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  • Ash
    Jan 23, 2013

      Here are the latest Ascension Notes; just click on the link to read in its entirety.

      RefiningOur Space in the New Vibrations

      Last year we would receive downloads of high dimensional Light at certain times, like the New and Full Moons, Solstices and Equinoxes and during the thirteen Gateways, and then we would be given an integration and rest period. This year, however, there is a steady stream of this Light coming in constantly and we thus are always in this Flow, and we come to certain awarenesses in order to make certain changes in our lives to be more congruent with our Souls; our Divinity. As we receive this Light, it then radiates out from us as soon as we receive it and this is how we help all others rise in vibration, if they are resonating with our energy; whether consciously or unconsciously. This is Unity in action. We used to be prompted to send healing energy out to certain places and people; now it is automatic as we attend to our own consciousness and life. This also helps us let go of the doing and saving that we have been limited by for so long. It is how we co-create the New Earth…by Being; not controlling, but allowing the Light to shift us in any way that is for our highest evolution.

      Wishing you Love on your Ascension Path,


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