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53267recent car recovery after calling on magic heads, seeking female magician mate

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  • Johnny
    Feb 17, 2013
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      Hello, friends,
      I am really enjoying your posts here! An active magician who practices I am not, yet. I have however read Franz Bardon's works for many years and DO occaisionally trace sigils and call beings' help. A couple of weeks ago I went out of state for a few days and left my car with a shop I didn't know well. The owner worked on it and then due to lack of space in his locked, gated lot, left it outside with the key inside it in the door pocket. The car got stolen.

      I was still out of state and created a flyer and emailed it to a local printer who made 500 copies, offering a reward for the whereabouts of the car. Two of my organic farm's employees then distributed them in that area from whence the car was stolen.

      When I got home a couple of days later I pulled out my Magical Evocation book and remembering that one or more magic heads helps recover stolen goods, drew the sigil of Naniroa, 198 of the Zone Girdling the Earth, and Emzhom, 17 of the Moon sphere in the color imaginations suggested by Franz Bardon. I asked those entities' help, and another one or two for good measure.

      Seems like only a couple of hours later the police called- somebody had called in my car's location to CrimeStoppers. I went to the car and since the thief had the keys, had it towed to my local shop near my home. Nothing had happened for 2-3 days prior.

      Anyway, I resigned the heads' sigils and gave thanks. Not being clairvoyant I cannot say for sure what happened, but it happened rather quickly after calling for magic help.

      Your friend,

      P.S. As an aside,I hope one day to meet a female magician who will live with me on our organic farm, in the forest, practicing magic, and rearing young magicians we co-create. Find me and say hello on Facebook as Johnny Gregory, Greensboro,NC or on veggiedate.org as 4169 or spiritaulsingles as spiritualvegan. Thanks.