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52993Prayer For Healing And Wholeness

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  • Ash
    Jan 18 4:43 AM

      There is a special healing prayer-meditation below that may well speak and resonate for many of us. Let us find a new and renewed fire of Unconditional Love and Passion grow within us as we lift one another and our Mother Earth with all who dwell upon Her. *:x lovestruck


      Realizing our common destiny, we can then visualize and manifest a world in which Unconditional Love is the prevailing human quality.
      Outer-joy emerges when we embrace our awareness and responsibility for world health and well-being, and for the environment of our planet. As we become more aware of and responsible for our choices, we begin to understand how those choices affect everything around us.

      By:Sereda Aleta Dailey


      This healing  prayer treatment is for everyone who desires to be healed & who desires Wholeness & wellness & to experience more completely God's Presence within us of Pure Divine Inner Peace & Joy & Bliss.
      I now call upon my "I Am Presence" & Archangel Raphael with his healing angels to manifest total healing throughout my physical body, and throughout my mental & emotional & etheric body as well. In the name of my "I Am Presence" , & by and thru the magnetic Power of the Sacred Fire vested in me, I now call forth from Mother Earth & from Divine Source in the Great Central Sun all of Father/Mother/God's Love, Light, & Creative Intelligence & Rays of the Sacred Fire Love needed to manifest this healing & create a totally healthy body. The Emerald Green Sacred Fire continues to bath every cell in my body....bringing forth vibrant health & vitality in every cell.  The Violet Sacred Fire continues to bath my entire 4-body system.... bringing about the healing & transmutation & release of everything that has caused my health problems.... & bringing  about the healing & transmutation & release of everything that has been preventing me from experiencing God's inner Peace & Joy in every moment. I release this healing prayer treatment to Father/Mother/God now & know in that everything that I have affirmed, or better, is manifesting throughout my 4-body system in this Eternal Moment of 'Now'. Thank You God! And So It Is.

      © 2013   Created by Brandon.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'