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52361Aluna Joy: Webinar... 2013! The Beginning is Here

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  • Ash
    Oct 29, 2012
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      Collaborating authors of
      "2013! The Beginning is Here",
      will be offering a webinar about
      the coming shift beyond 2012.
      The panel discussion will take place this
      Saturday, November 3rd, at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4 pm CET.
      There will be a 30 to 45-minute discussion by the panelists,
      Dr. Jim Young, Aluna Joy, and Dr. Mark Van Stone,
      followed by a half-hour of YOUR questions, which you will
      be able to ask by telephone, via chat on the computer, or email.
      In order to access the webinar, you need to sign up.
      Here is the link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2400761994941784832
      (if the link doesn't open up when you click on it, copy and paste it into your browser.
      If you're still having issues please email Birgitte Rasine at birgitte@... and she will register you manually.)
      We will follow up with additional details once you sign up.
      There is a limited number of spots left and that it's first come first served.
      We look forward to seeing you this Saturday!
      Filled with holiday gift ideas
      Because we are so THANKFUL for you!
      Three new Inca essences created
      over the last Equinox of 2012!
      One that can give assist you in having an OBE!
      A second one to snap you back to your center!
      A third one to claim your Inner Inca Goddess!

      Ollantaytambo ~ The Bungee Cord Essence
      Ollantaytambo is an amazing site, but also an incredible location at the convergence of three powerful valleys/canyons that merge back into one spot. One of the many core energies of Ollantaytambo is to bring the spiritual seeker back to their center after a huge transformation. In the past, the Inca people would do this by purposely being hit by lightning; this would dismantle the old self and rebuild a new self in the receiver in a brief instant. During the current heightened 2012 energies, we don't need to be struck by lightning to have the old in us be dismantled. We are dying to the past daily . . . even hourly. What we need is help with getting back to our center so we can anchor to our earthly base camp; this why we call this essence the Bungee Cord Essence. You cannot get lost while tethered to a bungee cord, but you can stretch yourself out to the outer limits of reality. A Bungee Cord cannot break, and it will help you snap back to your original position . . . but reborn in a higher form! Place 4-8 drops under the tongue. 1 oz. bottle, purified with alcohol.

      Moray ~ Dimensional Travel and
      OBE (Out of Body Experience) Essence

      On this extraordinary day, Moray was magnifying the already extremely powerful frequencies coming from the higher realms/dimensions that were already taking place on Earth. On this day, we got a small peek, inoculation if you will, of the new frequencies that we are coming into as we enter the new world. The energy was extremely high when Spirit asked us to make this essence. This is a serious doorway between dimensions. Use with Caution Please. Only use while meditating sitting down and propped up in such a way that you will not fall if you are called out of your body. We are not kidding. Made in the sacred site of Moray, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru on 9/18/2012. Place 4-8 drops under the tongue. 1 oz. bottle, purified with alcohol. 

