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52497[ANGEL] 24 Scorpio, The Angels of Medical Diagnosis

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  • Spiritus
    Nov 15, 2012



      24 degrees Scorpio

      The Angels of Medical Diagnosis

      Also known as


      The Angels of






      ‘We are excellent experts in diagnosis as well as in analysis of disease.’


      ‘We teach you all causes of diseases in the mental, astral [emotional], and physical body.’


      ‘We can, at the same time, make you acquainted with means which remove the causes of disease and disharmony.


      ‘Anyone interested in medicine can acquire such a great deal of knowledge from us that they can become an expert in diagnosis and medical treatment’.



      The Children of Light and Love are made in the image and likeness of Divine Being.  The spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body temples, all four, of a Child of Light are microcosms of the macrocosm.


      These four temples form a continuum of energy, just as steam, water   vapor,water and ice are an energy continuum.


      We teach that harmony must exist between all levels of this continuum in a body for health and even immortality to manifest.


      “The last enemy to be overcome is death.”


      Disharmony on this continuum of being/will/spirit, mind, emotions, and sensations causes disease.


        If the spiritual, mental, and emotional causes are not corrected at the same time as the physical, disease will reappear at another time, or in another form.


      Harmony is the greatest preventative and cure for all diseases.


      When diagnosing any illness, the first thing to identify are areas of disharmony in the energy continuum of being/will/spirit, intellect, feelings, and sensations.


      Through high inspiration, the divine virtue of letter T, the first letter of our name, ‘Tedea’, a person receives ingenius knowledge about anything that they desire to know about, and this inspiration helps him or her determine not only what is out of balance but what to do about it.


       Ifthere is disharmony in being/will, which is spirit, then this must be addressed and corrected.  Disharmony in being//will means that a Child of Light experiences self as less than divine and desires imperfect manifestations that are not in harmony with the highest good of self and others. It means that the omnipresence of Divine Being is not experienced as the inner truth of self, that creation is seen as separate from the self.  It also means that a person is not creating a beautiful and loving reality for self and/or others. This must be corrected for health to manifest.


       Oftenthis means that a person is cut off and not following divine inner guidance, but is attempting to follow other influences.  An enlightened healer, parent, or teacher encourages a Child of Light to listen, know and follow inner guidance above all else.


        If there is disharmony in beliefs, thoughts and ideas, then these must be addressed and corrected.  Disharmony in belief is a reflection of disharmony in spirit or will.  A Child of Light goes deep within and reacquaints the self with Divine Being and understands the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind, releasing all imperfect ideas and situations for changes into other states that are the highest good. He or she determines what beliefs about truth and life are really in line with his or her own unique highest good as well as the highest good of others, and experiences deep inner knowing and inspirations.


       Ifthere is disharmony in feelings, then this must be corrected. Feelings reflect beliefs. When beliefs are corrected, old feelings of frustration, betrayal, anger, confusion, guilt, shame, etc., that are related to old disharmonious beliefs, will naturally flow out to be healed and released.  It is important that a person does not react in fear or shame of these wounded painful feelings, but rather that embraces them with empathy and unconditional love. If they are allowed to flow in a safe and non-destructive way with empathy, they will surely heal.   Safely flowing with feelings releases them and allows them to change. Feelings are the change process, they are the water element and must flow freely to be healed and regain purity.  Negative feelings should not be feared, resisted, acted out in a harmful way, bottled up, denied, or bypassed.  If they are allowed to flow safely to resolution in an atmosphere of unconditional love and compassion, their nature is to heal and bring enlightenment.  Ask any negative feeling what it has to teach you. There is a reason your higher self allowed negative experiences and feelings to happen to you in the first place. When you ask a feeling what it has to teach you, what wisdom it has to impart, listen carefully in a state of relaxation and ease. The answers come naturally in a still small voice. Then the purpose for its creation is fulfilled, much wisdom is gained, and these feelings release and change naturally.


       Finally,the physical body itself is brought into balance and harmony.  The body is capable of healing itself as being/will, mind, and emotions are brought into harmony.  Through high inspiration a Child of Light is guided to interventions, such as certain foods, herbs, treatments, etc. which are for the highest good in any situtation.


      Throughthe divine virtue of omnipresence, the virtue of letter E of ‘Tedea’, a person unites his or her normal consciousness with universal and cosmic consciousness,  so that a person 

       ‘attains the highest form of intuition in the mental world; he or she transfers consciousness so that there exists no sense of time and space.  Divinity in His highest form is able to speak through him or her’.


      With the divine virtue of creativity, the virtue of letter D, the highest wisdom is gained in regard to creation in both the inner and outer worlds, in the personal inner universe and the outer universes. With this virtue, a person creates a loving and divine reality within and also in the outer world.


       Inthe intellect a person attains the profoundest cognition with regard to the ego-consciousness.


       Inthe feelings, the understanding of love in all of its aspects is perfected.  Love is the greatest power, and with love all can be healed and transmuted.


      The divine virtue of omnipresence is repeated, and finally the virtue of wisdom and enlightenment reveals the blueprint of original perfection of health and harmony on all levels.  This virtue is letter A.


      At this point all imperfections are gladly released back into Divine Being for transformation into other states that are the highest good of all. This means release of imperfections on every level; in being, desire, in thought, in feelings, and in sensations.  This virtue, umlaut A, ae, strongly affects changes in the physical body.


      We guide a person to healing modalities, many that may be very ancient, and many that are new, that address some or all of the continuums of being/will, thought, feelings and sensations.  We inspire understanding of Ayurveda, herbs, acupuncture, allopathic medicine, chiropractic, shamanic healing, yoga and many others.


       Oncethe spiritual, mental, and emotional levels are in harmony, the physical body knows how to heal itself.  When help is needed beyond this, other healing systems are successful as long as the fate of the person allows it.


      We help people heal their own health with the understanding of what is out of harmony and how to restore balance, health, and joy.



      According to the ancient teachings, the first 24 groups of angels overseeing the earth govern the elements. The next groups govern the 360 degrees of the zodiac.  This is the 258th group of angels overseeing the earth.


      2+5+8=15. 1+5=6.


      ‘NUMBERSIX represents the macrocosm in its perfection. It is represented by an equilateral hexagram. This is the number of man when he finally reaches that state of enlightenment in which he is one with God. Jesus referred to this number when he said, "I and the Father are One." The lower triangle of the hexagram denotes, in the mystical sense, man with his three dimensional aspect of body, soul and spirit. The upper triangle of the hexagram points to the three-dimensional unification and influence of divine power and virtues in the mental, feeling, and physical worlds. Number six represents the sun and all miracles from angels of other planets.’













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