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52529[MOON ANGEL] EMRUDUE, 7th Day of Lunar Cycle, Success

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  • Spiritus
    Nov 19, 2012




      TheMoon Angels of Success


       Angelsof  ‘E-M-R-U-D-U-E’


      7thDay of Lunar Cycle






      Divine Providence helps each person on the path of
      enlightenment understand that flowing feelings are magnetic
      and are part of creating Heaven on Earth.


      EVERYGOOD THING AND SITUATION is obtainable through
      the magnetic attracting power of positive flowing feelings
      when they are combined with clear intent and will.


      Whena child of God has negative and perplexing feelings,
      we help them embrace these feelings with unconditional love, so
      that they flow safely and change in a way that allows healing to occur,
      so that powerful, happy, positive flowing feelings evolve out of them.


      Lovingall that exists with un-conditional, all-encompassing love,

      includingthat which is deemed to be negative, allows the higher,

       transmutationalpower of love to bring about healing and perfection.


      Whenall flowing feelings are loved equally from the heart of
      unconditional love, instead of judged, resisted, bypassed, acted
      out, or denied, and then are allowed to flow safely, then negative
      feelings change, cleanse, and heal, and positive feelings become
      even more perfect and attuned to the divine virtues.


      Themagnetic attracting power of loving, happy, safe, secure, grateful,
      and wonderful flowing feelings combined with will for, and visual
      imagery of, desired situations and objects, allows the successful
      manifestation of every good situation and thing


      "OnEarth as it is in Heaven."


      DivineProvidence gives us guidance to help people with their flowing
      feelings concerning the manifestation of success and good fortune in life.


      Inthe Law of One, which is the Law of Laws, it is written,

      "Whenone is helped, all are helped."


      Uponthe web of life, when any being is blessed with flowing feelings
      of good fortune and success, the entire ocean of magnetic energy
      is uplifted and revivified for all.

      Meditateon the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name,
      and call on our help to gain the following:




      Weinfuse cosmic consciousness into the physical world.
      We help the children of God by conferring clairsentience
      and the ability to transfer consciousness.


      We teach how the law of flowing and changing
      emotions are the foundation of the laws of change.
      We teach how to call forth the flow of beautiful music.


      We teach how to stay free, independent, and mentally perfect.


      We help to attune to the creative source of everything in form,
      and thus learn how to evoke great intuition, inspiration, and trance

      statesfor the purpose of creating the highest good of all.


      We bring forth moon magic, which is the mystical magnetism of 
      flowing feeling states. These are states of flowing love that are 
      necessary to fulfill earthly desires, make initiatives productive,
      and create new realities.


      We help the children of God understand and apply secret principles
      of higher truth, and mystical insights about flowing feelings
      to help manifest the heart’s desire.


      We reveal profound mysteries of flowing feelings of omnipresence
      and omnipotent will for the highest good of all, so that the ability to
      materialize and dematerialize any situation, object or vision is mastered.’

      Themusical notes of the divine virtues of the letters of our name are:
      D ~ D ~ C ~ B ~ C ~ B ~ D.

      "Asabove, so below."

      Thetrue and natural state for Earth is to reflect the perfection,
      beauty, and harmony of the Heavens.

      Onthe seventh day of every twenty eight-day moon cycle,
      we infuse all sentient beings upon Earth with flowing feelings of their
      rightful inheritance of Heaven on Earth from Divine Providence.


      ***ECSTASY ***

      Revised Document:  26December 2006


      CynthiaRose Young Schlosser

      *Names, phrases, or sections, in Italics or single quotation marks are quoted
      or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon, [The Practice of Magical
      Evocation ISBN 3-921338-02-6 and The Key to the True Quaballah, ISBN
      3-921338-13-4]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany.
      These books have detailed information on the meanings of the letters on all
      four levels of will, mind, feeling, and form, and all of the beings of the zodiac.




      Togetherwe are One,
      Sharing love and light in ever-expanding
      Harmonic Waves of Pure Being.




      LoveBrightens the Day, Love Lights the Way



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