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51912Sacred Blue Moon Ceremony/Meditation & Bronze Age Goddess Figurines Presentation

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  • Rael
    Aug 15, 2012
    Joyous August to All,
     It has been many moons again since I have connected through the avenue of the internet email. You are all in my heart always in all ways as I am you and you are me and we are one in eternity. No "time" just the now moment, together always. I feel you all in the ocean of creation. In the one drop, in the ebb and flow of the tides of the cosmos, in the entire cosmic sea.
    The energies sure are building in momentum since the last eclipses, spring equinox and summer solstice and now this month having two full moons and the last being a true blue moon!!! Today what we call a blue moon is simply the second of two full moons within one month. The true, traditional blue moon is considered much more rare and was actually the third full moon within a season or in this case from the summer solstice to the fall equinox along with being the second in one month. Not all second full moons within one month happen in this 3rd sequence. Something about that trinity number I guess and I can certainly see why. Number three in numerology holds the creative nature. It is the sequence number of the phi, is the trinity of the father, the son and the holy spirit (feminine or Shekina nature) and is the original building block of the cosmos as in the plutonic solid, the tetrahedron (string theory in quantum physics).
    This blue moon is in perfect divine timing for the year 2012 to assist us in really letting go of all that is not in alignment with the highest good of all. This blue moon is about "cutting the crap" of the dialog of the old ways of the ego and of its critical childish adult ignorance (totally different from being childlike which is purity and innocence) which in a perfect spherical turn dissolves the blocks throughout our being that hold us back on all levels which then in turn allows for more light particles to flow easily and gracefully in and through our being. This puts us in the flow of life which is when the universal organizers are ready to give you everything you need to bring forth your creation. You are clear and able to focus and ready to create something beautiful and meaning. This is when whatever you have in your heart as desire is completely accommodated and given to you in grace. Not always exactly when you think you want it but whenever it is for the highest good of all concerned and is in perfect divine timing. The love of the divine plan which we implemented and put in place eons ago is sharing the moment is now!!! Enough said. It sounds so darn serious but in reality it is exciting and can be a joyful and truly liberating experience. This is what we are here to do! create as we go so let's create joy, freedom, peace, soverneighty and most importantly an Earth of unconditional love in the highest where all life is held sacred and all are cared for.
    Spirit, our higher selves, are ringing a clarion call forth to gather on this blue moon in ceremony and celebration of letting go of the old coat of the familiar and trying on the new coat of many colors, many mansions, in the love and power of the now moment and multidimensionality of all that is being gifted to us at this most auspicious crossroad of our unfoldment.  
    I have attached a flyer of the Blue Moon Gathering on Friday, August 31st, 2012 being held on the 80 acres in which I now reside here in Chelsea, Michigan. We will be doing a full moon ceremony/meditation after the presentation of the Ancient Bronze Age (c.2400-2100 BC)Goddesses Figures. We will be given time to view and connect with them up close. They will also be in the center of the ceremony. Whoever receives this call please open the attachment to see the details. We have a wonderful facility on the property to gather, equipped with full kitchen and bath on a spring fed small lake. Camping will be allowed. Please see more details on the flyer.
    Those that are not with us in the physical please join in on the inner planes if it so resonates with you. We will be feasting and drumming in celebration of letting go of the the last bit of baggage in our HUman backpack holding us back and what we do for ourselves we do for ALL! It starts with each one of us.The pace is quickening for certain! Hope to see you there!!!
    Love and blessings beyond measure to all,
    Rakel of One ~ Universal Oneness Ambassador ~
    "May you embrace your divine inheritance and blossom to the nectar of universal oneness in the love and light of ever expanding perfection."
    Rael of One ~ Universal Oneness Ambassador ~
    "May you embrace your divine inheritance and blossom to the nectar of universal oneness in the love and light of ever expanding perfection."