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52647[ANGEL] 15 Sagittarius, The Angels of Education

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  • Spiritus
    Dec 5, 2012
      butterflies and fairies



      15 degrees Sagittarius

      TheAngels of Education

      Also known as


      The Angels of





      ‘Weare the originators of all kinds of educational methods applied to young and old.’


      ‘Weare the originators of all schools, starting from the oldest schools of the prophets, and continuing up to the many different schools of the present time.’


      ‘We inspire you with everything concerning the upbringing of children’. 



      A reason that the first letter of our name is H, is that realizing the divinity inherent in each person depends on whole body and whole brain functioning.

      The left and the right brain functions are servants and neither one was ever designed to be sole masters of the spirit and soul.


      The heart has an electromagnetic field 5000 times stronger than the brain. Uniting the heart and head is necessary for high cognition and high education on the spiritual path.


      Children of every age, young and old, long deeply for their WHOLE consciousness and emotional states to be awakened, inspired and empowered.

      They seek for the WHOLE SELF to be active.


      Weinspire and protect those who call for the way to teach the beloved children and bring forth the promised kingdom in these ways.


      At this time of The Great Change, paradigms of education which have been left brain dominant are giving way to paradigms that are balanced between intuition and intellect and  unite with divine wisdom of  the heart.


      Imperfect and unsustainable educational paradigms that emphasized development of the left hemisphere of the brain; the rational, linear, sensate functions that operate on memory and language, open up now to paradigms that join and balance these functions with pure being, deep inner thought, intuition, and emotional flowing and well being.


      The greatest educational library of all is nature.  


      Nature isDivine Thought outpictured.


      New educational systems emphasize information inherent in nature and value wholebrain interaction with it.


      Deep communion with the land, with the animals and plants and with loving community enhances education of mankind as divine beings of unlimited genius.


      We are inspiring communities where each family owns approximately two and a half acres of land. Each family turns their land into a garden of Eden, growing their own healthy and delicious food.


      Groups of families build community schools, and enjoy beautiful celebrations and ceremonies that outpicture arts and skills of all kinds.


      In this environment a new kind of education emerges that manifests the original divine blueprints of creation.


      Dysfunctional educational paradigms often lead to an emotionally damaged adult population which overvalues work and emphasizes logic over intuition, emphasizes and values masculine over feminine, SEPARATION over Unity, outer worlds over inner worlds, artificial over natural.


       Many old types of education are an unnatural development that often diminish joy.  


      Divine education teaches us to go within, to find our own unique soul path and purpose. We learn to understand how our states of being,  our will, thoughts, feelings, and sensations create and attract new realities into manifestation.


       This causation of reality can be mastered through meditating on The Power of The Word, the virtue of letter H of our name.


      States of being create desires, desires create thoughts. Thoughts create emotions.


      Emotions are condensed information. They are magnetic and attract realities into physical manifestation. It is absolutely necessary to teach the importance of emotions and how to keep feelings healthy and happy.


      The earth is 80 percent water. Human bodies are as well. “As above, so below”. Mastering reality is 80 percent mastering frequencies and vibrations of flowing feelings.


      Feelings are the water element, and must keep flowing in atmospheres of unconditional all encompassing love and empathy to heal and stay clean and pure.


      “Love conquers all.”


      It is through good education that a person learns what to do to heal when feelings get hurt or wounded.


      It is through divine education that a person learns not to act out negative feelings in destructive ways to self, others, or property.  People also learn not to bypass destructive feelings, or deny them, or fear them, or resist them, or feel guilty about them, or medicate them, or bottle them up.  Instead, they learn WHAT feelings are, and how feelings change naturally and heal through being felt with empathy, in a flowing safe and non-destructive way.


      “I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of joy and life everlasting.”


      Love all feelings equally, thanking even the negative ones for the lessons that they have made possible to soul growth and maturity. There is so much to learn from negative feelings, about what not to do and what does not work or feel good. Through the divine virtue of umlaut O, eu, of our name ‘Hosun’, feelings NATURALLY TRANSFORM INTO HIGHER STATES OF VIBRATION as they are acknowledged and felt safely in a flowing fluid state of unconditional divine love and gratitude.  Umlaut O is the divine virtue of transmutation through cognition brought about by Love Divine.


      “God’s love is like the sun, it shines equally on the good and bad alike.”


      Love itself is a feeling. The compressed information contained in flowing feelings of love provide everything necessary for transmutation into divine perfection. Divine perfection exists omnipresently in all creation. Transmutation heals veils of limitation. It changes illusion to unmask and enliven underlying divine perfection everywhere.


