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  • Spiritus
    Jun 4, 2012

      Todayis a lunar eclipse that will be followed tomorrow by a rare transit of Venus across the face of the sun.
      Now is a wonderful time to meditate, for change is certain and meditation guides the course of change.  Visualization in your imagination is the key to divine navigation.
      Visualize Heaven on Earth for all.

      "All that I do ye shall do and more."

      Love conquers all.
      "The greatest of these is love."
      "What you do for the least of these, you do unto me."



      The Moon Angels of Moon Magic
      Angels of ‘E-Z-H-O-B-A-R’
      14th Day of Lunar Cycle



      Whenflowing emotions are running at full power, magnetic attraction is at its peak.
      Strong flowing feelings magnetically attract changes in matter.

      Flowingemotions attract a sympathetic reality out of
      infinite potentialities and this manifests in the physical world.

      Duringthe full moon, flowing emotions are at their most powerful,
      so manifesting changes on the physical plane is much easier at this time.

      Polarityis a fact of creation on all levels, and flowing emotions have polarity.
      By mastering polarity in flowing emotions, all things are possible,
      including levitation of self, others, and objects.

      Thekey is mastery of whole brain concentration on all four
      levels of being, while simultaneously feeling powerful emotions.

      Deltabrainwaves are pure being and oneness with the Unified Field of energy,
      oneness with Divine Consciousness and Divine Flowing Feelings and with all life.

      Atthe faster end of the spectrum of Delta brainwaves,
      OMNIPOTENT INTENT or WILL for the highest good of all is
      generated for manifesting divine virtues in a visualized form for
      the benefit of the Unified Field. This is the level of electrical energy.

      and the clearer the visualized image for what is desired, the wiser
      will be the thoughts and ideas that are created on the next level.

      In Theta brainwave a person contemplates the MEANING of the divine visualization
      that is being generated. Clear and precise intellectual understanding of the virtues
      inherent in the visual blueprint, or mold, the higher the flowing emotions will
      be on the next level, the level of magnetic attraction of flowing emotion.

      Alphabrainwaves are the level of FLOWING EMOTION.
      Clarity and purity of flowing feelings determine the frequency of
      magnetism generated to attract a new reality on the physical plane.
      As flowing feelings of the blueprint attract, it manifests
      on the next level, which is the level of form or matter.

      Thelevel of physical matter is comprehended by Beta brainwaves
      which register the five senses, memory, language, and linear thought.
      It is on this level that changes in form are experienced by
      the five senses and logic, and stored in memory.

      Duringthe full moon, a person aligns his/her flowing emotions with
      Divine Flowing Feelings of the Divine Virtues and visualizations
      of the highest good of all in the Unified Field. In this way the
      most amazing manifestations in physical creation are created.

      Forthe past thirteen days beginning at the the new moon, the intent, concept,
      flowing feelings, and sensations of desired changes in physical manifestation
      have been carefully determined . Now is the time of ultimate manifestation.

      Meditateon the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name,
      and call on our help to gain the following:


      music link
      (left click, play - right click, save) 
      Feel free to share these messages 

      Togetherwe are One,
      Sharing love and light in ever-expanding
      Harmonic Waves of Pure Being.



      Love Brightens the Day, Love Lights the Way


      Weinfuse cosmic consciousness and awaken talents and
      abilities, especially clairvoyance, and help you understand symbols
      and the ancient language of Quaballah.


      Weimpart an excellent gift for prophecy, and the ability
      to see the working of magic in the physical world.


      We teach all languages of all spheres, and confer power to
      raise the dead, and perform miracles using the power of the
      word according to the meditations of the ancient language.

      Umlaut O (oe) and O

      We help you attain the transmuting power of cognition
      brought about by Love Divine.

      We attune your spirit and soul to Divine justice and harmony,
      so that you have a high power of judgment, and understand
      when Divine Providence alters reality for the sake of justice.



      We initiate masters over life and death and the power
      to change fate. We also gift magic powers and teach
      the need for the existence of polarity.

      A and umlautA (ae)

      We aid development of artistic talents,
      eloquence, and magic powers like levitation
      and learning the language of symbols.

      We help you release all imperfections in being, desire,
      thought, feeling, and form in self and others.



      We cause mind expansion in order to learn
      new information quickly and easily. We impart
      ingenuity that manifests itself in a number of abilities.’


      "Asabove, so below."

      Thecycles of the moon and rhythms of the sea flow with perfect harmony
      and create the sea of magnetic energy for manifesting Heaven on Earth.

      Byconsciously aligning personal flowing emotions with the flowing feelings
      of moon cycles, a state of almost indescribable bliss and well being
      is maintained on an on-going basis.

      Periodsof quietness at the dark of the moon give birth to new flowing
      feelings which grow gracefully into periods of intense excitement
      and completion in new realities at the full of the moon.

      Theperiod of intense completion of the full moon then gradually relaxes into
      satisfaction and serenity at the end of the cycle, at the dark of the moon once again.

      The28 day cycle of the moon, the dark of the moon waxing to the full moon
      and the waning back again to the dark of the moon, gracefully
      guides the flowing emotional magnetic sea for all creation
      according to impeccable rhythms of harmony and life.

      Here is an exercise to help master polarity of emotion.

      Choose a polarity such as:
      excitement | relaxation


      Close your eyes and feel excitement.
      Concentrate fully until your entire being
      is infused with the feeling of excitement!


      Next feel relaxation.
      Concentrate fully until your entire being
      is peaceful and floating with the feeling of relaxation.


      Now feel excitement again!
      Feel it fully, taking your time to work
      up to full awareness of its power!


      Now feel relaxation again, feel it until you
      merge fully into peaceful, calm, quiet, being.


      Now remain in a state of relaxation,

      Flow with the feelings of both of these polarities at the same time,
      being the one continuum of both polarities of flowing feelings AT THE SAME TIME!

      With unconditional love for all in creation,
      all polarities, including all feelings in Creation, the soul
      is once again

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