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51350Quado's Garden: Accept Yourself

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  • Ash
    May 7, 2012
      Acceptance. Not for what you had hoped for nor for what you hope that you can see yourself become. Acceptance here and now in this moment. No judgments, recriminations nor beating yourself up over what has been, how you are or things are now nor on may or may not take place in the future. Without a doubt this past month, especially the beginning of this new month, we have had a diversity of experiences, emotions, circumstances and more take place. Many of us have been going through some enormous and life-altering challenges. There can be many doubts and when we look into the mirror, of which I speak not only the outer but much more the inner mirror, we can find ourselves perceiving ourselves through the outer experiences; which invariably can mean that we can see areas that are lacking, where we wish that we could see change or simply put many will just say they do not like what they see and have a difficult time accepting themselves as they are.

      Yet that is the key to change...the deepest and most profound change and transformation. To love yourself fully as you are in this moment and accept yourself. You can embrace all that you are without clinging to what can and will change. It is simply as this message speaks upon: Acceptance and Love is the pathway to transformation and change. Take a deep breathe and release the anxiety of what is, could, might, if only, etc. You are as you are in this moment and there is nothing lacking within you, no place that you do not "measure up" nor that you are less than the Beautiful, Divine Spirit that you are. Life circumstances and challenges can affect our perceptions to where we do not See this, remember or sense it. We may even feel disconnected yet we never truly are. It is a veil to part and see yourself as you are and rediscover and reignite that passion for life, for love, through not only the value and experience of Love and Acceptance but Knowing that this is apart of who you are.

      Make a conscious choice to let go of the inner struggle within yourself. Give yourself approval, unconditional love and, in that, you will reconnect to the deepest wells of healing, joy and peace. As you do you open the door to the highest and deepest levels of transformation and change. Always in each moment of this road remember to keep that acceptance and love for yourself as well as allowing that to radiate out to all others equally.

      Accept Yourself

      Today, accept and love every part of yourself, even those parts of yourself that you most wish to see change. 
      That which you resist is held into constant being through your resistance.  That which you love and accept has a pathway to transform through love.
      If you had a friend who gained weight, would you turn from her?  Would you tell her that she looked terrible, criticize her for allowing herself to get that way?  No, of course not.  You would love her, no matter how she looked.  You would make sure she felt safe and accepted, no matter what she had done or what had happened to her.
      Treat yourself like this, like a dearly loved friend.  Accept yourself, approve of yourself, completely, exactly as you are.  Embrace every part of yourself as a part of yourself.  Give yourself love, unconditional love, and absolute and complete approval.  Just as you are.  Exactly like this.  You are exactly as you should be in this moment.
      End the resistance.  End the struggle.  Accept yourself.  Love yourself.  And through this unconditional acceptance and love, that which does not belong with you will have an opportunity to slip peacefully away.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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