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52617[ANGEL] 11 Sagittarius, The Angels of Evocation

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  • Spiritus
    Dec 1, 2012



        11degrees Sagittarius

      The Angels of Evocation

      Also known as


      The Angels of





      In the original divine blueprints of creation, all beings of creation, both inner and outer, work together CONSCIOUSLY for the Highest Good of All Concerned.

      In the cycles and rhythms of life, it is now time for the web of life to mirror these perfect images of Divine Being.


      “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”


       Thereforeit is of greatest importance and benefit that each of you become aware of VERTICAL NETWORKING.


      You already use HORIZONTAL NETWORKING here on the physical plane, such as in use of the internet, the phone, or any form of spoken or written word, with others in embodiment.


       Wehelp you remember to call for help from the unseen beings as well—angels, Christ, your guides, teachers, avatars, spirit healers, masters, saints, elemental beings, and prophets, those realized beings who are truly extensions of your Self—and in doing this, we encourage you to safely unlimit your power for accomplishing the most good in this incarnation.


      Network vertically, call on Divine Blessing and Grace, whenever you experience the truth of the following scripture, and claim your divine inheritance.

      "I of myself can do nothing, it is the Father within; it is He that doeth the works."

      For example, a sense of helplessness, in longing to contribute service  towardcleaning up environmental pollution, could stem largely from not drawing on all of the heavenly resources for help. 


      Suppose there is a dangerous brownfield, or harmful toxic waste dump near your house, and you wish to clean it up. It is your divine right to accomplish this by enlisting the help of nature spirits and angelic beings in the inner worlds even more than by concentrating solely on enlisting the help of physical experts in the material world.


      The key is to have empathy for the existing situation and all involved, past, present and future. Now ask for healing.  Invokehelp, and give specific instructions as to exactly what must be done, when it should be done, and to whom it should be done. It is wise to ask for the past, present and future to be healed. It is good to ask that all concerned in any time, dimension, or way be healed. It is wise to ask for your higher self, or Christ, or any higher being that you feel close to to help summon the best connections for the job at hand.  Creation contains many more beings than has ever been known to most people, and many of these beings are very powerful, loving and wise. Many of them have specific areas of expertise. Ask for help in connecting to those who would be delighted to help and serve in any particular situation.


      Understand the alchemy of visualizing and flowing with feelings of desired outcomes ALREADY EXISTING IN THE NOW MOMENT. Flow with feelings of gratitude.


      If there is a war within your soul, or a war in your family, or a war in a neighboring country, and you wish to heal it and bring peace, how much easier and more effective it is for you to enlist the help of both the seen and unseen beings.  Rememberthe role of EMPATHY to heal and transmute. Seeing through the eyes of love divine awakens the indwelling divine essence within whatever is seen.


       Whenthere are times and situations in which there is no seemingly available help apparent in the outer world, remember that the heavenly hosts can accomplish ANYTHING, which is why it was said, “All things are possible to them that believe.”


      This was one of the reasons the scriptures have said over and over, ”Ask, and ye shall receive.  Knock, and it shall be opened to you.  Seekand ye shall find.”


      We are very important angels to you, and we perform a very specific function.  Ask for our help in learning to access the unlimited legions of heavenly hosts who serve the Most High, the Highest Good of All Concerned.


      The times are demanding great change and great healing, and with proper help, working miracles with the help of the unseen beings is not only simpler, but ecstatic and blissful to accomplish.


       Weare entrusted by Divine Providence with teaching how to connect with the heavenly hosts, whose purpose is to help and bless.


      In the kingdoms of Divine Being, there are as many multitudes of nonphysical beings as there are visible beings in the physical worlds. 

      “As above, so below.”


       Rememberthat humankind has been given dominion over all creation

      by divine inheritance as Children of God.


      Dominion must be guided by Divine Wisdom, which is the joining of Divine Will and Divine Love, for Heaven and Earth to mirror each other.


      The heavenly hosts embody Wisdom, Love, and Will of Divine Consciousness.


      There are heavenly hosts for every conceivable issue or situation, and by calling on them for help, wisely use the Power of Dominion to administer Heaven on Earth.


