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51334[ANGEL] 17 Taurus, The Angels of Love and Friendship

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  • Spiritus
    May 5, 2012

       Full moon is today, called the Wesak full moon, the birthtime of Buddha. Good time for prayer and emotional work. Let us enliven Heaven on Earth for ourselves and all beings in Creation.

      17 degrees Taurus
      The Angels of Love and Friendship
      Also known as
      The Angels of ‘

      “In my Father’s house are many mansions.”
      We help the universal family of humanity, including family members from other spheres, manifests divine love in day to day relationships.

       We inspire people to create relationships that express divine love so that the highest good of all concerned happens.

      This is done through control over will and feelings, the understanding of the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind, transformation, inner guidance, the understanding of cause and effect, and beautiful flowing divine feelings.

      Toward this end we are preparing every man and woman.
      Imagine the world as a place where the hearts of people leap up in joy and ecstatic recognition whenever eyes meet. Imagine that every street and byway is heavenly and the chance passing of a stranger is an opportunity to experience another unique and splendid aspect of Divine Consciousness manifesting in a person.
      The eyes are the “Windows of the Soul”.
      The eyes are exposed ends of the optic nerve.

      This optic nerve is connected to the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands located in the "
      Cave of Brahman"
      in the brain.

      This “cave” is also the physical receptor of subtle guidance from high realms of spirit.
      This means that the eyes are a direct spiritual link through which the Spiritual Self of one person can glimpse the Spiritual Self of another.
      The presence of the Divine Spirit shines through the unique and special eyes of each child of Light with inimitable splendor.
      The unique beautiful qualities of Divine Being—transcendent qualities such as compassion, sacredness, purity, innocence, supreme authority, ecstasy, and every other wonderful divine gift in unimaginable richness and variety
      —are often seen and felt as blessings through deep meaningful eye contact.
      All that is required for miraculous transformation is a change in attunement on the part of the viewer from one who looks to one who SEES.  This shift in perspective from mundane to cosmic attunement in the viewer is to become commonplace in the emerging new age, a time when every day may be full of magical encounters.
      ‘The blazing up of love and friendship’ is our specialty. Because feelings are magnetism, and are gateways to manifestation on the physical plane, we inspire strong flowing divine feelings of love and friendship that spiritualize material things.  We encourage the impregnating of jewels and talismans so that beautiful divine powerful feelings of love and friendship continue to bless others through their wearing.
      As Divine Love manifests on earth in practical ways, the love and friendship between the sons and daughters of Divine Being and with all other beings in creation, creates waves and waves of special flowing divine emotions.  These feelings of love and friendship attract heavenly hosts and also penetrate matter, making even the ground holy.  In this way, Heaven and Earth become one and the Alpha and the Omega join and become one.
      All creation desires to express perfect Divine Will for the highest good of all and manifest divine love in practical expression in day to day life.
       We help a seeker experience Pure Being that is one with Divine Being and all creation, and unite with omnipotent Will to change fate and create loving realities.

       We inspire understanding the ongoing effects of each creation so that only the highest good manifests. This is the divine virtue of the
      letter U of our name.
      The prophets of old told of this time. It is a time when polarities no longer collide in conflict, but instead work in perfect harmony,
      as night works with day, and up works with down.
      The polarities of masculine and feminine energy are courting one another through expressions of divine love and friendship. The resulting ecstatic union and bliss gives birth to Heaven on Earth.
      Within every son and daughter of Divine Being resides all polarities, for humanity is the microcosm of the macrocosm, the below of the above, "that which is made in the likeness of God’s Spirit, in the likeness of God’s Will." 
      The understanding of polarity is the divine virtue of the letter B of our name.
      As each person unites all polarity within themselves in blissful peaceful union,
      seeking the highest good of all concerned,
      so can they unite with all polarity in the outer world in blissful peaceful union. 
      Each person’s love becomes all encompassing and unconditional, and shines more like the love of God "whose love is like the sun; it shines equally on the good and bad alike."
      When negativity is met with unconditional all-encompassing love, a transformation and transmutation takes place that is similar to lead turning into gold. "Love conquers all."
      It is through all-encompassing love and release into change that the appearance of any imperfection can be transmuted into perfection.
      Just as an acorn develops into a mature tree, so will a person develop through inner guidance and enlightenment, through release of imperfection for change into other states that are the highest good, understanding cause and effect and the power of divine feelings, into mature gods and goddesses, manifesting the perfect Will of Divine Providence.  
      The divine virtue of enlightenment is the letter A,
      transformation is umlaut A, ae,
      inner guidance is R,  
      cause and effect is I, and
      flowing feeling is the letter M of our name.
      We are happy to charge rings and amulets with the magnetism of divine love and friendship. We do so when asked. It is a very practical expression of Divine Love to bring Heaven to Earth through charging of objects which then can carry and transmit the vibrations of higher consciousness.
      UWe have the ability to transfer consciousness of the highest inspiration and intuition to evoke states of trance,
      Bto form divine releationships and charge amulets and talismans with the most profound wisdom of
      universal consciousness and insights about good & evil in all things.

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