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51303[ANGEL] 14 Taurus, The Angels of Right Livelihood

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  • Spiritus
    May 2, 2012



      14 degrees Taurus
      The Angels of Right Livelihood
      Also known as
      The Angels of ‘Pafessa’

      Deep within the heart of each person is an inner compass that points the way to a divine profession.   
      Right livelihood is an important part of the sacred path to spiritual perfection.
       We help open up wellsprings of divine love, wisdom and power to contribute professionally to the creation of Heaven on Earth.  
       ‘We render you professional assistance and we inspire you to improve your professional situation. If you are a business person we help you, through your employees, to attract more customers etc.  We are always pleased to help you in any respect whatsoever on the physical plane.  In the kingdom of the gnomes, who are the spirits of manifestation of the physical plane,  we are very loved and welcomed. We encourage the gnomes to help you in your profession.’

      Each person is a spark of Divine Being, and is therefore connected with
      Omnipotent Divine Will for the highest good of all.
      Each person is unique and helps The Divine Plan manifest. 
      That is why each person is so very precious, and why there
      is such rejoicing in the Kingdom of Heaven
      whenever a person follows divine guidance  from within ,  allowing divine 
      The intellect is a servant, not a master .   Through inner guidance and high inspiration intellect works together with Delta states of pure being and unity with Divine Being and all creation,  with Theta states of deep inner thought, Alpha states of flowing divine emotions, and its own Beta state of memory, logic, and the five senses. 
       When the  intellect takes direction from inner guidance, 
       it works faithfully in the realm of the five senses.
      Right livelihood begins with the longing for spiritual perfection and beauty, which is the divine virtue of the letter P of our name. 
      With this desire, wisdom and enlightenment soon follow, for desire must manifest through thought and then through feeling. The longing for unity with Divine Light opens up the mind to wisdom so that perfection may be found.  The divine virtue of wisdom and enlightenment is the letter A of our name.
      As wisdom brings understanding of the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind, mystical faculties of artistic talent, eloquence and clairvoyance open. A deep state of relaxation prevails, and imperfections are recognized and gladly released back to Divine Providence for changes into other states that are the highest good. This  release  is umlaut A, ae.
      The divine virtue of the “As above, so below”, the perfection of the Divine Consciousness manifesting in all brainwave states is the letter F of our name.
      Next follows the letter E, which is the divine virtue of the Omnipresence of Divine Consciousness and Life in all that is created.
      The next two letters are S, and are the all-penetrating-omnipotent-willpower of Divine Being  for the highest good of all  in all creation.  Following that is the last letters, A and umlaut A, ae, the divine virtues of enlightenment and control of negativity and the transformation of matter [umlaut A, ae].
      We inspire people to create livelihoods according to that which brings harmony and furthers growth in spiritual perfection, manifesting Divine Perfection on the Earth.

      Sigil of



      P…Longing for spiritual perfection, devotion to higher truth is

      expressed as a calling to serve humanity in deep humility.



      A and umlaut A, ae…High intelligence and cognition of the most profound truths, with glad release of any imperfections for transformation



      F…produce mastery of the spirits of self and others with the goal of

      the most perfect harmony according to The Law of One.



      E…The ability to unite ordinary with universal consciousness helps Us bring heaven to earth and to psychically hear the “language” of

      ‘earth beings’ such as humans and gnomes.



      S… Clairvoyance, the gift of prophecy—strong attunement to

      humans, animals, & all unseen earth spirits—



      S…brings about control of the consciousness of all earthly beings.



      A and umlaut A, ae…

      The outcome is the understanding of the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind and the transformation and healing of the physical manifestation, and mastery over the gnomes who are the elemental beings of earth.





      Here is a brief meditation on letter P.

      Go deep within and meditate on the longing for spiritual progress, spiritual perfection, and highest spiritualization in general.’ 
      Strive upwards to the Divine Light. 
      Sense ever increasing profound longing for unification with divine love, divine omnipotence, and divine wisdom and power. 
      Visualize the light of this virtue as a deep grey color radiating from a tiny sun within the leg region filling the body with the longing for self-preservation and awareness of divine beauty.
      Enliven flowing feelings of the longing
      for spiritual perfection by toning the musical note of B. 
       Imagine a sense of gravity as the longing for unity with divine light and  Divine Perfection manifests into all Creation.  Sense this virtue forming the right nostril.
      With the outbreath visualize this grey light passing through the
      pores of the skin of the right nostril. On the inbreath visualize this coming
      back in through these same pores.
      Dissolve the light in the body when you are finished to protect the natural balance
      of elements in the body.
      Keep the rhythm of the breath natural.






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