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53139Power Animal of the Week: Owl

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  • Ash
    Feb 3, 2013
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      Owl's guidance, teaching and messages continue to fly with us throughout this new week and how fitting with Imbolc. The awakening of the Spring within heralds and affirms the renewed and new awakening of our Spirit. Stepping into and expanding our field of vision inside and out. Veils continue to part, illusions become seen even more clearly for what they are and our Sight becomes more enhanced and evolved as does our intuition and wisdom. Continue to look deeper and See Your Beauty, Your Divine Spirit, Your Treasure as you Open more and more to Your Self, Source and Our Mother Earth together as One.

      The Owl
      Wisdom          Perception          Truth

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the owl fill you. Click here to Listen to the Owl's Song.

      The owl brings you wisdom as well as great powers of perception and intuition.  Welcome her into your heart and life gladly!
      The owl has very keen hearing and vision, enabling her to perceive what others cannot.  With her powers within you, you will be able to penetrate the darkness with your intuitive senses.  You will see through deception and illusion.  You will uncover all mysteries and bring truth to light.  Fill yourself with her power whenever the truth is unclear or hidden; she will shine the light so you may see.
      The owl also allows you to move silently and unseen.  When you do not want undue attention paid to you, when you wish to just quietly keep your own counsel, call in her spirit as you would an invisibility cloak. 
      One of the greatest powers the owl brings you is to penetrate your own secrets, to see into the beauty of your own soul and uncover there your personal truth and intentions.  Feel her within you now, opening yourself to yourself, your true purpose sparkling like a treasure within.
      Ah, what a blessing to be the owl!


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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