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52418[ANGEL] 15 Scorpio The Angels of Entertainment

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  • Spiritus
    Nov 5, 2012
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      15 degrees Scorpio

      TheAngels of Entertainment

      Also known as


      The Angels of





      We are the heavenly hosts who ‘inspire mankind with all sorts of games for young and old, jokes, sport events, and toys for children.’


      ‘Wecreate an atmosphere for fun, relaxation, and recreation.

      When people come together for purposes of entertainment, we bless them with the spirit of fantasy, fairplay,
         challenge,and social interaction’


      The fifteenth degree of each sign are doorways of great sacredness and opportunity.


       Thefifteenth degree of Scorpio contains keys to  lighthearted and joyful flowing feelings of love.


      This happy love attracts beautiful realities in the physical world through the principle of magnetism.


      “On earth as it is in heaven.”


      Original Divine Will for all created worlds outpictures vibrations of joy.


      “For I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of joy and of life everlasting.”


      As people see through the eyes of love with divine justice and harmony andhave fun , magical energies attract vitality on paths to Spiritual Perfection.


      Through games people learn lessons of fair play, harmony, justice, endurance, self-discipline, excellence, imagination, fantasy, self-worth, love,  joy, and mastery.  


         On higher levels even the most supreme mastery can be obtained  with  the spirit of play and enjoyment.


      The heavenly hosts of ‘Hipolopos’ inspire the pursuit of excellence and harmony  through  the spirit of fun and adventure.


      With divine inspiration, this can be done in everything from football to chess, from pre-school sandbox to the Olympics, from the most simple games of fairplay to delightful entertainments that are part of the most ancient and esoteric schools of wisdom.


      “Ye must be as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven.”


      Functioning from a whole-brain perspective of pure being, deep inner thought, feeling and the change process and logic, memory and the five senses is the goal. This combines fun, harmony, mastery, spiritual perfection, and excitement.


      We inspire and protect children at play, whether they be young or old.


      This is the 249th group of the heavenly hosts.  2+4+9=15. 1+5=6.


      ‘NUMBER SIX represents the macrocosm in its perfection. It is represented by an equilateral hexagram. This is the number of man when he finally reaches that state of enlightenment in which he is one with God. Jesus referred to this number when he said, "I and the Father are One." The lower triangle of the hexagram denotes, in the mystical sense, man with his three dimensional aspect of body, soul and spirit. The upper triangle of the hexagram points to the three-dimensional unification and influence of divine power and virtues in the mental, feeling, and physical worlds. Number six represents the sun and all spherical miracles’.







      H… This letter isThe Power of the Word.


       In fourfold whole brain thinking, meditate and experience pure being and unity with Divine Being and all Creation. This engages the Delta brainwave state that is dominant in infancy and deep dreamless sleep. Ask your cellular memory to let you experience this state.Then locate self in time and space by visualizing self as a tiny dot in the solar plexus of the body with the body being a vast creation all around.


        Stillin a Delta state, the WILL of a divine virtue is  experienced  in the  stateof  pure being. The CONCEPT AND MEANING of a divine virtue is contemplated in  deep inward thought of Theta brainwaves. To achieve the Theta state, deep relaxation and ease are necessary. Theta is dominant in childhood, so remember yourself at that age. Then flowing FEELINGS of a divine virtue are experiencedin Alpha brainwaves. SENSATIONS of a virtue’s element is meditated on, activating the five senses, memory, and logic of Beta brainwaves.


      Through the use of breath, in which these energies are breathed out and in through the pores of the skin, first filling the entire body and especially the organ that is associated with each virtue, and then out in the same way, filling whatever inner guidance directs, up to and including the whole universe; the highest alchemy can be achieved in the way that was intended in the beginning when mankind was created.  Itis important to keep the breathing rhythms natural, to protect the lungs, and to dissolve the lights in the body when finished to keep the elements of the body in balance.


       Byusing this technique to utter words, each one of which is made up of letters that have divine virtues associated with them, creativity of the highest order occurs.  Theletter H has a silvery violet color, is the fire element of will and has the sensation of warmth and fire, has the musical note of A, and is the virtue by which the right arm of every child of God is created.