      Just as there are different ways to connect with physical beings in your world, so are there different ways to connect with beings of the heavenly worlds. The temple of the heart contains within it all creation and all time and space. Enter into this inner sanctuary, take any situation and call on help while visualizing and feeling the desired outcome happening NOW. Ask the heavenly hosts to accompany you.


      As it becomes important to you to learn how to connect with spiritual beings, we are excellent teachers into the mysteries of this art.


      It is through both vertical and horizontal networking that Grace and Mercy manifest in sufficient ways to overcome all that has gone before, bringing forth the splendor and majesty of Divine Being into the wills, minds, feelings, and bodies of all beings in creation.


      To those of you who are mature, and who have thoroughly learned the lessons of harmlessness and The Law of One, we entrust words of power.  Thesewords of power use the letters and the meditations of the divine virtues that are taught in these messages.   These words of power give dominion over any being of any realm.





      The divine virtues of letters of our name, ‘Golog’, are:


      G…..Everthing having to do with the mysteries of Divine Grace and Mercy on all planes of existence. Emerald green, a water virtue of flowing feelings.


      umlaut O, eu….Cognition brought about by Love Divine, everything is subjected to transformation of mental qualities. Deep orange. O…Justice and Harmony, ultramarine blue.


      L….All of the Divine Virtues and Qualities taken together, the splendor and majesty of God, olive green.


      Umlaut O, eu, transmutation through cognition brought about by Divine Love and O….. Divine Justice , the appreciation and recognition of Divine Laws.  Theabsolute legality of harmony, in all four levels of the energy continuum -will, mind, emotion, and form.  The attainment of  a high power of judgement and the ability to comprehend spiritually any legality, any  interferenceby Divine Providence for the sake of justice.



      G….Divine Grace and Mercy



       Earth grids


      [printout and keep for future reference]


      To call upon the heavenly hosts, clear intent is the first requirement.  This requires awareness of the existence of the heavenly hosts and strong DESIRE OR INTENTION to contact them for a purpose. These beings are of a high vibration, and inviting them into your own sphere of influence, especially if there is confusion, pain on any level, or low vibrations, can be made more comfortable for them by first asking that the Living Flame of Divine Love come and burn in your body, emotions, mind and spirit before you ask them to join you in consciousness. Makethe actual contact inwardly in the same way that you would make a contact in the outer world.  Identify WHO you wish to contact and then send a strong prayer in your inward consciousness to that heavenly being or beings.


       Forexample, in the case of a brownfield or toxic waste site that you wish to restore, ask to speak to the heavenly hosts that deal with transmutation and nature.  If there are political or economical problems involved, also ask to speak to the heavenly hosts that deal with political and economical situations.


       Thisrequest goes out telepathically to the unified field of consciousness everpresent in both inward and outward space.  If you are psychically sensitive, you will actually feel the appropriate beings focus their attention on you within 90 seconds.  Evenif you do not have this sensitivity, rest assured that they are there.


      Nextcomes an intellectual grasp of what your purpose or request, is.  Holdthis CONCEPT, the intellectual picture of what you want, clearly in your mind.  The more clear this is the better. Using The Law of One and asking for the Highest Good of All Concerned guarantees success even if you are not sure exactly what to ask for.


      Thenimagine and FEEL STRONGLY deep empathy for all concerned in all time and space, and feel the wonderful feelings that are the result from the answering of this prayer.  Feel the happy feelings that you yourself feel and also the healthy vibrant feelings from all those who are affected by it.  Inthe example of the cleaning up of a toxic site, feel the joy of the restored land and ecosystem itself.  Feelthe relief and the joy of any local residents as this area is restored to beauty and health.


      Finallyfocus on the SENSATIONS of the outcome of the answered prayer.  Inthis example of the case of the brownfield mentioned above, imagine hearing happy birds singing in the area with the wind rustling through healthy plants and the smell of the clean air and vision of the loveliness of the restored land.  SEE THE ANSWER HAPPENING IN THE PRESENT NOW MOMENT. FLOW WITH FEELINGS OF JOY AND GRATITUDE!


      Thekey is to imagine at each stage, the DESIRE/INTENT, CONCEPT, FEELINGS, AND SENSATION, of this prayer so clearly that you get to the point where you are holding all of this concentration together at one time; the INTENT/DESIRE, CONCEPT, FEELING, AND SENSATION all

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