      This transmutation through love brings about justice and harmony for all, the divine virtue of O.


      Nonjudgmental love is the key to transmutation. Love creates miracles whenever a person desires to reach higher states.


      Joy and happiness stimulate chemical reactions in glands that enhance health, genius and creativity.


      Divine education teaches that indwelling all-pervading-will to LOVE AND LIFE is the highest good of all concerned.  This is based on experiencing self as one with The Unified Field, The Web of Life that connects all the parts of Creation as One.  A child learns to unite his or her individual will with omnipotent DIVINE WILL, and in so doing, to have great enthusiasm and confidence.  This is the divine virtue of letter S of ‘Hosun’.


      An educated person learns that creation is malleable, it is multi-dimensional and responds to states of being, will, thoughts, feelings, and sensations.  Such a person learns HOW TO GO INTO DEEP TRANCE STATES AND CREATE REALITIES and to know the on-going effects of such creations.  This is the divine virtue of letter U.


      Important ingredients of Divine Education are the problem solving skills resulting from flowing feelings of SUPREME HAPPINESS!  This is the divine virtue of letter N.


      Divine education arises from emotional states of fun and happiness.  Divine educators enhance the natural instincts within each student to enjoy him or herself in whatever way comes most naturally through inner guidance. In this way a student’s body responds with production of special neuropeptides and chemicals that enhance problem solving abilities. Each student is unique and has individual talents that develop in this way.



      We are empowering whole brain and body developments that encourage utilizing all polarities as continuums, and balance and unite masculine and feminine, work and play, logic and feeling, memory and intuition, separation and unity, inner worlds and outer.


      It is ONLY as this quadrapolar consciousness of being-will, thought, feeling and sensation is taught that Heaven manifests fully within a student and also on Earth.


      Remember that as children grow they develop these four brainwave states in a natural order.


      Functional educational paradigms enhance this process.


       The brain works in four brainwave states.  It is only when all four states are developed equally and naturally that a Child of Light takes on his or her rightful dominion within The Great Creation.  This creation exists interdependently in the inner and the outer realms of consciousness.


      Brainwavestates emerge gradually and overlap each other.


        From approximately 0 to 4 years of age, the deep state of pure being of Delta wave development is enhanced with bonding and deep communion, showing respect for the child’s own inner guidance and modeling RIGHT USE OF WILL for the highest good of all.  Create peaceful and beautiful surroundings, mandalas, music, touch and deep spiritual communion.


      From approximately 4 to 7 years, the Theta State, deep inward thought, is enhanced by introduction to archetypes through stories that present profound truth and processes of enlightenment symbolically.  This function has been performed by fairy tales and myths and pictures for thousands of years. This is also the time for training in skills of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and so forth.


      From approximately 7 to 11 years of age, the Alpha state attunes to flowing feelings from within and sensitivity to those feelings emitted from people, beings, and objects in the outer world. This is the time to learn how to work with flowing emotions of the heart. All emotional skills such as learning how to transmute and heal feelings through flowing to maintain happiness are emphasized.


      From approximately 11 and up, in the leftbrain Beta state, the five senses are perfected and developed, and everything having to do with memory, logic, linear thinking, and languages are emphasized. 


      An enlightened educated adult produces all four brainwave states with equal ease as well as simultaneously.  He/she is attuned to pure inner being and unity with Divine Being and all creation like a little child, to their own will in oneness with God with Delta brainwaves, which is why it was spoken, “Except ye be as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”


      He/she accesses Divine Wisdom in Theta with deep inner thought.


      He/she feels deeply with good emotional skills.  Strong flowing emotions responding to both inner and outer worlds attract creative and happy realities in life, using Alpha brainwaves. 


      He/she is skilled in the physical world, using Beta brainwaves with languages, logic, memory and everything to do with the five senses.


      Asold left brain dominant educational theories crumble, the new wholebrain -heart  paradigms are nurtured within all students, especially by those educators who seek inspiration of the heavenly hosts.












       We represent the following divine virtues, and inspire these in each person who walks the divine path of teaching.





      H… The sound of this letter is the divine virtue of The POWER OF THE WORD. This group of messages, taken together, help explain the technology of the cosmic language, the use of THE WORD in the science of miracles and theurgy.


      The letters of the alphabet have sounds, colors, tones, feelings, and sensations that correspond to the divine virtues, with their corresponding meanings on the four levels of being-will, thought, emotion, and sensation.  Words, whose letters are uttered with these attunements while using the meditation technique explained below, have great power to manifest miracles.


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