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52310[ANGEL]30 Libra, The Angels of Medicinal Springs

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  • Spiritus
    Oct 21, 2012
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      30 degrees Libra

      The Angels of Medicinal Springs

      Also known as


      The Angels of






      ‘We guide animals to step into certain waters instinctively in the case of injuries.


      With our assistance mankind has learned from the animals how to cure themselves of many diseases with the use of medicinal waters.’


      ‘Throughout history we have inspired people to heal themselves with water.’



      Here in the last degree of Libra, the perfection of flowing divine love manifests in the physical realm as medicinal springs.


      The ancient future blossoms in present time, and the alpha and the omega are one. Earth is a heavenly paradise for all life just as it was created to be.


       ‘We protect and empower all medicinal springs on the earth.’


      Through the divine virtues of our name ‘Megalogi’,we infuse springs with healing energies.  Weinspire people and animals with these virtues so that they may also infuse spring waters with healing.


       Spring waters are impregnated with flowing feelings of divine qualities, especially love, bringing about transforming fluidity through the divine virtue of the letter M.


       Next the virtue of omnipresence of Divine Consciousness, letter E, merges individual consciousness with Divine Consciousness.

      Drinking water infused with omnipresence generates experiences of unity with the entire web of life, of oneness with all life.


      Then follows grace and mercy, true divine blessing, the letter G.


      Wisdom and enlightenment, the original perfection of all ideas in Divine Mind, imbeds information into these waters. This is the divine virtue of letter A.


      Vitality and youthening are found in healing springs. This vitality comes from the frequencies all of the divine virtues taken together, the splendor and majesty of Divine Being, which is the letter L.


      The divine virtue of cognition brought about by love divine is present in healing springs and causes transmutation into original divine perfection.  Cognitionbrought about by love divine is the key to transmutation. This is umlaut O, eu.


      Divine harmony is in the waters, letter O. 


      Feelings of grace and mercy, true divine blessings, pour forth from these waters, again the divine virtue of letter G.


      And finally, we infuse the waters of springs with memory, remembrance, and conscience through the law of cause and effect, the letter I.


      As people utilize waters of healing springs in this time of heaven on earth,  weteach methods of hydrotherapy that surpass any ever known before.


      Healing spring waters are impregnated with qualities that create perfection in all who partake of them.


      Itis the original willof Divine Providence that medicinal springs are accessable to all that need them, all of the Children of Light and animals, forever.


      ‘DivineProvidence has ordained that all medicinal springs, many of which have not yet been discovered, are protected and beautified, as the greatest and most sacred treasures upon the earth. ‘


       Wherever sacred springs have been covered up or capped, even in cases of buildings of antiquity, they are restored to their original naturalness and perfection. As they are restored to their original pristine conditions, the positive effect on the entire web of life is astounding.


      We protect all those who use medicinal springs, human and animal, so that all meet together in sacredness and harmony.


      This mastery of medicinal springs prepares people for the gateways of the sign of Scorpio, which are gateways and initiations of flowing feelings of divine love.


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