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52673[ANGEL] 18 Sagittarius, The Angels of Hunting

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  • Spiritus
    Dec 8, 2012
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      18 degrees Sagittarius

      TheAngels of Hunting

      Also known as


      The Angels of





      The uniting of Omnipotent Divine Will and flowing feelings of Divine Love results in Divine Wisdom, which works through The Law of One, the highest good for all.


      As Heaven manifests on Earth,  animals enjoy a healthy birth, a happy and loving life, and, when the time is best for their evolutionary transformation, a painless and blessed death.


      In the original blueprints of perfection, hunting is designed as an act of compassion and mercy for helping an animal achieve a quick and painless transition when its time has come , instead of prolonged suffering due to infirmities of old age or other causes such as overpopulation . This change occurs whenever it is the highest good for  an  animal that is ready to move further into spiritual perfection  throughmaking  a change of state through death.


      Longing for spiritual perfection and unity with Divine Light is the virtue of letter P of ‘Petuno’.


      The Omnipresence of Divine Consciousness is the virtue of letter E.  This virtue allows communication with the Creator, with all of creation, and with all creatures.


      By the compassionate guidance of Divine Providence through this divine virtue, either another animal or a person is often guided to quickly kill an animal who would otherwise face prolonged suffering from the infirmities of old age, accident or starvation.


      Through high inspiration, the virtue of letter T, a Child of Light knows when it is time for an animal to receive assistance in the act of dying to avoid unnecessary suffering and to make this transition ecstatic and wonderful.


      We, along with other angels, inspire certain Children of Light with the guidance, skills, knowledge and technology to guarantee a compassionate and loving death, free of suffering, to such creatures through hunting.


      From the beginning of time we have inspired hunters to pray and follow guidance and to humbly ask permission from God and from the spirit of the animal before they act.


      It is we who overshadow the hunted animal’s consciousness.  Weput it in a state of trance that protects it from suffering.  Itis we, along with other angels, who guide the arrow safely to its mark. In trance, the animal’s brain produces endorphins and other chemicals that make it oblivious to pain and puts it into an elevated state of  awareness .


      It is we who guide the animal’s spirit into the light and protect it under the

      loving care of special angels and beings who are assigned for this purpose.


      When dominion was given to mankind over all that was created, the responsibility to protect and love animals was one of the most beautiful assignments given by Divine Providence.


       Theheavenly hosts teach people to recognize animals as younger brothers and sisters.


      Even though animals evolve within the consciousness of a group soul,

      when an animal is ready to evolve beyond the animal kingdom, it chooses an animal incarnation in which it has a close and loving relationship to a human being.


      All life progresses upward through the path of love toward union in consciousness with Source. In developing deep love with a human companion, an animal transcends the group instinct  forsurvival and develops an elementary soul and free will. This is made possible through its love for its human master. In such a case, an animal will often risk its life for its beloved master if necessary.

      “As above, so below.”


      In the Upanishads, it is said that  when a Child of Light bonds in relationship to an animal, the relationship is that of master and disciple.


      The master, through the divine virtue of letter U, which is the act of creation and its on-going effects, carefully guides the consciousness of the animal disciple through love, will, and wisdom.


      The love between a master and an animal disciple is sacred and holy, it is the love of the Divine Awakened for the Divine Becoming Awake.


      As love grows between master and disciple, the animal’s love for the master overcomes even the instinct for life itself, for survival.  At this point the animal has developed an individual soul apart from the group animal soul.


      Tales of animals willing to sacrifice their lives out of love for their masters

      are in stories and myths from all times.


      When love for the master is the ruling force of consciousness, and an animal has risen through love above group animal instincts of survival, the beginning of a causal mental body of true self volition has also begun.


      When people and animals develop a bond in love, besides the obvious benefit to the human of expanding the heart and learning from the animal how better to love unconditionally, a field of loving energy is generated by the animal which encompasses and continues to nourish the human. An animal’s emotional body is very powerful.  When an animal is loving, healthy and happy, a cohesive magnetic energy field is created and sustained that attracts satisfaction to all. 

      This field of love energy is stored and maintained in animal consciousness in a way that is somewhat

      analogous to the way that a crystal stores emotional energy.



      According to the ancient teachings of all times, the myths in the Upanishads and other aboriginal wisdom teachings, it is at this stage of evolution that the lifeforce of an animal is ready for a spirit spark from Divine Consciousness to incarnate into it in its next life, making it a true individual with spirit and soul.


      As a master and his or her animal disciple progress to this stage, supreme happiness floods the emotional bodies of both.


      The virtue of letter U, the creative act and its ongoing effects, comes in to play in divine hunting. A person who is following inner guidance will often enter a state of trance in which the act of hunting and its ongoing effects through time are seen in each case.  Inthis way, the act is carried out impeccably and the results through time bless all.


      Through the divine virtue of cognition brought about by Love Divine, the virtue of letter O of our name ‘Petuno’, umlaut O, eu, a Child of Light recognizes the Divine Consciousness in all creatures striving for greater expression and awareness.


      This is the virtue that enables people to see animals as beloved younger brothers and sisters who are here

      to fulfill the original intent of Heavenly love upon the Earth.


      This brings about justice and harmony, success and satisfaction to all concerned. This is the virtue of O.


      As a person becomes enlightened,  the vision of the ancient future becomes reality.  The ancient future is the original divine blueprint, the Alpha, manifested as the completion, the Omega, HEAVEN ON EARTH.


      In this state of awareness

       thedesire to live on mostly raw fruits, vegetables and other plants comes naturally and the ability to live on light and obtain nutrients from pranic forces is rediscovered.


      Such an enlightened person often feels no need to create a reality in which eating animals or animal products is a necessity of survival.  Instead it is done as an act of sacredness through guidance from the highest Source. It becomes an act of Love and Wisdom.


        Whensuch food is blessed according to Divine Guidance and Wisdom, the life force of the animal or its product is transformed into higher consciousness through Love.


      The law of transformation through Love Divine applies to all beings at all levels of evolution towards conscious unity with the Divine Light.


      “All that I do ye shall do and more.”













      The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

      Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her. The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and influence.

      * Names, phrases, or sections, in Italics or single quotation marks in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

      Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from THE PRACTICE OF MAGICAL EVOCATION, ISBN 3-921338-02-6, and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4]. Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany. These books have very important information for these studies.


      The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory book for the others. Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician", gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon. This book is most important for understanding present day political issues. Read Frabato the Magician first, then appendixes in all the books, for background.



      If you have questions about how to meditate on the divine virtues or what the angel messages are about, go to the archives at the lovingpurelove egroup in Yahoo. * Previous messages contain instructions on the method of meditation for the divine virtues.

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