi

      Alchemy and Transformation: At this stage, the adept knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the schooling of life is found within, and that each of us has the freedom to become fully awake through our own efforts and will. New levels of spiritual insight and contentment flood in on a regular basis and are readily assimilated. Wells of creativity and vitality are unearthed. Your power to serve the world with great compassion and skill comes to the fore. You are no longer hiding your light under a bushel, for there is nowhere left to hide.

      Awakening to the Archetype –Awakened Aphrodite: The path into Awakened Aphrodite’s embrace entails constant discernment, for She embodies the truth of real love. No longer does She confuse mere seduction, which is fear-based, with love, which knows no fear. Loving and kind to all women and men, She refuses to perpetuate the competitive and jealous ways of others. She is at home in Her physical body and grateful for the gift of life. She shares this joy with all around Her. She attracts many things to herself, yet knows the path of discrimination.

      Everyday Encounters: Take time for yourself. Sleep when you need to, vacation and play when it is appropriate. Do not overwork or bury yourself in competitive work habits. Awakened Aphrodite accepts life. Live life fully. Above all else, do not be afraid to love completely and honestly. Honor thyself and love will return one thousand times over.

      Nature’s Healers: Goddess Bouquet of Apple Blossom/Rose/Lily
      First Chakra

      First Chakra

      Chakra Attributes: (Color: Red) (Herb: Cedar) (Function: Survival, grounding)

      Healing Essence of the Chakra: Located at the base of the spine, it governs all aspects of grounding, inner security, sexuality, and safety issues brought from childhood or past lives. Becoming conscious of the first chakra allows one to tap into a life affirming power that is deep and profound.

      Healing Flower: Pomegranate

      Keywords: Grounding, Sexuality, Life Affirming, Primal, Foundation

      Affirmations: I enjoy being in my body and I nourish it each day. I am connected to the earth and the safe foundation it provides for my future growth. I believe in my abundance.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'