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52347[ANGEL] 6 Scorpio, The Angels of Ideals

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  • Spiritus
    Oct 27, 2012



      6 degrees Scorpio

      TheAngels of Ideals

      Also known as


      The Angels of 






      Weare the original initiators of all human ideals.’


      ‘On all levels of the mental, the emotional, and the physical, all ideals are protected and inspired by us.’

      Dependingon the maturity and development of mankind, we control the most diverse ideals of each individual.’


      We cause situations and possibilities for the realization of an ideal in the mental, the emotional, and the physical world to a small or large extent.’


      ‘We,angels of Sarasi, supply the appropriate enthusiasm and the endurance for the realization of the ideal in question in accordance with one’s maturity and fate.’


      ‘We teach you a great deal, for instance, ‘how various ideals are born in the world and how they decay again’.



      In this cycle of time we help historical ideals transform into their highest expressions of oneness with Divine Consciousness, so that heaven and earth manifest as one.

       Any ideals that are not the highest good of all concerned will transform so that all life, visible and invisible, is loved according to  the original purity of all ideas in divine mind.


      This is the Fiery Will of Divine Providence, manifesting through flowing feelings of impeccable inner guidance attuned to these original ideas in divine mind to create beauty.  

      All-penetrating-DivineWill is the virtue of S, the first letter of our name ‘Sarasi’. 

      This virtue has the color of purple red and the tone of musical note G-sharp. In each Child of Light, the gall bladder is formed and sustained by this virtue.


      The process of atunement with the original purity of all ideals in Divine Mind is the virtue of letter A.

      Transformation of any limitations or imperfections in previously held ideals is the divine virtue of the second letter of our name, umlaut A, ae.

      This virtue has a loamy brown color and vibrates to the tone of musical note C.  The anus is formed and sustained by this virtue.


      Divine transformation is used by each Child of Light to release any attachment or clinging to limited desires, beliefs, feelings, or possessions that no longer serve the highest good.  This virtue gives control over negative beings.


      Through strong inner guidance, the Children of Light release whatever limited ideals and values that keep them from creating heaven on earth for all.


      This strong inner guidance is the divine virtue of letter R.  It has a beautiful golden light and vibrates to the tone of musical note C.  The left side of the nose is formed and sustained by this virtue.


      Limited ideals are evolving into enlightened ideals.


      Limited ideals transform into unity with all, equality, oneness with nature and restoration of pristine purity of Creation according to the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind, simplicity, whole brain thinking, atunement to the omnipresence of Divine Being in all, listening to inner guidance and all of the other gifts of the enlightened mind.


       Itis easy now for mankind to understand that everything is connected to everything else, and that if any part is damaged, the whole is harmed.

      According to a transformation similar to the hundredth-monkey awakening, the evolution of mass consciousness is developing the maturity to understand, appreciate and value The Law of One

      as the ultimate moral standard to guide ethical behavior.





      Weare all one.

      Whenone is harmed, all are harmed.

      Whenone is helped, all are helped.

      Therefore,in the name of who I AM,

      andI am one with all there is; with all beings, all creatures, and with Divine Providence,



      I give thanks that this is done.








       TheChildren of Light are becoming one with Wisdom and Enlightenment, which is the divine virtue of the fourth letter of our name, letter A, soft A.


      With wisdom and enlighenment, each Child of Light creates in each and every moment according to inner guidance whatever is most beautiful.  He or she does this through the mastery of the Law of Cause and Effect, which is the last letter I of our name ‘Sarasi’.


      The divine virtue of the Law of Cause and Effect has a light opal color and the tone of G.  The left kidney is formed and sustained by it.


      All ideals on earth are undergoing rapid transformation at this time.


      The longing for perfection is bringing all into The Ancient Future, the Alpha and the Omega.




      This is the 240th degree of the zodiac.  2+4+0= 6.


      ‘NUMBERSIX represents the macrocosm in its perfection. It is represented by an equilateral hexagram. This is the number of man when he finally reaches that state of enlightenment in which he is one with God. Jesus referred to this number when he said, "I and the Father are One." The lower triangle of the hexagram denotes, in the mystical sense, man with his three dimensional aspect of body, soul and spirit. The upper triangle of the hexagram points to the three-dimensional unification and influence of divine power and virtues in the mental, feeling, and physical worlds. Number six represents the sun and all spherical miracles’.



      When you behold a hexagram, Star of David, or any mandala with six spokes, imagine yourself diving through it and coming out the other side into Divine Light.


      Meditate on the divine virtues of ‘S-A-R-A-S-I’,and invoke us for help in merging with the sun and oneness with Divine Consciousness and Life.



       Wefill you with the vibration of Oneness with All.


      This is very powerful.


      Looking directly at the sun in a safe way, such as at sunset or sunrise, or briefly through the leaves of a tree, encodes the pineal gland, which is directly connected to the optic nerve, with information contained in the rays of sunlight. 


      These rays of light carry the consciousness of the central sun that are stepped down by the solar sun to a vibration accessable to the pineal gland.  This gland then secretes appropriate neuropeptides  into the bloodstream, so that higher consciousness that reflects thedivine consciousness of the macrocosm , is made available to the physical body within a child of light .





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