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51595Aluna Joy: Perspectives on the Venus Transit

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  • Ash
    Jun 4, 2012

      THANK YOU for your support and kindness!
      The universe is really testing our balancing skills with extremes since the May 20th eclipse. The universe has us coming and going like a yo-yo with bursts of intense electric energy that is rebooting our bodies. We and our families are really feeling the pressure with huge losses and amazing victories. We are working hard to let go of beliefs and history at a core level. Being in a physical body is hard work this week. Feeling tired, agitated, migrating pain in the body, digestive issues... dizzy etc ?

      BUT... We felt a shift this morning!  After viewing the lunar eclipse (4 am), I woke feeling like we are coming out of a month of very hard work. So if you are reading this.... Congratulations you made it!  We have emerged from one of the most intense the eclipse portals we have encountered in our lives!  And today we close out the 8 year Venus transit portal!  Use your solar viewing glasses!    So everyone hang in there... Don't judge your process no matter how ugly it gets.  Let the ugliness all out... We are clearing mis-qualified energy of an ENTIRE AGE.   Our emotional and physical bodies have had a VERY strong work out.   Mis-qualified energy is being cleared out of us with jack hammer force.  YET... Our spirits are all queued up and ready to go with a new sense of calm, peace, and an inner knowing that ALL is in divine order. Now our bodies need to catch up.  We are going to feel lighter, clearer and have more authentic power very soon.  Things will shift to another level after the Venus transit on June 5-6th. Fingers crossed. Solstice coming up soon with yet another huge gateway.  Read more about the SOLAR WAVE on the June Solstice at

      SO Glad we are joined together with this work. Support one another.
      We will be broadcasting out Love and Visions of Paradise from Avalon over the June Solstice. Blessings to our strong and courageous spirit family! ~ Aluna Joy
      Other perspectives on the rare
      up coming Venus Transit.
      Venus only crosses in front of the face of the Sun every 100 -120 years, then two transits occur together, 8 years apart. The most recent transit in June 2004 and this one in June 2012 cross the northern hemisphere of the Sun. The next pair of transits in 2117 and 2125 will cross the southern hemisphere of the Sun. Then the next pair of transits in 2247 and 2255 will cross the northern hemisphere again, and so on, alternating from north to south and back again.
      The Astrology of 2012 - CD Balancing the Masculine and Feminine
      A presentation by Marcus Mason... and ...
      "The Astrology of 2012 and How It Affects You"
      by Marcus Mason can be found at
      Radical Shift: The Venus Transit of 2012
      We are all being realigned and recalibrated on the Light Body level so that we can raise our consciousness and our personal frequencies to the levels that will allow us to be comfortable and happy in the New Earth. So, what this means, in “real” terms, is that many of us are facing major challenges with regards to money, homes, relationships and work, all those very basic things in our lives in the 21st century.
      This is because things are realigning for the New, and whatever is not in alignment with the new is feeling great stress, as it crumbles and drops away. If we are wise, we will realize that it is best to allow this process and to flow with it rather than trying to fight against it.
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