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  • Ash
    Oct 31, 2012
      Here are the latest Ascension Notes; just click on the link to read in its entirety.

      Purpose of the Full Moon, Relationships & Letting Go of Control

      You should still be feeling the effects of this last Full Moon; it brought up much to release and a further grounding of your Lightbody into your physical vehicle. Anything that you were thinking, doing and intending just before the Full Moon was also empowered. Do know that whatever vibration you carry is being anchored into you and into Gaia. Of course, this includes any area in which you carry fear, as well as those intentions for a New life based in Soul Essences such as Love, Peace, Abundance, Joy, etc. This is how powerful you are; and this intensifies continuously through the rest of the year and beyond. We are getting lots of cosmic help in order to magnify what vibration we hold. Not only did we have the Full Moon for anchoring, it was also empowered by a geomagnetic storm affecting both Gaia and ourselves. Both of these events very well may have precipitated the recent hurricane and earthquakes as a result.

      Wishing you Love on your Ascension Path,


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