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52265[ANGEL] 23 Libra, The Angels of Physics

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  • Spiritus
    Oct 14, 2012
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      Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser





      23 degrees Libra

      TheAngels of Physics

      Alsoknown as


      TheAngels of





      ‘We are initiators into physics.’

      ‘Everything that has been explored in this field up to the present day has happened on account of inspiration by us.’


      ‘We show you the achievements of physics in the future.  Allphases of metaphysics also fall under our competence.  Wealso inspire you into astrophysics.


      Thedivine connection between science and spirituality is made known to mankind as spiritual maturity is gained.


      We reveal ancient and future comprehensive mastery of reality. This includes every science known to mankind.


      It is finally to be understood by all that divine virtues working through the four elements are applicable to every department of science. It is to be understood how the mind produces the four brainwave states that correspond to the four elements, and how wholebrain frequencies of the microcosm, which is a human being, control the outer realities of the macrocosm.


      Quantumand plasma theories and others are embracing this understanding in ever increasing clarity.


       The divine virtues working through the four elements affect everything from a developing fetus to a working computer microchip to meta and astrophysics.


      Thedivine virtues working through the four elements affect the workings of every aspect of nature and consciousness, with no exceptions, across the board, in scientific and understandable ways.


      Thefour elements are as follows:


      AKASHA AND FIRE.  Akashais the deepest brainwave state of pure being and unity with Divine Being and all creation. From this state comes fire, or will. Fire is Will, Intent, and Electricity. This is the Masculine Power.  Itis hot and expansive.



      AIR.  Thiselement corresponds to Mind, Thought, and Intellect.  Itis produced in the Theta brainwave of deep inner thought.  Itis relaxing and creates states of ease.


       Air is the element that connects fire and water.


       Anotherway of saying this is that deep inner thought connects will and feelings.


        A third way of saying this is that thoughtforms transform Electricity into Magnetism.



      WATER.  Thiselement corresponds to Flowing Feelings, Emotion, and Magnetism.  Itis produced in the Alpha brainwaves of feelings, flowing, and the change process.  Thisis known as the Feminine Power.  Magnetismattracts new realities into physical expression.


      Wateris flowing, cool and icy.




      EARTH.  Thiselement corresponds to the Five Senses, Memory, and Logic.  Itis produced in the Beta brainwaves of consciousness.


      Thehologram of physical reality is Earth.

      Earthhas sensations of weight.


      By aligning the four brainwave states with Divine Virtues, heavenly perfection manifests in the four elements.


      Theknowledge of how being-will, thoughts, and feelings and sensations attract realities into physical form is now being examined in halls of learning, in temples, and in the hearts and minds of people in all walks of life.


      Manybooks are available, and more are on the way, that explain the connection between consciousness and matter.


      It was predicted in times of old that when religion and science come together as one, the circle of awareness could come to completion.


      As we explained before, in the beginning of this series on the heavenly hosts of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac, circles are open and are actually ever-expanding spirals because of the interaction between space and time.





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