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51790[ANGEL] 14 Cancer, The Angels of Invisibility

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  • Spiritus
    Jul 3, 2012

       May you experience Divine Love and supreme divine happiness in all your relationships. May Love flow in your relationship with the Earth, with the Sky, with the Cosmos. May Divine Love flow in your relationship with your Self, with others, with the plants, the animals, the nature beings.
      May you be fruitful and Happy.
      "One good person can save a city of ten thousand, and ten can save the world." 

      "Mountain of Light"
      Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser

      14degrees Cancer

      TheAngels of Invisibility

      Alsoknown as


      The Angels of





      Weare well informed on the remotest secrets of magical science and show a child of God means and ways, as well as methods, bywhich to be invisible. It is with Camalo’s help that a child of God becomes invisible, i.e. that he/she can betake him/herself into all spheres, mentally, astrally [emotionally] and , if necessary, also physically, without being recognized there.’


      The human body, and in fact all matter, is capable of manifesting instantaneous changes.


      These changes often are perceived as miracles by those who are not initiates .


      Accountsof these types of changes  are recorded throughout history. 


          Changes in matter, including instantaneous changes, arecaused by clear intentional visualization in a state of experiencing the Oneness of all life,  combinedwith powerfulfocused flowing Divine Emotions.


      Peoplebecome extremely sensitive to the world of feelings as they master co-creating the physical world and maintaining Heaven on Earth.



      As feelings flow, they create magnetism that attracts new realities into form.


      Chemicalchanges in the physical body caused by thoughts and feelings are well documented in science.*


      Aschildren of Light and Love flow with sacred emotional states,  greatperfection and beautiful changes occur in physicality, both in physical bodies and in other material forms .


      Wheneverit becomes necessary tobe invisible to maintain privacy and personal concentration  on the spiritual path , we help with necessary sacred visualizations and feelings for this to occur.


      Whenevera person feels, through inner guidance from Divine Providence, that invisibility is required for the highest good of all in any situation, his or her causal, astral and/or physical bodies are impregnated with Divine qualities. 



      Invisibilitycan apply to the mental, emotional, or physical level or all three.


      Strongflowing feelings of Omnipotent Faith and INTENT to be invisiblesets into motion required changes in the electro-magneticfield of the mind, feelings, and form.   Such feelings of being invisible, with gratitude for this state, result in invisibility. 


      Thisimportant skill is easy once a person learns how to remain focused on his or her own sacred reality  in the moment  to the exclusion of all else. 


      Focuson intent to  appear  invisible. Focus on the virtue of spiritualization of your body on all levels with Divine qualities, maintaining emotional connection with Divine Omnipotence and seeing all through the eyes of Love Divine.  Visualizationand Divine flowing emotions attract this reality into manifestation.


        If a person intends to be invisible only on mental level and emotional levels, then their thoughts and feelings become invisible to others. If he or she is doing mental or astral wandering, then on those levels he or she remains invisible.


      If a person intends to be invisible mentally, emotionally, and physically, then even their body is not noticed by others.


      Perfect concentration and will and mastery of flowing feelings make for perfect invisibility. 


      Remember that flowing emotions are magnetic and attract changes in matter, even to the point of levitation or invisibility of self or objects.


      When flowingemotions are clear and pure enough, all miracles are possible to attract, including actual physical invisibility. By flowing with focused emotions of privacy and invisibility, the physical body can actually reside in an “alone” state and be invisible to others.


      The human body is capable of levitation in this manner also. In this case, emotions of the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind, sensations of lightness and floating, pure and focused without subconscious feelings of fear, doubt, or sensations of weightiness, cause matter in a body to manifest lightness. 


      Great mastery over focus and flowing emotions is required to maintain a desired manifestation. Do not become distracted.


      As you can see, people must be masters of feelings to be masters of all worlds, especially the physical world, and maintain Heaven on Earth.


      Any limited or wounded feelings of self can be healed. They are seen through the eyesof Love Divine when they arise and are allowed to flow safely and nondestructively with praise, respect, thanksgiving and love so that they heal and regain divine purity.


      Feelings of omnipotent will and faith arise from identification with Divine Being and oneness with all creation. The experience of being ONE with Divine Being and with all creation awakens heartfelt desire for the highest good of all.


      ThisOmnipotent desireand faith make possible all things.  With this faith and desire, the heavenly hosts and all beings act as one in manifesting miracles.




      Asa person utilizes loving feelings of courage and faith, in the fire of will through The Power of the Word, electrical

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