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52932[ANGEL] 22 Capricorn, The Angels of Divine Justice

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  • Spiritus
    Jan 11, 2013
      Today the sun and moon conjoin at this degree of Divine Justice.

      This new moon signifies the next 28 day moon cycle.

       In any chart, the final outcome is often seen as the north node of the moon, which is in this case 24 Scorpio, medical diagnosis.

       A just assessment of the condition of our  bodies and our environment and contributing emotional, mental and spiritual factors will be divinely understood
      in this period, so that  corrections are made appropriately.



      22 degrees Capricorn

      The Angels of Divine Justice

      Also known as


      The Angels of






      ‘We are among the most powerful angels of Divine Justice.

      We are the special custodians of Divine Justice in that we control the doings of negative powers in the whole zone girdling the earth as well as on the planet itself in all three planes of the mental, the emotional, and physical world.’


      ‘We see to it that the negative powers never get the upper hand and that no chaos is created in these spheres, because if this ever happened, this would have to be again equalized by positive powers.

      Our basic qualities are harmony and justice.’



      Life flows in rhythm and cycles.  Like cycles and rhythms of night and day, or rhythms of summer and winter,  rhythmsand cycles of polarities move all life forward toward enlightenment.  Theunderstanding of polarity brings about mastery of will and feelings, which determine manifestation.



      By meditating in will and feelings on wisdom, on the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind, and then releasing imperfections in self and others for transformation according to inner guidance, we help the Children of Light create Heaven on Earth in each and every situation, no matter how negative it might appear. We inspire them to use inner guidance and conscience to learn  lessons from past mistakes, of self and others, and to see everything in creation through the eyes of Love Divine. This loving cognition enlivens and reveals Divine Perfection that is omnipresent and brings forth harmony and justice, success and satisfaction for all.


      The rhythms of life are the divine virtue of letter Y.  Polarity and Universal Life are the divine virtue of letter B, and enlightenment is letter A.  Transformationis the virtue of umlaut A, ae.


      Inner guidance is letter R, Cause and Effect is letter I,  transmutation through cognition brought about by Love Divine is the virtue of umlaut O, eu, and Divine Justice and harmony is the virtue of letter O.


      In times of disharmony, we inspire revelations that consist of highest truths to balance base deceptions.   We help catalyze powerful healing responses and enlightenment. We inspire alliances between people resulting in fantastic creativity and strength in bringing Heaven to Earth.


      Negativity can be likened to the pulling back of the string and arrow as the archer prepares to hit the mark.  Thearrow is pulled in the OPPOSITE direction that it is destined to fly, and the further back it is pulled, the faster and further that it flies forward toward the mark when the string is released.


      Even in physics it is evident that when an antiparticle appears, instantly a positive particle must appear and they join, creating a photon. It is revelation of darkest deceptions that makes the revelation of highest truths a natural occurance in the cycles of life, creating beauty and spiritual perfection.



      The Earth is in a time of great awakening and balancing. The planet as a whole is going through  quantumleaps in consciousness.


      The great revelation of both hidden truth and hidden deception is analogous to a spontaneous remission of a fatal illness in which great amounts of toxins and poisons are released suddenly,

      leaving the body renewed and much more alive. 


      Therefore, during and after Armegeddon—which means “the revealing of all that is hidden”, comes a time of great healing and unity.


       Throughthe rhythmic actions between polarities, people are awakened out of limited ordinariness to assume enlightenment.   Thisis the great AWAKENING.


       Eachperson in the process of awakening, has been pulled back, out of an ordinary lifestyle, sometimes through suffering, and, like the arrow, is released to fly toward soul’s purpose of manifesting divine perfection.


      So many movements of restoration and rehabilitation are proceeding. Restoration of the environment and the creation of fair and just institutions are removing ancient divisions and barriers, uniting all, in a common effort to create Heaven on Earth. 


      This pulling together of everyone to work together for a common divine purpose is powerfully illustrated as truth balances negativity.


      Life threatening stress often throws people into ancient and instinctive survival remembrance.  In deep Delta brainwave production, which is the level of PURE BEING, an innate experience of being part of The Unified Field, The Oneness of all life, opens. A person often remembers that when one is harmed all are harmed.


      “What you do to the least of these you do unto me.”


      Positive and negative are polarities of a single energy continuum and are therefore governed by ONE Law.


      This is The Law of One, the original law of creation that overrides all lessor laws, and calls for the highest good of all concerned.


      The Law of One cancels out conflicting unconscious expressions that are based on limitation and win/lose paradigms. This Law establishes the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED, the highest expression of free will to be, will, think, feel, and sense bliss, love, and UNITY WITH DIVINE LIGHT.


      It does this through the Akashic element, which is the pre-matter of all existence [and has the sensation of consciousness-penetrating-all]. 


      This law is always in operation through all time and space, which is why the Wise say, "All things work for good to those who believe," and

      "Give thanks for all things concerning you."


      Whenever a person invokes this law, it speaks to the love of Divine Being existing for and in every being involved, and takes precedence over all other free will factors that have been allowed to work in any situation, bringing the situation into alignment with Divine Perfection, and thereby  bringing Heaven to Earth. 





