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52937Gaia Online Tarot: the Canoe ~ Strength ~ the Lovers

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  • Ash
    Jan 11, 2013
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      Our journey, our path, is continuing to open before us and let us never forget that wherever each of us are, whatever those choices are remember it is not so much that the path found us; we found the path within us as we began the process to create it. There is no road nor journey we are upon that is beyond our means to travel. Yes there can be challenges but these are all designed to strengthen us, encourage us and inspire us.

      That focus and self-discipline the Canoe speaks upon liberates us on new levels. An essence of self-discipline is the courage, integrity, and confidence to lovingly and firmly say "no" as well as to "yes". How we Open ourselves to what stokes the fires of our passion, sees our light shine brighter and embrace more of who we are the more we find that our intuition and focus becomes more honed. There are no distractions as we set upon our course rooted within our Heart, our Spirit.

      No matter how things may appear Know that you have already 'won the prize', made the journey or however this comes to you. How? Because when you can visualize it inside, when you can See that vision with a crystal clarity and focus you have already accomplished that at the Place of Creation. Now we breathe and release as we draw those energies that come from outside of us that match the vibration, the essence, the passion and love that we have within ourselves. Even within the realm of how we perceive and interpret adversities they can and do challenge us and can reveal levels of strength of heart, character and purpose in ways that we never may have consciously thought we possessed.

      Whatever fears or unpleasant situations or a truth that we have not wanted to acknowledge (as the Strength card speaks on) we can say for absolute certainty that change is imminent; and that change is a vital part of our growth of character and spirit. Accept them for what they are instead of fighting with them and a major transformation can and will begin inside. For being able to see even these in that light paves the way for total and complete love and acceptance of yourself. You wake yourself up fully to the passion and love that has been deep within you. You enter into a new relationship with yourself and that is a powerful and Divine Catalyst. Here is the life of authenticity to follow the Call or Song of Your Soul vibrantly embracing and experiencing life and your Self magnificently full of passion, pleasure, and love. How can that not be drawn and attracted to you within the life around you in and from the world when you embody and radiate that so brightly? It becomes more natural to follow your passions and The Life and Love that You Are can and does become shared with others who have their own Confidence, Strength, Focus and Love shining just as vibrantly. :)


      The OpportunityThe ChallengeThe Resolution
      7 - the Canoe
      Focused on your path

      You have the opportunity to stay focused on your path, and to exercise self-discipline as you work towards your goal. Set aside anything extraneous that would distract you or keep you from completing your task. What is your goal? What do you want to accomplish? This may apply to your life in the everyday world — pursuing a course of study, a career goal, a fitness plan, a creative project. It may also apply to your inner life; perhaps you are in a recovery program or are healing from a trauma. Whatever it is, set your intention, take your first steps, and your guides and allies will be at your side to help you on your way. Be of great courage! No matter how hard it seems, you have what it takes to win the prize.
      8 - Strength
      Courage and inner fire

      You may be facing adversity in your life. The development of your inner fortitude is the unseen blessing of difficult times. When you face your fears, an unpleasant situation or an inner truth that you don't want to acknowledge, you develop the courage that allows you to persevere during chaotic, stressful times. If you've never before been tested, you may be surprised to discover a wild source of strength you didn't know you had — like a woman giving birth alone in the wilderness. Afterwards, you will be changed, and your sense of personal power will grow. Others will see it in you and call it "charisma." Your inner fire will be awakened, and it will never again go out.
      6 - the Lovers
      Follow your passion

      Resolution comes with looking deeply into your own heart and asking yourself if you are living a life full of passion and love. What gives you deep joy and fulfillment in your life? Whatever it is, are you pursuing it? When you are living an authentic life, pursuing your deepest passions, it is easy to love yourself and then to love others. If you have a choice to make, remember that the Lovers call upon you to always follow your heart's desire.

      Post image for Canoe


      Stay focused on your path

      The paddler sets out on his quest, unencumbered by baggage or even excess clothing. He is focused on his goal, in- tent, looking neither to the left nor right. The phrase “paddle your own canoe” indicates self-determination and self-reliance. He brings his strength, will and courage to the task at hand. A boat often symbolizes transition from the material world to the spirit world. Here the paddler makes his way in the world while exploring spiritual depths. His task is to live his life with meaning — to infuse everyday life with his soul purpose.
      His paddle is his magic wand, his tattoos his armor. His companions on the journey are Eagle and Salmon, each bringing their own gifts — swiftness, power and keen sight from Eagle, wisdom of the deep from Salmon. The black- and-white Orcas bring their own powerful magic, the balance of playfulness and fierceness. No doubt they will both challenge and guide him.

      Strength card from the Gaian Tarot deck


      Courage and inner fire

      A strong and beautiful woman holds a cougar in her arms. Both wear a crown of flowers. The mountain lion symbolizes her passion, her instincts, her sexuality and her wildness. Instead of believing that her animal nature needs to be subdued, she embraces it and makes it a friend.
      Choices are made from the heart. One becomes a bit wilder, more passionate, more creative. The mindful per- son becomes more spontaneous. There is union between the animal instinctual nature and the “civilized” mind. The infinity sign above her head symbolizes the exchange of energy and information between the left and right sides of the brain — linear and holistic. Inner strength arises naturally from the self-confidence of a balanced, integrated person.
      On the rock we see a carving from Italy (500 BCE) that shows a Gorgon Medusa giving birth, assisted by two lions. When we call upon on our inner strength, we may be calm and resolute or wild and fierce. Sometimes we are the Lady and sometimes the Lion.

      Post image for Lovers


      Follow your passion

      The Lovers celebrate the sacred feast of Beltane (May Day) in their green- wood bower, attended by the swan of Aphrodite and her twin doves. He is re- splendent as the sun and she, green as the growing earth. He is crowned with leaves, she with May-flowers — hawthorn blossoms, which remind us to “follow our bliss.” Between them they hold the blood- red wild rose of summer, symbol of the sweetness and the sting of passion. A bumblebee hovers near the rose, waiting the chance to drink deeply of its nectar. For a moment, they have turned away from being caught up in each other’s gaze to look outward together in the same direction.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'