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  • Becky Colpitts
    Jan 27, 2013
      Thank you!

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      Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 07:10:29 -0800
      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> Quado's Garden: You are Worth the Shine and the Showing


      This has strong parallels with many of the qualities of the wolf and, by Native tradition, this full moon is known as the Wolf Moon. As this message begins let us set aside that form of self-consciousness it refers to and let each of us be present in the moment with ourselves. Allow ourselves to focus and think upon those that we admire. Those that have the qualities that inspire and encourage; we are on a number of levels looking at those who are apart of our pack. Those that we love, work, play and commune with. It could be that some are still discovering those who we are drawn to and are drawn toward us. Those in touch with their inner core. It is not that we are find those who are 'perfect' although there is a perfection that flows from a center of those who are compassionate, loving and full of that inner fire and courage for themselves and toward others. Not perfection, or being perfect by the world's definition or standard, but from accepting themselves as they are and having the strength of heart, the integrity and honor and love to speak from their Soul, live their full of passion and purpose; willing and open to receive and learn as well as to teach and share by the virtue of their lives.

      As we see that pack/community/family (for they each carry that aspect and are one and the same together) begin to expand our view and look beyond into the world around us and we will discover more who walk and live and speak their Truth. They are those who Show The Way by virtue and loving themselves and Know their value and worth. Just as you do. That shows how we are connecting deeper and deeper to that highest and Higher Divine Self at our Core. The more we connect and abide there multiple doorways open within us and that is reflected around us.

      We can release any doubts and fears there may have been or is within us. Love Your Self. Approve Your Self. Just as the message affirms. You are here to be Who You Are and that is a guide, teacher, student, leader, compliment and light to this world and those around you. You are worth expressing Your Self and your true pack supports you, encourages you, and loves you for standing and speaking your Truth, living your Truth and being your Truth. To each of you and you know who you are I am grateful and blessed to see your worth and the radiance that you have. You have a great purpose here upon this world. In the eyes, souls and hearts of those you touch and truly within mine. :)


      You are Worth the Shine and the Showing

      Today, set self-consciousness aside.  Today, be within yourself and express yourself, openly, joyfully, proudly, with strength, courage and love.
      Think about people you admire.  Are they self-conscious, hesitant, unsure of whether they will be accepted by others?  Or are they driven by an inner knowledge, an inner fire, full of courage which allows them to say what they truly believe, coming from a heart of rightness?
      When you are in touch with your inner core, when you are allowing your higher self to fill you and abide within your center of peace, the words flow, the eloquence comes, the truth as you know it finds a way to express itself, while still being compassionate and loving toward others.
      Do not douse your fire out of fear that others will not like you or approve of you.  Love yourself.  Approve of yourself.  You are worth expressing.  You are worth the shine and the showing.  You are here to be who you are and it is good.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'


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