      We are all one.
      When one is harmed, all are harmed.
      When one is helped, all are healed.
      Therefore, in the name of who I AM,
      and I am one with all;
      happen here.

      I give thanks that this is done.

      So it is."



      “Man is made in the image and likeness of Divine Being.”

      “As above, so below.”


      “Love conquers all.”


       ThroughDivine Love, negative forces can be understood, appreciated for the important lessons they teach through experience about the necessity of harmlessness. They can be released for changes into other states that are the highest good of all instead of judged, resisted, or acted out destructively.


      “Love conquers all.”


       Thechildren of Divine Being, who have been given dominion over that has been created, understand that the interconnectedness of all life makes it wise to decree The Law of One, The Law of Laws.  In this way, negative forces are released for transformation to ensure that the highest good of all concerned, including their own, manifests.


       Veilsof ignorance sometimes darken the knowledge of The Law of One. Gaps in time between destructive causes and events and karmic return result in terrible suffering.


      Ongoing sudden quantum leaps in higher consciousness on Earth are balancing this situation, we are at the beginning of a great new cycle. Now suddenly, like an arrow being released after being slowly pulled back as far as it could go in a backwards direction, consciousness on Earth is hitting the mark of enlightenment and love quickly and suddenly.


      Quantum leaps of consciousness are natural reactions of an all-pervading omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, all loving healthy ‘immune system’ of Creation.


      “ As above, so below.”


      It is important to remember that energy runs in rhythmic cycles along continuums of negative and positive poles. Opposite poles are necessary for time and space to exist. Positive energy gives life. It is important to clarify that negative forces perform the invaluable function of decay, so that a fallen tree, for example, in the forest decays and becomes fertile life giving earth once again. 



      This is one reason why negative forces are equally loved by the Creator,

      because they serve the creation in this way.


      "God’s love shines equally on the good and the bad alike."



      Negative beings carefully decay unused potentialities in a way that benefits the web of life, like the rotting tree in the forest.  They perform the same function in the microcosm of the human body during the breaking down of food and the elimination of wastes in the gastro-intestinal tract. This is similarly evidenced

      in the daily process of cell death and rebirth in the human body.


      The new quantum state will allow, as we have said before, the highest Good of All concerned for all.


      Since all time and all space are interconnected, like everything else in the web of life, the highest good of all concerned ripples out in infinite circles blessing all.


      “For I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of joy and life everlasting.”


      Because awareness is changing to a more enlightened state, a wrong decision that would result in harm to anything, including self, can be intuitively and INSTANTLY felt and corrected. Love Divine awakens in the human heart, allowing the eyes to see Divinity in all Creation. This brings about the greatest harmony and justice, which is our specific assignment from Divine Providence.


      Each man and woman discovers that they are one with Divine Being and all creation, and that all other men are brothers and all women are sisters.


       InHeaven on Earth, children, in the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind, discover that all adults are loving parents.


       Everyoneremembers that the world, and all beings who live in it, are actual extensions of their own bodies.


      Because of free will, we ask you to invoke The Law of One,  and call on us in your meditations, to call us in your hearts, to help bring about harmony and for all.


      This directs our attention within your individual spheres of influence and reality. It is our assignment from Divine Providence to respond to you when you ask for The Highest Good of All concerned.


      “All things work for good for those who believe.”


      It is with great joy in the heavens that we introduce ourselves to you.







      Y… The sound of this letter is the divine virtue that concerns ‘everything that brings about the enhancement of general intellectual faculties and has special influence on memory’.


      This letter represents the true origin of the rhythm of life and its relations.  Thisvirtue has influenced the law of evolution from the beginning of creation towards its perfection.  Since this virtue is difficult to grasp, only the experienced student who has reached this point in scientific work will succeed in fully comprehending and mastering the original rhythms of life and the laws of harmony-legality.’


      ‘In the mind this virtue brings about the faculty of profoundest cosmic intuition and inspiration which, at the same time, may be regarded as the gift for absolute devotion to, and deepest love for, Divine Providence.’


      ‘In the emotions, this virtue imparts an excellent aptitude for prophecy that will exclude any possibility of mistake.’


      ‘In the material level, this virtue leads to the ability to explore, comprehend and apply the absolute influence of the akasha principle, which is Consciousness-penetrating-all, on the material world with regard to all forms and bodies in the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms.  At the same time, the faculty of making emotional and material objects invisible is also achieved by the help of this virtue, for whoever recognizes and masters the akasha principle in the material world in all forms of existence is able to change the grade of condensation in our material world at will.  Thusdematerialization and materialization of a body is possible at any distance and within a few moments.  Theability to bridge over time and space not only mentally and emotionally but also materially is gained.  Manyof the miracles cited in the Bible give evidence of this.’


      The color of this virtue is pink, and the musical note is C-sharp.  It is the element of etheric- earth-penetrating-everything.  The heart is formed from this virtue.



      B… Polarity. This is the virtue of universal life, with all of its polarities of expression.  Masteringthis virtue through meditation gives control over will and feeling, life and death.


      This divine virtue is a light violet color, is the earth element so it has the sensation of weight, vibrates to the musical note of A, and forms the right eyeball.


      A…wisdom and enlightenment, the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind.


      umlaut A, ae…’The realization of wishes regarding physical matter is subjected to this virtue.’


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