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51318Sounds True: A free interview series: Teaching What We Need to Learn

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  • Ash
    May 4 1:42 AM
      Dear listener,

      Sounds True is pleased to partner with author and teacher Raphael Cushnir, who is the creator of a unique online interview series called Teaching What We Need To Learn: Leaders in Personal Growth and Spirituality Share Their Own Innermost Challenges.

      Raphael and I share a passion for truth-telling and communicating with vulnerability, and with this series, we are asking other spiritual teachers to join us in such a commitment to transparency. When teachers hide behind authority, claim any form of special attainment, or otherwise create the impression that their students are somehow "less than," everyone suffers. Likewise, when students put their teachers on pedestals, the chance for true transformation ultimately comes crashing down.

      Teaching What We Need to Learn stems from the principle that there is a field of awareness beyond projection—either positive or negative—and beyond comparison as well. This field is where we actually live, love, heal, and grow.

      The more honest and open teachers are about how we live, and especially about when our lives are stressful and challenging, the greater opportunity we have to support our students.

      Such openness begins and ends with emotional safety. This series is all about that and aims to inspire it in listeners as well. Our ultimate hope is that engaged listeners turn into active way-showers, modeling safe, skillful transparency in their own personal lives.

      Another appeal of the series is the simple sweetness of meeting your favorite teachers at their most human, hearing not just about their past trials and triumphs, but also about where they're called to stretch right now. As you may gather, this often allows for lots of humor.

      Tuning into the series is also a wonderful way to find new teachers that you resonate with, since altogether, nearly 40 will take part. They come from the realms of spirituality, psychotherapy, relationships, meditation, nonduality, yoga, and social activism. To date, the list includes:

      Ram Dass, Don Miguel Ruiz, James O'Dea, Saniel Bonder, Linda Groves-Bonder, Peter Fenner, Daphne Rose Kingma, Lama Surya Das, Mark Matousek, Roger Housden, Marilyn Schlitz, Tiffany Shlain, Terry Patten, Mariana Caplan, Craig Taubman, Harville Hendrix, Helen LaKelly Hunt, Caroline Casey, Tara Brach, Guy Finley, Tama Kieves, Sally Kempton, Howard Martin, Isaac Shapiro, Krista Tippett, James Baraz, Reggie Ray, Diane Musho Hamilton, David Richo, Sam Keen, Daniel Siegel, Thomas Hübl, Byron Katie, Seane Corn, Susan Kaiser Greenland, Joan Halifax, Bruce Tift, and Devaa Haley.

      Raphael has asked me to participate as a guest on this free series as well. You can sign in here to register. The series begins on May 14 and continues through the summer. You can stream and/or download each interview from the time of its release until the series concludes.

      To learn more, hear samples, and register for the series, visit teachingwhatweneedtolearn.com.

      Yours on the journey,

      Tami Simon
      Founder, Sounds True

      P.S. The series is open to the public, so please share this invitation with anyone you think may benefit. You can also send them to our Facebook fan page: “Teaching What We Need to Learn.” Thank you!

      Call: 1-800-333-9185


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