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52444Isha Lenrer's Power of the Flower Tarot: Violet

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  • Ash
    Nov 8, 2012
      "....True liberation at all levels." This one of the many key messages that has a deep and pure resonance. This is apart of the change that is in the air; by that it is not only the air that we breathe but the air that we create which comes from within us. That is where true liberation and creativity begins: Within us. As the message speaks on Eve's sacred garden that is where we can take root within; our inner sacred garden to reaffirm and reconnect with that inner feminine energies. This is not a removal of the masculine energies; rather it is creating a harmonious balance that those need and take the beauty, wisdom and foresight that enables us to take what has called for change and transform it. In that we attune ourselves at continual and growing levels with Nature and the Earth Herself for She is a powerful guide, teacher, provider and consort. Our sacred garden, together with the Earth will provide us with further insights into how we can Know, reclaim and embrace our innate Divinity that has always been here within us. Our Original Highest Self welcomes us as we Open and are ready to step into this renewal and unity that will see the New World take root and blossom beautifully and divinely.

      Your card is...


      Latin: Viola Odorata

      Color(s): Purple

      Archetype: Eve. Used as a primary scapegoat of patriarchal Western culture, vilified by “his-story” and sacrificed as an evil temptress, it will take a radical leap of consciousness to bring Eve into the future with us. Eve, in Hebrew text, is Isha, meaning “woman.” In allowing Eve freedom from historical bondage, we free ourselves from bondage to patriarchal systems and myths.

      Signature: Long-stalked runners, heart-shaped leaves clustered in rosettes, and sweet-scented flowers blooms from April through June.

      Healing Properties: Violet is especially attuned to highly evolved and fragile souls, assisting with self-liberation, self-expression and individuation, while retaining the refined and tender qualities of their feminine beauty.

      Healing: Eve has come to you today to offer you the opportunity for true liberation at all levels. An inverted heart-shaped violet leaf, representing devotion and transcendent wisdom, covers her heart. Her hair, symbolizing the ego, is adorned with birds, symbolizing the soul, and blends naturally into the Tree of Knowledge which stands behind her. In this way, the false dichotomy between self-consciousness and spiritual growth is overcome and we begin to understand that Eve's eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge did not instigate a Fall into Original Sin. Rather, it introduced into the world for the first time, the real possibility of fully embracing and consciously knowing our own innate divinity.

      Nature is your guide and consort, assisting you as you create the vision of a New World; one that honors difference without hardening into dualism; one that achieves a balance between heart and mind.

      In peace and tranquility, Eve sits among the violets as the newly-hatched serpent rebirths itself. This is a time of celebration, for life's mysteries are beginning a new cycle of rejuvenation. You are invited into Eve's sacred garden. How might you weave the world as you self-liberate into the image of a New Woman? Nature surrounds you as your sister and the tender violets beckon you to enter into divine union with your Original Self.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
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