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53064[ANGEL} Special Message...beginning of 6th World: LOVE VICTORY

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  • Spiritus
    Jan 24, 2013
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      Similar to the birth of a child, in which the time it takes to be born may vary from a few minutes to several days, according to the  crop circles shown below, there is a birthing time between the end  of the 5th world and the arrival of the 6th World.

       The Mayan Calendar and most earthly mystical teachings are largely based on the Venus cycles. 

      Please notice in the following astrological chart that the Sun, Uranus, and Venus will be exactly conjunct at 9 Aries on that day, at the place of The Victory of Love.


           9 degrees Aries    

      The Angels of LoveVictory

      Alsoknown as


      The Angels of ‘Anamil’





       Weare good friends when it comes to solving problems in the mental, emotional, and physical levels of Creation for the purpose of the Victory of Love.


      There is no problem beyond our ability to correct and solve. We are extremely reliable whenever asked for assistance.


      We have special control over both will and feelings. We teach the Children of Light, through the divine virtues of the letters of our name, how to create powerful  visualizations, thoughts,  feelings and sensations  that form volts for sacred purposes.


       Ifa person demands it, we ourselves create such volts of power and transfer them into the Akasha-principle, the principle of consciousness-penetrating-all, the principle of omnipresence.  Then these effects work on either the mental, emotional, or physical levels, whatever is needed for the highest good of all concerned.


      There exists no problem in the zone girdling the earth which can not be solved by the Angels of ‘Anamil’.

       A person can ask any question and be answered instantly by way of inspiration.