      Killarumiyoq - Inca Goddess Rainbow Essence
      Killarumiyoq is an ancient pre-Inca rock sculpture shaped like a half-moon. It has seven steps which represent the seven colors of the rainbow. Every August 29, the Inca ceremony of "Killarumiyoq Raymi" takes place, for Mama Killa (Mother Moon), in Ancahuasi near Cuzco. Killarumiyoq emits an inexpressible unified love that comes in the form of a Rainbow. This site calls on the energy of the solar / lunar rainbow that is dedicated to the Highest Acllas . . . the wives of the Sun (Inca Goddess). Acllas were young women of moral and physical perfection, often of noble birth, who were selected by a representative of the Inca and placed in acllawasis. These were convent-like places where the acllas were sheltered and instructed in the ideological and practical roles of womanhood. The higher status acllas usually became keepers of the shrines. This sacred site today is anchored by a wise old grandmother that acts as the glue that holds humanity together. She wants to offer us this job as well. The job is to carry on the knowingness that we are all ONE, to embody that wisdom within this inexpressible, unified rainbow LOVE, all the while knowing that it binds the hearts of humanity together as ONE. Are you ready to claim your Inner Inca Goddess, and become a bond that unifies the re-birth of humanity? Made on 9/17/2012 with sacred rainbow springs water. Place 4-8 drops under the tongue. 1 oz. bottle, purified with alcohol. 
      The messages we received while making these 3 essences
      will be coming soon. 
       SAVE 22% on all of our essences by using the coupon code word (2012grace) upon check out, and don't forget to hit the recalculate button to see you savings before finalizing the order. 
      Sale does not cover endangered essences.
      Savings code good until November 10th. 
      AND There is MORE....
      The first 30 orders of our NEW Inca essences listed above
      will come with a FREE Inca woven essence bag : ) 
      Our gift to you. 
      Sacred Site Essences help ease the escalating challenges we face, that are a natural part of our personal evolution, ascension and transformation process.  SACRED SITE ESSENCES act like a Homeopathic inoculation of ancient places of Peace and Power. When we use various Sacred Site Essences, we raise our frequency to that of the sacred site and the powerful energy of a special day. All our SACRED SITE ESSENCES are made in SACRED SITES with permission and guidance from the local guardians. We make many of our Essences during AWESOME SOLAR/CELESTIAL EVENTS. Essences made in sacred sites resonate with that particular Sacred Site and Cosmic Event of the day. Each one is made differently and is unique to the site it was made in. They can never be re-made or repeated as energy shifts daily. We have discovered that each essence has a different focus. So please find a few that call to you!

      "The Astrology of 2012 and How It Affects You"
      by Marcus Mason
      DECEMBER 21ST 2012 marks the end of a 25,626 year Time Cycle, caused by the Earth's gradually changing orientation in Space. As we near the completion of one cycle, and the beginning of the next, it is clear that many old paradigms, structures and belief systems are no longer sustainable.

      'The Astrology of 2012' explores the sequence of astrological changes as they unfold, and shows how every person on the planet is being offered the opportunity to * Create a New Vision for our future. * Understand how to balance the masculine and feminine within to create Right Relationship with all beings. * Remember how to truly Honour our Mother Earth. * Change our perceptions, by uniting the intelligence of the mind with the heart. * Realise that we have it within our power to create a new reality for ourselves and others.
      Was $20. Now ON SALE for $13.
      Buy all 3 and save $10.00
      The Angels are Back!
      Tzutujil ANGEL KEY CHAINS
      These cute beaded Angel Key Chains are made and sold by the Tzutujil (zoo-two-heal) Mayans of Santigo, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
      Just in time for Christmas!
      The Tzutujil Mayans in Guatemala speak of simultaneous Twin Realities: the dream world and the awake world. These worlds are likened to the opposing wings of a Butterfly, Angel, or Bird. The dream world is one wing, and the awake world is the other. The past world is one wing, while the new world is the other. Between worlds is where we are at this time. They believe the wings must connect at the Heart Center for us to bridge these realites.
      With Aluna Joy and Marcus Mason

      A pilgrimage focused on potent sacred crossings
      of the Michael-Mary Lines honoring the creative power of the New Goddess and the Chivalry of the New Knights of a New world.
      England/Scotland ~ July 2013
      Exploring the Sacred Sites of ... Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Well, Stonehenge, Glastonbury Abby, St. John's Church, Wearyall Hill, Avebury, Silbury Hill, Cadbury Castle, Crop Circles, Travel the Michael-Mary Lines (a.k.a. the Dragon Lines), Burrow Mump, Chapel of Brentor, Tintagel, St. Nectan's Glen, The famed Rosslyn Chapel, Loch Leven Castle, and more ... plus surprises and magic.
      Read about this past trip here
      Ask to be put on the Avalon Alert List for upcoming pilgrimages

      A REMINDER....
      Count Down to 12/21/2012
      Find out more and watch beautiful Solar Wave Videos at this link!
      The 9 most significant days during 2012 are:
      March 20th –Equinox
      May 20st - Total Solar Eclipse
      June 6th - Venus Transit
      June 20 – Solstice
      September 22nd – The FINAL Equinox !!!
      COMING UP... November 13th - Total Solar Eclipse
      November 19th - Pleiades Alignment
      December 12th - Maya 8 BATZ Sacred Calendar re-booting
      December 21st – Solstice
      (Aluna and group will be in the Maya lands)
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