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52606World Puja: 12-12-12 and Zero Point

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  • Ash
    Nov 29, 2012

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      The World Puja Network Newsletter
      From Maureen Moss

      December 2012


      "The World Puja Broadcasting Network: the Leader in Empowerment Internet Radio," is Empowerment Broadcasting for your Soul. Now in its 12th year of daily global broadcasting, more than 1 million people have made their way to The World Puja Network's daily powerful, compelling, and informative broadcasts. Over 2,300 timeless archives are available 24/7.
      The Shift becomes more graceful with The World Puja Broadcast Network paving a clear-cut path for you, daily.

      In This Issue
      1. An Invitation For You
      2. Our Featured Shows This Month
      3. Serving You As We Unfold The New Year
      4. Zero Point: Why We Must All Reach It

      On this day you will feel the frequency shift. And we will help you.

      On this day and going forward, your new life will begin. And we will assist in the re-birthing of you.

      On this day, the blessings of the upgraded frequencies that we have long awaited to pour down upon us will do so. And we will amplify them as One unified field.

      You will not be the same when we are complete!

      Please visit our 12-12-12 page, by clicking on the ABOVE 12-12-12 BANNER to find out details, hosts and what we’re presenting for this grand event!

      Featured Shows December 2012
      Featured Shows - December

      Please see our World Puja Weekly Highlights sent to you every Sunday night for a listing of dozens of our shows, hosts and guests for the upcoming week, or visit www.worldpuja.org for our latest broadcasts.

      This month we are excited to have Ram Dass and Alan Cohen joining in the conversations on The World Puja Network.

      And, we are delighted to welcome our newest host Mas Sajady, host of a brand new ‘how to’ series, “Becoming Limitless” (replete with healings during every show!)

      Serving You As The New World Unfolds

      You will begin to notice new shows, new hosts (see who's coming at www.worldpuja.org) and new features added to The World Puja Network in January and February. There will be many new Facebook changes, conversations, and contests that are fun while at the same time creative and collaborative with you, as The New World unfolds itself and lures us in, with its promise of New Life in 2013. 

      We are committed to this next stage of your evolution, and realize the new form of support that will be needed, as together we learn to crawl before we can walk fully stabilized, on this New Earth, as Fully Present and Divine New Humans.

      It’s the end of sacrifice and hardship, and for as many as would like, the end of duality, polarity, and taking it all so seriously. So, we’re about to lighten it up a bit, open some new paths you may not have walked before and offer new ways and means to thrive, not merely survive. Ready for some alchemy and playing with your Power? How about some Vertical Magic, or Master-Minding with your Advanced Mind?

      With a mix of compelling and light-hearted shows and hosts, we are going to enter this Golden Age in a fresh, new, physicalized, actualized way, and we’re so happy to have you along as we expand this beautiful arc of Light.

      Zero Point: Why We Must All Reach It
      Dearest Hearts,

      This transmission to you came about as a result of several questions posed to me during the Q&A session of both a Teleseminar I did, as well as from my class, “Living As God, The Experiential Journey.”

      The question, posed by many was “What if I don’t make the ascension?” It may not be everyone’s question, however I feel this transmission may answer a few other important questions that may be lingering.

      Everyone is making an ascension, to some degree, this year and in the years ahead. As the Planet herself ascends, her vibration changes, and so does yours. It’s inevitable. What is not known is what you will do with this gift.

      As the highest frequencies of our Mother/Father God’s Divine Love pours onto this Planet, and into our hearts in a way it never has before on the 12-12-12, we will be affected and shifted in ways the mind cannot comprehend. Pay attention to your heart and you will know this for yourself.

      For some, right now, there is the knowing of magic in the air, and a realization of a new life being born. They can feel it in their hearts and see it in their worlds.

      For others there is a fear that there is not enough time to get it right, and the magic is shrouded in shadow. Some feel they are making no movement, feeling stuck or even moving in the wrong direction. It’s all mental perspective isn’t it? Have you had your perspective tested to see if it’s accurate? How accurate could the judge be that is judging itself?

      What if you decided to detach from your perspective, that is narrow and insufficient, and your judgment, that is biased and kills what is real, and decided to open space inside of yourself for your Authentic Life to enter, minus perspective and judgment? What if you loved yourself enough and loved this planet enough and loved your fellow brothers and sisters enough to do so? What if?

      Your life, conducted by you, is the architect of a new world, your new world. It requires complete detachment from it’s former one. There is no other way to reach your full potential or a palpable ascension that brings substantial happiness and peace to you. This is the road Beloveds, and you must decide if you are willing to detach and take out the garbage that has been disturbing your Divinity.

      Beloveds, each one of us is at a critical choice point. The choice…. To live as an unlimited God in human form or a limited human in human form. It’s not easy to opt for choice number one and enter into such an expansive state, though please take this in; you were created to do just that. God gave you the power to choose, and the ability to follow through.

      Don’t settle for the crumbs of life when you can have it all.

      As a species we will always be evolving, always. As consciousness, we will always be evolving. This is not an ascension race it’s evolution until we are absorbed back into the Light and perhaps decide to come out and play once again.

      Yes, it is true that the time we are in, right now, offers us the greatest pushes, and frequency upgrades ever, to help us release ourselves from our inappropriate perspectives, attachments, burdens and relationship to a life that is negative, compulsive, and rigid, each stemming from a mind, ego and personality that have a reverse truth relationship to life and its wonders. Utilize every day to its utmost. Be present. Pay attention to your soul. Listen to your heart. Be courageous and creative and stay away from your mind

      Non-attachment to everything right now (first and foremost your mind) is a gift that will allow you to release the themes and burdens you have been programmed to shoulder for millennia. Non-attachment plus no comparisons to any other, will assist you in entering into zero point, a place we must all abide, before enlightenment, the ultimate ascension, becomes possible.

      Zero point is a state void of problems, burdens, disturbances and never-ending concerns. It is here that you become neutral, no longer charged by anything.  At zero point you have no problems to overcome, you have no attachments or expectations, you don’t need anything, or crave anything, because intuitively you know you have it all. Trust.

      When you reach zero point you become a magnet for infinite possibilities to flow gracefully into your life. Here you simply Be the witness to your life, that knows the direction to flow, take you to your destiny and move you upward into the ascension journey of your life. For that to occur Beloveds your life needs space from the themes, patterns, judgments, dramas and attachments. It needs to be emptied of its former life. It needs a calm space for new life to be born.

      Go slow, and go steady. Remember this isn’t a race. This is the re-emergence of the authentic you, being restored back to your Original Blueprint. Honor the process.

      Authors Andrew Cohen and Gregg Braden have long called zero point “the primordial emptiness.”

      When we reach that emptiness it gives God all the room in the world to fill it up with what is authentically meant for your life. And it is then Beloveds you can walk this new world as a Living God—the Absolute Experience.
      From Where You Are, To Zero Point, To Re-emergence.

      Whether this happens for you before Dec. 21, 2012 or after Dec. 21, 2012, ultimately it will happen for you, and by your own making, as your soul’s desire now is to express in it’s full capacity. Its days of quiet servitude are over. Your Soul will no longer leave you alone, and sooner or later you will joyfully acquiesce. Fear nothing, let go and feel the magic. You are being supported and loved. Trust.

      Copyright 2012 Maureen Moss. Feel comfortable to share this transmission intact and with websites maureenmoss.com and worldpuja.org along with it.
      May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.
      I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!
      Maureen Moss
      President of The World Puja Network, LLC

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