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52219[ANGEL] 16 Libra, The Angels of Animals

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  • Spiritus
    Oct 7 8:43 AM

      "Winged Freedom"
      Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser






      16 degrees Libra

      The Angels of Animals

      Also known as


      The Angels of





      ‘We control the health and duration of life of all animals on earth.  Wecontrol animal instincts.’


       ‘We inspire mankind with curing methods and remedies against the various diseases of animals.’ 


      ‘We guide and protect all zoologists, veterinarians, and tamers of animals.   Anyonewho works with animals in any capacity are surrounded by us.’


      Animals have powerful feeling energies.  Whenan animal is happy and contented, and free to express its unique divine qualities, this emotional energy becomes a powerful magnet, attracting happiness and satisfaction and security on earth for all.


       It is for this reason that aboriginal peoples describe animals as protectorsand teachers. Each animal emits a unique frequency of happiness, which in turn attracts a unique quality of Heaven to Earth.


      The Divine Creator has endowed all of creation with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


      For heaven to manifest on earth, animals are acknowledged as having the right to happiness, life and liberty. These rights are protected by all of the Children of Light.


       Even the plant and mineral kingdoms have been given these inalienable rights by the Source of All That Is.  Everythingin creation is interconnected and interdependent. All life is expression of The One Divine Being.  DivineBeing is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Divine Life is flowing cosmic love.


      As the Children of Light penetrate the mysteries of life and consciousness, it is easy for them to understand why the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are necessary for the survival of ecosystems and why they are equally applicable to all sentient life, and especially to animals.


      On all levels, these rights of happiness, life, and liberty to express unique divine qualities are necessary for life to survive.


        If any level of the food chain breaks down, life on Earth would be unsustainable.    Itis an instinct of survival, not only in the human and animal kingdoms, but in all levels of consciousness, to be happy, to live in security, and to have freedom to follow instinct and inner guidance in order for life to survive.


      To attract happiness, safety, and love to earth for all, therefore, it is of the greatest importance that the animal kingdom is happy and peaceful.


      With other orders of angels, we work to prevent  suffering in all parts of manifestation.


      This is important because the magnetic emotions of all life, especially the strong emotional state of animals and people, attract which realities come into manifestation on the physical level.


       Protecting and guiding animals’ feeling natures to being of the greatest happiness, is one of the most important assignments for the Children of Light.


      Pray for the happiness of all animals.  Whenyou pray for the happiness of all animals, the heavenly hosts are allowed to bring forth miracles to bring this into manifestation upon the Earth.


       Pray to understand what animals actually are, and how their consciousness contributes to the quality of life for all beings.


       Heaven on Earth depends on it.


      When happiness, well-being and health for all is seen as the greatest priority, Heaven returns to Earth.


      We ask you open your hearts and love the animal kingdom.  Thatis the original will of Divine Providence for each Child of Light on Earth.


      Angels of ‘Nachero’ and the angels of ‘Peekah’, watch over animals from the minute of conception to the moment of death. 

      The point around which our local cluster of galaxies swirl is called  Super Galactic Center.  This exact point of powerful outpouring of divine energy is the source of protection of animals, the degree of the heavenly hosts of Peekah, 3 Libra, the divine will for the highest good and of protection of animals.


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