      I… The sound of the letter I is the virtue of Cause and Effect.  The law of cause and effect is the law of evolution of everything. This law gives the understanding and mastery of the akasha, or subtle pre-matter principle.  The sensation of akasha is ‘consciousness-penetrating-all.’


       Theunderstanding of cause and effect also enables the perfection of memory and conscience. 


       Theletter “I” with its light opalescent color, representing the law of cause and effect, is the spiritual essence of the left kidney.  Thisvirtue is of the earth element, so it has the sensation of weight. The musical note is G.


      P… This sound is the virtue of the longing for perfection and the highest spiritual realization.  By meditating on this virtue, a child of God awakens increased longing for unification with the basic divine virtues.


      The deeperand the more frequent the seeker is penetrated by this virtue, the deeper will be the feeling of humility, and it is in this state that is found the greatest and most powerful proximity of divine majesty, of Divine Providence.’


      This virtue is dark grey, and has the musical note of B.  Since it is the earth element, it has the sensation of weight.  The right side of the nose was formed from this virtue.  The desire for perfection is the cause behind learning how to create effects in the akasha through will, intellect, feeling, and action.



      Umluat O, eu…transmutation through cognition brought about by love divine.


      O… The sound of letter O is the sound of the initiation into the original principle of divine justice.

      By meditating upon this virtue ,‘mentally you are able to give expression to the absolute legality of harmony in all four basic qualities of the elements, which are will, intellect, emotion, and sensation’.


      ‘You have a high power of judgement and the ability to comprehend spiritually any legality, any interference by Divine Providence for the sake of justice. You will never be able to condemn anyone unjustly. This will bring about the abilities to create any change in the emotional situations that you find yourself in and to have absolute success and happiness on all levels.’

      The ability to control emotions is the ability to control and manifest anything on the physical level.

      This virtue has an ultramarine blue color, the musical note of C, and is the earth element so it has the sensation of weight. It formed the throat and windpipe.



      L… The sound of this letter is the sound of all Divine Virtues taken together, therefore, this sound is the sound of the splendor and majesty of Divine Consciousness.  Inthe excitement, exuberance, comraderie, and joy of fun and inspired playing, many divine virtues have the opportunity to come through into manifestation.


      Consciousness [love, beauty, truth, wisdom, power, compassion, harmony, freedom, individuality, true spiritual morality, vitality, etc….] are enlivened.


       Thisletter oscillation represents the highest divine virtues that may be described by words.


      Intone it to the musical note "F" This is an air element, so it has the sensation of ease filling all of space with a dark green glowing olive color. Intone it with a sound of hissing air. This virtue especially empowers the left hand.


      O…The ultimate purpose of all play and fun is to establish and enjoy harmony and to master the power to manifest success and happiness on every level.



      P… The sound of this letter is the virtue of the longing for spiritual perfection. Joy awakens ‘divine naustalgia, the longing for purification and transformation of one’s being, and the ability to perceive beauty universally, as the quality of God manifesting in form’.


        Here you feel the desire to strive upwards to the Divine Light, you sense an ever increasing profound longing for unification with the four basic divine qualities and realize how divine love, which is incarnated into every human being, contantly urges you to be connected to divine omnipotence, love and wisdom and to have these incarnated within yourself.’


      The color of this virtue is a dark grey, the musical note is B, the element is earth, so it has the sensation of weight, and the right side of the nose is formed from it.



      O… Umlaut O, eu …..….The sound of this letter is the virtue of the most Profound Divine Cognition, which can only be brought about by love divine.


       ‘Bythe help of this virtue, a person gets to know all the possibilities of transformation of the spirit, all the systems and ways serving this end, and all knowledge concerning transformation in all other fields.’


      ‘A person is informed about everything that, deriving from the act of creation, had to pass through all the mode of transformation to be reunited.  A person must attain all the faculites that are offered by this virtue in the akasha principle, which is the principle of God-penetrating-all, and make use of all possibilities, in order to be convinced that they cannot be described by words, but must be experienced, and lived through.’


      ‘In the intellect one secures perfect mastery of the transformation of ideas, virtues, etc. by the use of the POWER OF THE WORD.’


      Perfect mastery of feelings is attained, so that it is possible to attract any reality in the feeling world.


      In the physical world complete mastery of transformation, including the true preparation and charging of the philosopher’s stone is gained.  Itis this virtue that allows a child of God to transform anything into anything else.


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