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52859Ringing in The New Projects

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  • Ash
    Jan 2, 2013

      Spiritual Metaphysics
      Ringing in The New Projects
      by Owen K Waters
      A sea-change has occurred in my work as a spiritual teacher. After the 2012 Transformation course and all of its attunements with the ascended masters, I find myself setting off on a new mission in life.

      As of now, the world has entered a time known as the Harvest of Souls. This event is not unique - it occurs once every 26,000 years - but, to humanity on Earth, this is the big one. People will soon choose to either go forward into a New Reality of higher consciousness or to repeat another cycle of 288 incarnations in an environment similar to today's 3D physical world.

      There is a Divine Plan for the evolution of humanity and it affects every one of us in both the physical and the spirit realms. During the Harvest of Souls, those who have learned their lessons well over the last cycle of human experience will take this opportunity to graduate to the next level of human existence.

      Like the rest of humanity, lightworkers suffer from the limitation of spiritual amnesia. We typically do not remember that we came from higher planes of human existence to join with humanity on Earth and tip the scales in favor of their ascension to a higher plane. However, we do all share a nagging feeling that we have a mission in life. That nagging feeling is now being replaced with the realization that the time for that mission is now.

      This is the time that we are to help others to awaken to their higher possibilities, to give them guidance and healing where necessary. This is the time when we can help every fence-sitter by giving them a firm pull to move over to the winning side in the Harvest of Souls. It is time for us to help people wake up and remember what they can become. Graduation time is here!

      Our new direction

      In order to help you to help others in these critical days, my wife Dreama Vance and I will be presenting new material. This material will empower you to help others to succeed in this time of the Harvest of Souls and it will also bring you some of the most powerful healing methods available today.

      Because of this sea-change in our work, I am letting go of my former activity as a book author. We have a new direction and it is one which will take all our skills, time, and creative efforts to fulfill our small part in this global transformation.

      Goodbye to Owen Waters' Insight E-books

      Our E-books will remain available, and on their existing 50%-off sale, through January 8th. The entire set of all 6 Insight E-books is also available as one set at more than two-thirds off. This is your last chance to add these titles to your own library or gift them to fellow seekers before they become no longer available after January 8th, 2013:


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